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Neighbours Episode 1632 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1632
Australian airdate: 10/03/92
UK airdate: 15/02/93
UK Gold: 02/02/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Balloon Man: Tim Smith
Marcus Stone: Ian Rawlings
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy and Lucy plot against Faye.
Paul and Christina's
Caroline and Christina are preparing to go down to the office. Christina is looking forward to the talent show tonight and tells Caroline that Faye Hudson has entered. Caroline has a crucial business meeting tonight - if Mr Udagawa comes in on the deal it could solve 70% of their money problems.
Doug is laughing that Faye might be the next Mrs Jim Robinson(!) Pam says that Jim will soon come to his senses.
There's a knock at the door and it's Jim (talk of the devil!) He has come to see Gaby about Glen. Apparently he's done some digging around and there's a childcare centre just around the corner from where Gaby saw Karen. It might mean that Karen is working nearby.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy gets some shopping out of the car and Faye comes over to help her. She sees that Dorothy has a rented costume and Dorothy "lets slip" that it's for the talent show. Dorothy smiles deviously.
Faye is on the phone to the costume rental place asking them to rent her exactly the same style costume as they rented Dorothy - claiming they are doing a double-act! But she wants her costume to be "brighter and better".
The Office
A man called Marcus comes into the office and Caroline is thrilled and surprised to see him. (I'm surprised too - it's Phil Martin with a ponytail!) It seems that Marcus is a hotshot businessman - he's come to tell her that he's looking for a new hotel partnership. He asks Caroline to get together for dinner to talk about it. Caroline suggests tomorrow, but Marcus is in a rush - the only time he has free is tonight. Caroline agrees and suggests he comes round to her place first for drinks.
In the inner office, Caroline explains that Marcus is an old colleague and friend - she hasn't seen him since a "hot weekend in Hawaii". Christina reminds her about the meeting with Mr Udagawa tonight and Caroline realises she's double-booked! She can't pass on either of the meetings.
CAROLINE: I have to think of a way to be in two places at the same time. Chris?
CHRISTINA: Ohhhh noooo - no way, don't even think about it! Just forget it!
Faye is telling Doug that she's entering the talent competition in order to show Dorothy up. She hands him a mouth-organ and makes him play a note so she can practice her scales!
Ramsay Street
The strains of Faye's voice can be heard down the street as Dorothy and Pam chat on the street. Dorothy tells her how much she's enjoyed having Toby around the place - he's no trouble at all. Pam tells Dorothy that Faye is planning to steal her thunder at the talent competition. Dorothy laughs and says the only one who will be made a fool of is Faye.
The Office
Caroline is begging Christina to go to dinner with Marcus - he doesn't even know that Caroline has a twin and won't suspect. Christina protests - she knows nothing about Caroline's "old times" with Marcus. Christina is very reluctant - she's a married woman now. But Caroline says she's just trying to save Paul's business.
CAROLINE: If Paul was here, he'd want you to do it.
CHRISTINA: Caroline, that's low.
She finally agrees.
Anson's Corner
Jim and Gaby are waiting in a street for Karen. They see a woman who looks very like her from the back, but it turns out not to be. Gaby realises that she saw the same woman yesterday. She's upset.
Willises - evening
Gaby and Doug are moping about, while Pam is off to the Talent Show.
PAM: You've got to watch yoru own sister perform!
DOUG: What do you think gave me the headache? Five hours she rehearsed!
Pam insists that he gets ready. Gaby doesn't think that she'll ever find Glen. Doug says maybe it just wasn't meant to be and Gaby and Jim should let Glen go.
The Waterhole
Jim is introducing the competition - and there are many diverse acts - like a bloke making balloon animals.
Gaby tells Jim quietly that she's decided to call it quits with Glen and just wait for him to get back in touch with her if he wants to. She has to move on.
Dorothy comes up and tells Jim that she's gone down with a bout of laryngitis and has to pull out of the Talent Show. Faye overhears this and looks rather pleased.
Faye is the next act up - she's wearing a pink cowboy costume and a blue ribbon. On the way up, Dorothy tells Faye that Jim loathes country music.
DOROTHY: Break a leg!
Faye is horrified, but has to go on stage anyway. The piano starts and Faye starts to sing. Unfortunately for Dorothy, Jim seems to quite like her repertoire(!) The audience like it too and start clapping along.
Paul and Christina's
Caroline is lighting a candlelit dinner for Christina and Marcus, then escapes out of the back door as Marcus knocks on the front.
Christina opens the door to Marcus and asks if he minds eating in tonight. He doesn't, and they open a bottle of champagne.
The Waterhole
Faye is still in full flight and Jim is genuinely enjoying her performance. Dorothy scowls and tells Pam that it wasn't one of her more brilliant ideas(!) Gaby thinks Faye has a good chance of winning - after all, her only competition is the human light-bulb(!)
After the performance, Faye comes over to give Dorothy a piece of her mind, but halfway through her sentence, it's announced that Faye has won first prize! - a weekend in the four star honeymoon suite at Lassiter's.
FAYE: Thank you, Jim. And I know exactly who I'd like to share my prize with!
Paul and Christina's
Marcus is plying Christina with champagne and coming on to her a bit. He wants to "recall the old days and nights". He says he's thought about her a lot.
CHRISTINA: That was a long time ago, Marcus. I was a different person then(!)
She fends him off and Marcus says it would be in her best interests to re-think her position - he always gives his business to "friends".
MARCUS: So are we going to be friendly...or not?
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