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Neighbours Episode 1641 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1641
Australian airdate: 23/03/92
UK airdate: 26/02/93
UK Gold: 15/02/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Amorous 'Cheryl': Kim Hope
Sen. Det. Clayburn: Peter Sardi
Det. Sgt. Bridges: Dave Gray
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam is arrested for murder.
Pam is gobsmacked.
PAM: This is ridiculous!
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Come with us, Mrs Willis.
DOUG: You must be joking, you can't do this!
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Murder is no joke.
PAM: I didn't murder Garth.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: I'm advising you of your right to remain silent. If you wish to make a statement...
PAM: I don't want to make a statement, I've already told you everything!
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Like you told us of Kirby's request to put him out of his misery? Like how Mr Kirby committed suicide with pills supplied by you?
PAM: I didn't supply them. He must have taken them out of my bag.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Without you noticing?
PAM: Yes!
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: That's quite an achievement for someone in Mr Kirby's state of health, wouldn't you say?
PAM: It's the truth.
DOUG: Look, she's told you what happened.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: If it's the truth, you'll have nothing to worry about. (to his partner) See Mrs Willis to the car.
DOUG: Now, just a minute...
PAM: Doug...he's right. We've got the truth on our side. I'll just get a few things.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Sorry, just come now.
DOUG: What do you think she's going to do? Plan a jailbreak with a toothbrush? I thought this was a free country.
Just then Gaby comes in.
GABY: What's going on?
DOUG: They're arresting your mother. For murder.
The police start to lead Pam away.
DOUG: I'll come with her.
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: Visitors aren't allowed in the holding cells, sir.
GABY: Cells?! She hasn't done anything!
DETECTIVE CLAYBURN: That's up to the courts to decide. We're just doing our job. Come on, Mrs Willis.
Helen has just arrived home and Jim and Lucy are warning her to take things easy. Helen enquires after Josh and Todd, but apparently Jim has "sent them outside to cool down." Lucy laughs over the whole Todd/Josh/Phoebe love triangle and Helen isn't exactly surprised - Todd and Phoebe spent a lot of time together in the Christmas holiday.
Lucy wants to skive off filling in at the pub to stay with Helen, but Helen insists she goes to work - Caroline is counting on Lucy.
HELEN: I can't tell you how good it is to be home!
Police Station
Pam has been fingerprinted and now it's off to the cells. Doug comes in and as Pam is dragged off she shouts to Doug that there's steak in the fridge(!)
The detective advises Doug to get a good lawyer - the court will set bail tomorrow though. The bail could be as much as $50,000. If Doug can't pay it, Pam will be held until her trial comes up - typically in six to twelve months!
The Pub - that evening
Lucy has arrived for work, and Brad is pleased to see her. He offers to show her how to pull a beer. Lucy has a go and observes that it's harder than it looks.
A woman called Cheryl comes in and Brad tries to hide - the girl has been trying to crack on to him for ages. She immediately makes a bee-line for Brad.
Faye comes over to "see how Helen is". Jim sees straight through her and tries to usher her out.
When she's gone, Jim starts to laugh.
JIM: The woman is unbelievable!
Gaby says that she could sell her share in the business, but Doug say even that won't be enough to make Pam's bail. They haven't told Brad yet - they'll wait until he gets home from working at the pub.
Gaby suggests asking Faye, but Doug doesn't think that's a very good idea - Faye is no fan of Pam's.
DOUG: Besides, I'd never hear the end of it!
GABY: Isn't getting Mum out a little more important that that?
Doug says they'll find some other way.
The Pub
Cheryl is staring at Brad from across the room, "undressing him with her eyes".
LUCY: Now you know how we feel when guys check us out!
BRAD: I never do that! Well, hardly ever.
Lucy says she'll get rid of Cheryl and goes over.
LUCY: I seem to notice that you fancy Brad. Come in to check him out.
CHERYL: Girl's got to have some fun.
LUCY: Yeah...he's cute, alright.
CHERYL: He's got a great bod.
LUCY: Have you heard he's got a girlfriend?
CHERYL: I like a challenge!
Lucy spells out the situation out, claiming that Brad is her own boyfriend! Cheryl finishes her drink and leaves.
LUCY: Problem solved!
BRAD: How did you do that?
LUCY: Easy - I told her I was your girlfriend!
BRAD: And she believed you? You're kidding me!
LUCY:(hurt) What's so ridiculous about that?
BRAD: That she believed that someone like you would go out with a guy like me. Man, she must be really dumb.
LUCY: It's not such a crazy idea.
BRAD: Right, thanks, Luce, I owe you one.
LUCY: Brad. Stop putting yourself down! You're kind of cute, you know. You are! Compared to a lot of guys out there.
BRAD: Oh come on, Luce, cool it.
LUCY: Believe me. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find someone like you.
BRAD: Dead set? Frogs?
Gaby is explaining the situation with Pam to Faye and how much the bail is going to be. She explains that Doug is too proud to ask for help, but Faye immediately agrees to lend them the money. Gaby hugs her. But when Faye hears that the bail is $50,000 she is horrified.
FAYE: Fifty thousand?! That seems a bit disproportionate. The man was on his last legs!
But Faye says that Pam's life is the most important.
The Pub
Lucy has sore feet and is amazed at how involved working in a bar is. Brad says he loves it - he must be a natural!
Lucy finds a briefcase under a table - it's heavy.
Helen is ironing (surely she's meant to be resting?!)
She hops to the table and nearly falls over. Jim rushes out of the bedroom and gets her into a chair. He admonishes her for pushing herself too much and implores her to give herself time.
JIM: Helen, fact facts. If you don't take it easy you're going to injure yourself and end up back in hospital - is that what you want?!
He stalks off.
The Pub
Brad has locked up, leaving him and Lucy with the briefcase. Lucy thinks they should open it to get a clue to the owner's identity. She picks the lock with a hairgrip. Inside are CD players and lots of high denomination notes. But there's also a phone number. Lucy rings the number while Brad speculates about the owner's identity. They decide to take the briefcase home and phone the owner in the morning.
LUCY: At least I can pretend I'm rich for one night?
Helen is getting some laundry out of the machine (eh?!!) Jim is fed up of telling her off, but says he knows she won't do anymore housework because he's got a plan. He's hired a live-in housekeeper nurse!
HELEN:(horrified) Jim, you haven't.
JIM: Starting tomorrow.
HELEN: Then cancel! I don't need a nurse!
JIM: Helen, you've been overdoing it ever since you got home.
HELEN: Alright! I won't do any more, I promise.
JIM: I'm sorry, I don't believe you! How can I believe you? You've already promised to slow down and look at you! You're not going to stop until we make you.
HELEN: After all I've done for this family you treat me like this.
JIM: That's right. It seems that we care more about you than you do. And if this is what it takes - this is what it takes.
He stomps off.
Gaby tells Doug excitedly that she's got the bail money. Doug isn't impressed that the money will come from Faye - she'll hold it over them forever...but he has to admit that Gaby is right.
Doug's also organised a lawyer. Before he can tell Gaby who it is, Brad comes in.
DOUG: We've got some bad news. Your mum's in jail.
BRAD: Woah-hoah, good one, Dad!
GABY: Brad...it's true.
Brad is shocked. There's a knock at the door, and it's Faye. Doug thanks her for her offer to post the bail money, but they don't know how much it will be yet. Faye says she'll come with him to the court tomorrow to support him. Doug announces that Cameron will act as Pam's lawyer.
FAYE: You went to my son behind my back?! You know we no longer have anything to do with each other!
Faye is horrified and says Doug had better put Cameron off. If he doesn't, she won't pay the $50,000.
Jail Cell
Pam is lying in a corner of a cell, try to sleep on some cushions. Tears pour down her face.
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