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Neighbours Episode 1635 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1635
Australian airdate: 13/03/92
UK airdate: 18/02/93
UK Gold: 05/02/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Steve Mann
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Garth asks Pam to help him to die.
Garth's Place
Garth begs Pam to help him - every breath hurts. Pam suggest further pain relief but Garth says he's fed up, he can only just lie there - he'd rather be dead. Pam wants him to talk to a professional but he says he's made up his mind.
PAM: I understand what you must be going through.
GARTH: Then help me.
Guy and Caroline are sitting at a table. He is grilling Caroline about where she was last night - he called her several times. Guy invites her to the movies tonight, but she says she's too tired.
Lucy is talking to Brad who is serving behind the counter. He's quite enjoying his job as it fits in well with his surfing time! Lucy is enjoying her new job too.
Pam has told Doug about Garth's euthanasia request. She is obviously conflicted, but Doug says he'd want to stay until the bitter end.
PAM: For Garth, this is the bitter end.
Pam says her heart tells her to help Garth, but she's not thinking of going through with it. She looks rather conflicted though.
DOUG: Just make sure you get it out of your head.
PAM: How dare you tell me what to do. This is a man's life we're talking about!
No.22, the following morning
Guy has brought Caroline some breakfast. Lucy gatecrashes their party!
Coffee Shop
Guy asks Lucy to cover for him for 10 minutes because he has to go to get some bread.
Brad comes in and is surprised to see Lucy behind the counter. Lucy gives him change for $100 but Brad keeps distracting her. Just then she smells burning in the kitchen and rushes off. When a fire starts, Brad goes to help her. The room is filled with smoke and the fire alarm goes off!
Garth's Place
Doug is telling Garth off for asking Pam to help him to die. Garth reckons Pam is a nurse and has compassion. Doug points out that Pam could end up in a lot of trouble and anyway, it's wrong.
GARTH: There's no-one to care.
DOUG: Pam and I care. your mates care.
GARTH: Doug. There's no hope.
Coffee Shop
The fire brigade have been and put out the fire. Guy comes back and Lucy pours out the whole story.
GUY: I only left here for ten minutes!
Guy is mad and is even madder when he sees that the $100 has gone.
GUY: Luce, do me a favoure, don't bother coming back. You've done enough damage already.
The Office
Caroline is mad that Lucy is late for work. She sends her home to change out of her smoky clothes.
Garth's Place
Pam has brought Garth his dinner. He needs the oxygen again.
GARTH: I can't take much more.
The Office
Guy has come to apologise to Lucy. She is not impressed and tells him not to ask her to do him any more favours.
Guy asks Caroline to come to his place tonight but she doesn't want to - she just wants to go home and crash. He says he's got a present for her, so he'll just bring it round to her place.
Lucy is telling Brad about her bad day. She asks him for one of his Wipeout cocktails.
Doug is also sitting at the bar. He's upset that Pam is mad at him.
Lucy sips the cocktail and recoils at the strength of it. Brad warns her to take it easy.
Lucy is drunk and tries to get Doug to dance with her. Brad tells Lucy to slow down and refuses to serve her another drink.
Guy has made Caroline a candlelight dinner. Under her napkin is a pair of tickets to the concert. She asks him what he's up to, but he reckons he's not up to anything, he just likes her. Caroline tells him she doesn't want any more than they have already - a casual dating thing.
CAROLINE: I'm sorry. I thought you felt the same way.
A road
Brad is driving Lucy home. He stops and suggests a walk to sober Lucy up. Instead she tells him she'll drive instead.
When Brad gets out of the car, she jumps into the drivers seat and drives off! Brad chases after her.
Garth's Place
Pam has come to see Garth again.
PAM: Garth, this is the hardest decision I've ever had to make.
Garth thinks that Pam has decided to help him, but she explains that she doesn't have the right to play God.
PAM: I'm sorry, but the answer's no.
GARTH: If I were a dog, you'd put me down. Why not me?
PAM: Because I just couldn't live with myself for the rest of my life. And Doug would never forgive me. I don't think I could forgive myself either.
GARTH: Pam, come here. It's OK. It was too much to ask, anyway.
PAM: Oh, Garth. I'm so sorry. But I just wish there was something I could do.
GARTH: Don't worry. It'll soon be over anyway.
A road
Brad has managed to get into the passenger seat and begs her to stop the car. Just then she glances off another car and drives into the lake.
<<1634 - 1636>>
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