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Neighbours Episode 1633 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1633
Australian airdate: 11/03/92
UK airdate: 16/02/93
UK Gold: 03/02/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Marcus Stone: Ian Rawlings
Ben Nicolls: Mario Nicolosi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Todd arrives home from Adelaide and there's hugs all round. Phoebe greets Todd kind of coolly but Josh makes her hug him properly.
JOSH: That's right. Show some affection for each other!
Jim is exhausted after the Talent Show and excuses himself to go off to bed.
Josh, Todd and Phoebe catch up. It seems that Todd hasn't received Phoebe's letter. Josh says he gave it to Jim to post, but it's probably just slow in the mail.
Paul and Christina's
Marcus is coming on very strongly to Christina and she's still trying to fend him off, saying it's just business tonight. She wants him to sign the contract, but Marcus says he won't sign until after they've had a "fun time".
Christina tells him off for blackmailing her. She tries to escape upstairs but Marcus follows her. He grabs hold of her and Christina struggles to get away. Marcus falls down the stairs and passes out(!)
Toby and his mate Ben are hanging out. Phoebe comes in and tells them that Todd is back, and she's going to have to stake out his letterbox to get the letter back (his mother is sending his mail on).
Toby and Ben talk about joining a gang called the demons - but apparently they need a photo of a naked girl to join. Toby suggests getting one out of Dorothy's books about Africa, but apparently it has to be a real photo.
FAYE: I need to see Jim.
JOSH: Well, I'm sorry, but he's gone to bed.
Faye makes Josh call Jim up from bed. In the meantime Faye tells Todd that she and Jim have been seeing a lot of each other.
TODD: That's none of my business, really.
FAYE: I don't see why we can't be one big happy family!
Todd's face is a picture.
Jim struggles out in his dressing-gown. Faye insists that he comes to Lassiter's with her - she's arranged for them to have supper in the honeymoon suite tonight. Jim is not impressed and wants to go back to bed - he's very tired. Eventually Faye gets her way and Jim pads off heavily to change.
Paul and Christina's
Marcus is unconscious on the sofa when Caroline comes back from her meeting with Mr Udagawa - apparently he signed. She's shocked to see Marcus's state though. Christina tells her how awful tonight has been with Marcus coming on to her. Caroline says that Hawaii was no big deal, but it obviously was for Marcus!
CAROLINE: You didn't hit him?!
CHRISTINA: No, of course not. He made his seventeenth pass then lost his balance and fell down the stairs.
Caroline says that they have to do something or they can kiss their business goodbye.
CAROLINE: If Marcus backs out, we still stand to lose the lot.
Jim and Faye have arrives in the honeymoon suite where a nice lunch is set up. Faye tells him that she was tricked into performing by Dorothy - she's the most spiteful woman she knows. But tonight she just wants to enjoy Jim's company.
FAYE: To friendship. ...And all that goes with it!
Paul and Christina's
Marcus wakes up to find Caroline in a dressing-gown bending over him. She tells him that they've had a sensational evening. She concocts a story about them having a wonderful night together. Marcus is dazed and a bit drunk so kind of believes it(!) She picks up the contract and Marcus signs it. She offers him a last drink, but Marcus feels rough and says he'd better get his brain checked out(!)
When he's gone, Caroline laughs her head off and tells Christina that it worked like a charm.
Toby and his mate Ben are wondering how to get a naked photo. Ben wants to take Phoebe, but Toby point-blank refuses - he likes Phoebe. Eventually Ben talks him round a bit, saying it's the only way to get into the gang.
Honeymoon Suite
Faye and Jim have finished their supper. Faye massages Jim's shoulder much against his will at first. She tells him that all his kids will come home again - he just has to be patient. But Jim has fallen asleep. Faye lays him down on the sofa and puts a blanket over him.
FAYE: Goodnight, then.
She kisses him gently.
FAYE: Patience is a wonderful thing.
Robinsons, the following morning
Phoebe comes in to see Josh but he's still in the shower. Todd tells her that he's really sorry to hear about her father. Also, he's sorry he didn't let her know he was going to Adelaide - it was a rush departure.
When Phoebe has gone, Josh talks to Todd.
JOSH: Toddy...seen old Jimbo this morning?
TODD:(laughing) Well now that you mention it, I haven't!
JOSH: His bed hasn't been slept in.
TODD: You're kidding! Him and Faye?! That's disgusting!
Josh laughs and says human beings are crazy - they can't help getting in over their heads even though they know it's going to cause problems. Todd goes a bit quiet at this.
Toby and Ben are hanging out again. When Phoebe comes in, Ben hurriedly puts his camera in the bathroom on a timer but Phoebe finds it when she goes in for a shower. She isn't impressed.
Todd and Josh are having breakfast.
JOSH: Poor Jimmy. I've heard of love making people blind but in this case it's made him deaf and dumb as well.
Josh says that sometimes odd people do fall for each other - like him and Phoebe. He waxes lyrical about how much he loves Phoebe.
JOSH: I guess I'm in love, mate.
TODD: Yeah, you make a nice couple. Made for each other!
Just then, Jim comes in through the back door.
JOSH: Well, look who it isn't!
TODD: And where've you been? We've missed you.
JIM: For what it's worth, which probably isn't much, you're both mistaken.
Jim insists that he fell asleep on the sofa and Faye put a blanket over him - that's all.
TODD: Yeah, and you'd believe that from us, wouldn't you!
JIM: It happens to be the truth!
JOSH: Would you like some toast? OJ?
JIM: I've already had some.
TODD: Thought you might have.
They giggle loudly.
Ramsay Street
Faye is thanking the twins for the prize in the Talent Show - and that she had a wonderful time with Jim.
Caroline and Christina are rather shocked.
CHRISTINA: She's quite pretty, and she has been running a big campaign.
CAROLINE: A man's a man - they don't have much resistance!
They giggle to each other.
CAROLINE: Yeah, I think she'd make a great step-mother-in-law(!)
No.30 - back garden
Phoebe tackles Toby about the camera. He confesses that it's an initiation ceremony for a gang - not a gang that vandalises stuff, just one that does some hanging out. Phoebe thinks for a bit and tells Toby that she can help.
Jim is doing his paperwork.
TODD: Didn't think you'd have the energy!
JIM: Now, you cool it. I told you what happened.
TODD: Sorry.
Jim finds a letter that Josh gave him to post - he forgot. But now he can give it straight to Todd, so he does. it's Phoebe's letter.
Todd opens it and reads Phoebe's letter. She says in the letter that she's had time to think and has had a wonderful time with him recently. She's fallen in love with Todd. She doesn't want to hurt Josh, but she wants to be with Todd.
PHOEBE:(in the letter) I wanted you to know. Because I hope you feel the same.
Todd smiles briefly but then looks serious.
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