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Neighbours Episode 1649 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1649
Australian airdate: 02/04/92
UK airdate: 10/03/93
UK Gold: 25/02/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: David Morgan
Guests: Trish Longley: Susan Ellis
Lou Carpenter: Tom Oliver
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge tells Dorothy that now she's back, Toby can live with her. Dorothy tells her she'll have a fight on her hands.
Josh and Trish are snogging on the sofa (yuk!) when Jim comes in from the party. When Jim has gone they resume their kissing and Trish suggests going away for the weekend to her parents' beach house.
Just then, Todd and Phoebe come in. Phoebe says she'd better go home anyway, she's meant to be grounded.
TODD: You're a creep, Josh. I know it was you that stuck the stolen test paper in Phoebe's bag and locker.
JOSH: well, it wasn't me.
TODD: Don't lie.
JOSH: Mate, I swear it.
TODD: Don't can me mate, Josh.
Todd says that the letter was on the computer and then it conveniently got wiped.
TODD: You're a mongrel, Josh.
When Todd has gone, Josh tells Trish that she'll have to own up. She refuses saying Phoebe is just getting what she deserves.
Dorothy is on the phone to Joe. Madge grabs the phone off her and tells Joe that Toby can come to stay with her. They keep grabbing the phone off each other to state their case. In the end, Joe asks to speak to Toby. He tells Toby that it's up to him to decide.
Front garden of the Robinsons
Jim is weeding when Brad comes along to ask Jim about choosing a new car. Jim agrees to go along with him later that day.
Josh passes by and Jim advises him again to sort things out with Todd. He says he'll think about it.
Brad shows Jim the picture of a 1971 car in the paper. Jim isn't sure - it would be hard to get parts and would probably have a lot of problems.
Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and Madge isn't pleased to see him.
MADGE: Lou, I thought I had told you to stop following me around the country - I'm not interested!
Lou says he's just on a friendly visit and insist it's just a coincidence that he's arrived just as Madge has come back. He asks to stay at Madge's place for a couple of days - he's in town to do a deal. He says he doesn't like hotel rooms - they're cold and uncomfortable.
LOU: I wouldn't get in your way.
MADGE: Lou - read my lips. NO!
Madge says she won't have room if Toby comes back to live with her anyway.
Toby is upset that Phoebe is facing explusion. The meeting is tonight and Toby threatens to beat Josh up(!)
Dorothy comes in to talk to Toby but he hasn't decided where to live yet. Dorothy says she won't put any pressure on Toby at all.
DOROTHY: So long as you know how much I love having you here living with me. And I'll miss you desperately if you go. But, it's up to you, whatever you decide will be fine with me.
TOBY: Yeah...
Jim and Brad are looking at the car ads, but their opinions are obviously a long way apart - Brad just wants something that looks cool!
Lou comes in through the back door to catch up with Jim. He tells Jim he's had a tip about a car yard that's up for grabs - he wants Jim to go in with him on it. Jim says there's nothing he can do at the moment - he has to think about Glenn who's injured.
On his way out, Lou looks closely at one of the painting on the wall, saying it's very nice.
Coffee Shop
Todd is confronting Josh about the exam paper.
JOSH: It wasn't me, alright?
TOBY: Well, who was it then?
JOSH: It was...Trish.
TOBY: Trish Longley?!
Toby is horrified and says that Josh shouldn't let Phoebe cop the blame.
Madge comes over and ask Toby if he's made his decision yet. She says she won't pressure him.
MADGE: But I am your grandmother and I do love you very much. I think you should stay with me. But if you decide to stay with Dorothy, I'll try to understand.
TOBY: Yeah...
(Grandmother?! She's Joe's step-mother-in-law, so that's a bit of a stretch!)
Car yard
Brad fancies a horrible brown car and Jim is not impressed - he'll be repairing it every few days! Brad insists that he doesn't want a sensible car.
Todd is giving Phoebe his notes from school for her to copy up. Phoebe feels very hard done by and doesn't want to be kicked out of school.
TOBY: It wasn't Josh.
PHOEBE: Toby, don't get involved.
TOBY: I met him at lunchtime, it wasn't him.
TODD: Who was it then, Toby, the pixies?
TOBY: Trish Longley.
Toby tells them about his conversation with Josh and how he let it slip. Todd thinks about it and says that it does fit - Trish was by the computer the other day.
Car yard
Jim is looking at an engine while Brad hankers after the brown car. They can't agree so Brad suggests that Jim goes home - he'll do his own thing.
Todd and Phoebe are telling Dorothy about how Phoebe threw a pie at Trish and now she's getting even by planting the exam paper on Phoebe. Also, she used the computer and typed the letter, but Josh has since wiped it.
Dorothy says she'll make a few enquiries before the Board meets.
Toby comes out with a suitcase and tells Dorothy that it was a tough decision, but he'd better go and live with Madge. Dorothy is sad, but respects his decision. They hug goodbye.
JOsh is trying to call Trish, but she's not at home. Jim comes out and Josh tells him that he's in a bit of a fix - but he wants to give Trish the chance to sort it out herself. Otherwise he'll have to land her in it - he has no choice.
Ramsay Street
Brad has bought the hideous brown car and it's belching smoke. Jim and Josh run over. Jim thinks Brad is crazy. He opens the driver's door and it falls off!
Madge is very pleased that Toby is coming to stay with her. Toby thinks Dorothy is a bit upset, but he'll see plenty of her living in the same street.
Lou comes round and Madge is not pleased to see him. Lou begs her to take him in for a few days - he's run out of cash. Madge eventually relents.
MADGE: It seems to be the day for people moving in!
Ramsay Street
Dorothy sees Trish standing outside the Robinsons with Josh. Dorothy confronts her and says she's taking her home to speak to her parents.
DOROTHY: Consider yourself suspended from school.
TRISH: Thanks for dobbing me in, Josh!
JOSH: I didn't tell her, Trish.
TRISH: You're a liar and a snake and I hate you!
DOROTHY: That's enough, Trish.
Phoebe is relieved to be off the hook. Jim comes in, shaking his head about Brad's car purchase - he's worried that Doug will blame him.
Jim looks up and sees that Helen's painting (the one that Lou was looking at earlier) is missing from the wall.
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