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Neighbours Episode 1634 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1634
Australian airdate: 12/03/92
UK airdate: 17/02/93
UK Gold: 04/02/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Garth Kirby: Roy Baldwin
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd gets the love letter that Phoebe wrote to him. He looks quite pleased.
Phoebe gives Toby a photo of a naked girl so he can show it to his mate. Todd rings up and tells Phoebe that he's got her letter.
TODD: I was pretty surprised.
PHOEBE: Look, just forget it.
TODD: No, I think we should talk about it. Can you come over?
PHOEBE: Not at the moment.
TODD: Well how about later?
PHOEBE: OK, I'll come over some time this afternoon.
Phoebe puts the phone down and sinks on to the sofa, her thoughts in a whirl.
Front Garden of No.28
Pam gossips to Dorothy that Jim and Faye spent the night together last night in Lassiter's honeymoon suite. Dorothy rolls her eyes and says she'll never try to protect Jim from Faye again!
DOROTHY: From now on, he's on his own! Well, no, I suppose he's not. He's with Faye. A much worse fate!
Doug comes over and is depressed about his sick mate Garth again. He resolves to go and visit him - he hasn't got long left. He feels guilty for being healthy when Garth is so sick.
Garden of No.30
Phoebe is sitting on the side of the pool when Dorothy comes out. Phoebe pours out the story about Todd getting her letter.
PHOEBE: He must be laughing his head off, I feel like dying.
Dorothy reassures her that Todd is a nice boy and won't laugh. Phoebe should just tell Todd that she likes Josh more - but Phoebe says that she doesn't, she still likes Todd better. Dorothy advises her just to see what Todd has to say.
PHOEBE: I'm sure he's not really interested.
DOROTHY: You won't know for certain unless you take a chance. Don't you think it's worth a little gamble?
Todd is reminding Josh of the time they did the dirty on each other with Cody and Melissa. Josh says that if anyone tried to steal Phoebe off him, they'd be in trouble.
Toby shows his mate the photo of a naked girl - but it's Phoebe as a baby!
TOBY'S MATE: This won't get us into The Demons!
TOBY: I don't think I want to be in a gang now, not if you have to show them photos of naked girls.
Dorothy comes in and says she has wonderful news for Toby - Joe and Melanie will be home this afternoon! Toby is chuffed. However, Joe and Melanie are going to live with Mary Crombie and they want Toby to meet them at the airport to go straight there. Toby is quite pleased at the idea of living on a farm.
Phoebe has arrived. Todd tells her he was surprised at the letter, and Phoebe tells him it was just a joke. Todd tells her she's weird. Phoebe says unconvincingly that she's wrapped in Josh and asks Todd not to mention the letter to him.
Toby is packing his computer into a box when Phoebe comes back. She tells Dorothy quietly that she told Todd the letter was just the joke. She is quite upset and doesn't know what to do - now Todd thinks she's even more of a weirdo! Dorothy tells her she had a similar situation in her own youth. She ended up with none of them! Her advise is to be honest with Todd.
PHOEBE: I'm too big of a coward.
Mary Crombie rings up and tells Dorothy that there'll have to be a slight change of plan.
Garth's place
Doug's mate Garth looks very rough indeed and Doug and Pam are very concerned. Doug tries to cheer him up a bit by talking about their apprentice days. Garth laughs, but then has to inhale his oxygen deeply. Garth is pleased that Doug is there and asks him just to talk about the old days - it's good to remember.
Dorothy tells Toby that Bouncer can't go with him to the farm - Mary's dog is about to have pups and it won't be good to have Bouncer around. But it'll only be for a fortnight or so. Phoebe hugs Toby goodbye. Then he and his mate Ben say goodbye and agree not to write to each other(!)
Bouncer whimpers as Toby leaves.
TOBY: I'll be back soon. I promise!
Josh answers the door to Phoebe - they're having a movie evening. Todd is sulking at the computer. Josh insists that Todd joins with them.
Garth's place
Pam brings in a new bottle of oxygen but Garth isn't too good at all. His breathing is heavy and laboured.
Todd and Phoebe are making smalltalk. Phoebe tries to tell Todd her true feelings, but bottles out again. Todd starts ranting a bit, saying the letter was a really silly joke.
PHOEBE: I suppose you think he's crazy (Josh)
TODD: No. Any guy'd be lucky to go out with you.
A silence descends.
PHOEBE: You mean that?
TODD: Yeah. Look, Phoebe, I...
But Josh returns with some movies at that moment and Todd loses his nerve.
Mary Crombie's house
Dorothy and Toby arrive at Mary's place. He and Dorothy hug goodbye and Dorothy tells him how much she's enjoyed having him around the house.
TOBY: Thanks for everything, Mrs Burke.
Todd is in a bad mood and his moon isn't helped by Josh insisting that Todd joins them. Josh starts going on about what great people Todd and Phoebe are.
When Josh has gone to set up the movies, Phoebe hangs back in the kitchen.
PHOEBE: Um...what were you going to say to me before, Todd?
TODD: ...I forgot.
Garth's place
Garth is sucking in the oxygen and is feeling a bit better. He's obviously on his last legs though. Pam tries to persuade him to go back to hospital, but Garth says he'd prefer to die on his own turf, and as quick as possible.
GARTH: Will you help me?
Pam realises that Garth wants her to help him to kill himself.
GARTH: What's my life like? You could do it. Please. Don't let me go on like this.
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