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Neighbours Episode 1636 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1636
Australian airdate: 16/03/92
UK airdate: 19/02/93
UK Gold: 08/02/99
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Sgt. Bowen: John Bishop
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy gets drunk and drives Brad's car into a lake.
Faye and Jim are relaxing with a cup of tea after dinner. Jim is sad that Lucy is still living away from home and Faye sympathises, although not very sincerely. She rubs Jim's shoulders and tells him to take his shirt off so she can massage his muscles better.
Jim goes off to change and Faye answers the door to Pam. Pam is looking for Brad, so Faye suggests she checks with Lucy before bundling her out of the door.
Jim comes back wearing a T-shirt and Faye starts massaging him again.
In a lake (literally)
Brad and Lucy surface having managed to get out of the car.
Dorothy is finishing off her lesson preparation while Phoebe broods over her love-life. She still isn't sure what to do about Todd. Bouncer is brooding too and is clearly missing Toby.
By the side of a lake
Lucy has managed to ring for an ambulance - Brad is freezing cold and coughing, and his ribs are hurting. Lucy starts worrying that she's going to be locked up for life because she didn't have a licence.
Just then, the police arrive. Lucy tells them that the car went out of control and they ended up in the lake.
POLICEMAN:(to Lucy) Now, you realise that I'll have to ask you to take a blood alcohol test when we get to hospital.
BRAD: Sure, but it won't show anything. I don't drink.
POLICEMAN: Oh, you were driving?
BRAD: Yeah. I was driving.
The phone interrupts Faye's massaging of Jim, much to her consternation. It's the hospital to tell Jim that Brad and Lucy are in for tests. Faye insists on going along to the hospital with Jim.
No.30 - middle of the night
Bouncer is howling outside and wakes Dorothy and Phoebe up.
Pam is tending to Brad's injuries while Lucy sits in a wheelchair by his side. When Pam has gone, Lucy talks to Brad:
LUCY: I can't let you take the rap.
BRAD: Why? I've got a driver's licence and a nil blood alcohol reading. What can the cops do?
LUCY: What if the cops figure out I was driving?
BRAD: Well I won't tell them, and if you're smart, you won't either!
Just then Jim and Faye arrive. Lucy apparently has a slight concussion while Brad has broken his ribs.
FAYE: Oh, Brad!
BRAD: Watch the ribs, Auntie Faye!
FAYE: You must have been driving very carelessly, Brad, to end up in a creek!
BRAD: It was a pretty dumb thing to do.
Lucy tries to interrupt, but Brad won't let her.
Dorothy and Phoebe are sitting in their pyjamas trying to figure out how to help Bouncer. They decide to get Bouncer a nice meal to see if it will cheer him up? Phoebe has a go at speaking to Bouncer in a kind voice, but he whines every time she mentions the word "Toby"!
Bouncer is not at all interested in the salmon Dorothy prepares for him.
Lucy is lying in a hospital bed looking depressed. She tells Jim she wants to come home, and he says that's fine with him.
LUCY: I thought I was a gonner.
Faye tries to persuade her to stay at the twins' place, but Lucy wants to come home. Faye looks most put out.
No.30, the following morning
Dorothy has slept on the sofa with Bouncer! Bouncer is still depressed though. Phoebe suggests keeping Bouncer to his normal routine and taking him to the park after school as Toby used to.
Brad is preparing to go home and Pam is fussing over him. His ribs are troubling him. He tells Pam that he's really sorry about the car, but Pam says it was an old car and they've done her a favour.
Jim tells Faye that she's been a big help, but he wants time alone with Lucy - he tells Faye firmly not to come round for a couple of days.
Jim and Lucy have arrived home. Jim rants a bit about how irresponsible Brad was with the car.
Faye pops round to pick up her casserole dish and goes through to the kitchen to pick it up. Lucy tells Faye that she'll be cooking for Jim from now on. Faye starts telling Lucy that she's very fortunate that Jim has had her back. Lucy lets slip that she's surprised she doesn't have broken ribs too because she hit the steering wheel hard. She immediately realises that she's let the cat out of the bag, and unfortunately Faye realises the implications. Lucy quickly says she meant that she hit the dashboard and that she's a bit muddled up with the concussion.
Dorothy and Phoebe have taken Bouncer to the park, but he's still depressed and just lies there, sadly. Dorothy starts barking at Bouncer. Jim and Faye walk by and see this, but luckily for Dorothy, Bouncer gets over his depression and runs to get the ball.
Ramsay Street
The police have come to see Brad. He's brought him a summons to appear in court - he had no choice but to charge Brad with negligent driving. Brad is very upset - now he'll lose his licence.
Jim has brought Lucy some magazines and chocolates to aid her recovery. Faye comes round with a casserole for them and Jim doesn't look too chuffed.
When Jim is out of the room, Faye tells Lucy that she knows she was lying about who was driving the car. She tells her almost in so many words that she has to go back to live with Caroline and Christina or she'll tell Jim what really happened.
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