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Neighbours Episode 1642 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1642
Australian airdate: 24/03/92
UK airdate: 01/03/93
UK Gold: 16/02/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Cameron Hudson: Benjamin Mitchell
Kim White: Damien Richardson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye is upset that Doug has engaged Cameron as Pam's lawyer.
She gives Doug an ultimatum - find a different lawyer or forget the bail money.
Helen is still cross with Jim for engaging a nurse. She begs Jim to ring up and cancel, but he won't. She's even more appalled when Jim reveals that the nurse is a man! - it's Andrew's babysitter(!).
Lucy has found the briefcase's owner - it's a Pete Jones and she's off to return it.
Just then, Kim arrives and Helen asks him to call her Mrs Daniels(!)
Lucy tells Brad excitedly that she's found the briefcase's owner. Faye comes in and tells Doug that she's found another lawyer, but Doug won't be moved about Cameron. He thinks Cameron will fight harder than anyone else to get Pam off the hook - he is family after all. Doug says he'll get the bail money elsewhere if necessary. Faye tells him not come crawling to her if he can't find the money!
Kim has made a cup of tea and Helen grimaces because it isn't herbal. Jim tells her off for discriminating against Kim for looking like a bikey(!)
When Jim has gone, Kim admires her paintings while Helen studiously ignores him. Then she tells Kim that she doesn't need looking after.
Court Room
Brad and Doug are waiting to go in to Pam's hearing. Cameron arrives - he's seen Pam and she's trying to keep her chin up. Cameron says Doug can put up the equity on his house for the bail money and he'll go guarantor.
Lucy has returned the briefcase and the bloke offered her a part-time job selling portable CD players(!) Jim is still concerned about Helen, but Lucy reckons that Helen is just scared of getting old.
Court Room
Pam is out! and is hugging Doug, Brad and Cameron, and also admiring their suits(!)
Just then, Faye rushes in. When she sees Cameron she asks him stiffly how he is. Faye has had a change of heart and has decided to give them the bail money with no strings attached - Cameron managed to get it down to $30,000.
FAYE: Unlike some I am not one to turn my back on family!
Helen is wobbling around on crutches and won't do anything Kim tells her. He can't find Helen's medication and Helen starts to cry. She shouts at Jim that she doesn't need a nurse.
Jim implores Helen to calm down. He also says that he won't get rid of the nurse while she's in this state - once Helen is calm and reasonable, he'll consider it.
Pam will have to report to the police every day and stay at home. Also, she can't get into any trouble or her bail will be forfeit. Cameron hugs her and says they'll here from him later in the week - but right now he's going to visit Faye.
Helen has calmed down a bit and is reading a book while Kim potters around the kitchen. She still wants him to go.
In the kitchen, Kim is ironing, but he hasn't found the medication. Jim tells him that he's a good nurse, but he doesn't think Helen will adjust to having him in the house. Kim tells them that Helen is suffering from post-anaesthetic depression.
In the living room, Helen finds the medication under her pillow and apologises to Kim. She tells Jim she's changed her mind - she's willing to give Kim a short trial period.
Faye is showing Cameron around the house. Apparently Cameron is living with friends at the moment and Faye implores him to settle down and establish a proper law practice.
Cameron asks Faye why she treats him so badly - he didn't do anything! He says it wasn't her fault and Faye shouldn't keep blaming him.
FAYE: Nothing can change my feelings towards you, Cameron - I'm sorry.
Front garden of the Robinsons
Jim is fixing his mower. Lucy comes up and has already made $50 selling CD players. She gives it to Jim as an installment on the $4,500 she owes him for the fine on the car.
Lucy is impressed with Kim - he cleaned her room this morning(!)
Living Room
Kim has brought Helen a little snack. She thinks about eating it but then says she's not hungry. She then gives him a cheque for his day's wages - she just wants to be on her own. Kim won't have it though - he knows his job and she needs him, whether she likes it or not. He's going to stay until Helen is well again. He gives her back her cheque.
Doug has prepared a special dinner for Pam. Pam says that the night in jail was the longest of her life.
DOUG: Whether you're responsible for Garth death or not, I'll stand by you!
PAM:(shocked) You can't imagine for a moment that I'm guilty?
DOUG: Well...
PAM: How could you think such a thing?
DOUG: Hun...I'm only putting myself in your place...
PAM: If you don't believe I'm innocent, Doug...well, I don't even want to stay in the same house as you.
She storms out.
The Waterhole
Lucy is showing Brad the CD players she is selling for the briefcase guy. Brad tells her to be careful - the guy might be dodgy, like Trevor and the video player.
BRAD: Just watch it, Lucy.
LUCY: Are you trying to tell me these might be stolen?
<<1641 - 1643>>
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