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Neighbours Episode 1631 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1631
Australian airdate: 09/03/92
UK airdate: 12/02/93
UK Gold: 01/02/99
Writer: Don Linke
Director: Steve Mann
Guests: Trevor: Ian Shrives
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye gives Jim a nice birthday present. Jim gets carried away in the moment and kisses her.
Faye is more than delighted to be kissed by Jim, but he realises what he's doing and pulls away. Faye tells him that they're friends, and consenting adults, so they should be able to express their feelings any way they want. Jim manages to extract himself and make a cup of tea instead(!) Faye bangs on about what a close friend Jim is and he says he hasn't got much of a track record for romance. Before Faye can get her hooks in further, there's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy.
Dorothy has brought Jim the putter for his birthday and is rather suspicious that Faye is there with a better present than hers. Jim is chuffed with the putter and Dorothy observes that he has lipstick on his lips(!)
The Waterhole
Gaby comes in and is rather cool to Guy. When Guy has gone, Brad tells her off for being horrible to him - just because it didn't work out between them, it doesn't mean she can treat Guy like garbage. It's most unlike laid-back Brad to get worked up, so Gaby stops and thinks for a minute.
Dorothy comes in.
DOROTHY: Brad, I need something to take a very unpleasant taste out of my mouth.
BRAD: I've got just the thing. I called it 'Shooting the Tube under Blue Moon'.
DOROTHY: A dry sherry, I think.
She sees a poster for an amateur talent competition that's forthcoming.
Faye is sitting on the sofa with Jim and hanging on to his arm. Lucy comes in with some flowers for Jim for his birthday. While Jim is off putting the flowers in a vase, Faye tells Lucy that improving her behaviour would be the best present(!) Lucy is annoyed that Faye seemingly knows about her recent behaviour and storms out. Faye offers to have a talk to Lucy on Jim's behalf(!) and says it's nice to feel part of the family!
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Brad is off surfing to go surfing. Dorothy sees Faye and tells her off for grilling Toby about Jim's birthday. Then she asks if Faye knows anything about vandals at Erinsborough High(!)
FAYE: Been having trouble with vandals, have you.
DOROTHY: You could say that. There's definitely a destroyer on the loose(!)
Faye tells Dorothy that she's just jealous that Jim is so fond of Faye. Dorothy rolls her eyes.
Coffee Shop
Gaby apologises to Guy for her recent behaviour. They agree to be friends again. She offers Guy a lift to Anson's Corner as he has to go to the wholesaler.
The Waterhole
Lucy comes in and chats to Brad. He tells her his dream to own a surf shop on the coast(!)
Trevor the burgular comes in and Brad twists his arm behind his back. He tells him he knows he nicked the video. Trevor reckons he got the video from a mate and offers Brad his money back. He also offers Brad a drink.
Brad tells Trevor rather ominously that he doesn't drink because he turns into a violent madman under the influence of alcohol(!) He takes a sip of the beer and Trevor looks kind of worried(!) They decide to play darts and Trevor suggests they put a bet on.
Robinsons - front driveway
Dorothy tells Jim that she think Faye was the phantom phone-caller yesterday. Jim doesn't believe it and Dorothy isn't surprised. He says that Faye is very helpful to him.
DOROTHY: Hmmm, she a real little tower of strength!
Jim says that he can look after himself.
The Waterhole
Trevor turns out to be a pretty good darts player. Jim comes in and sits at the bar. Brad loses the first game, but then suggests that they double the stakes to $400.
The Office
Dorothy comes in and tells Lucy she's on the rampage - some of her students are hiding out at Lassiter's when they're supposed to be at school. Lucy says she'll pass the message on to Caroline.
They chat about Faye and Lucy says that Faye is so two-faced. Dorothy says that Lucy had better watch out or she'll have the classic evil step-mother(!) They hatch a plan to give Faye enough rope to hang herself. They high-five!
Anson's Corner
Gaby and Guy are coming out of the wholesaler. Gaby sees a woman going into a shop and runs after her - it was Karen Constantin, Glen's friend. But she goes into the lift before Gaby can catch up with her.
The Waterhole
Trevor the burgular is taking his turn at darts. Jim tells Brad he'll have a hard job to win now.
Brad takes up the darts and throws the first two half-heartedly. He's left with double 17. He easily makes it.
BRAD: Aw, just a fluke. Does that mean I win?(!)
Trevor reckons that Brad has conned him, but Brad says Trevor conned him about the video. He reckons he won't pay, so Brad threatens to call the cops. He finally pays up the $200 for the video and Brad takes another $50 and his watch, too(!)
Jim tells Brad that he has quite a hidden talent with the darts!
JIM: This calls for a celebration. What will you have.
BRAD: A glass of milk sounds good!
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Lucy have just finished hatching their plan when Faye comes in.
DOROTHY: I think I'll go, it's suddenly got very cold in here! Ciao, Lucy!
Faye comes up and sits at a table with Lucy. She tells Faye that she shouldn't be too sure about Jim - people are entitled to change their minds. She says that things will be different after the Talent Competition tomorrow night - Jim's the judge and Dorothy's a great Country and Western singer! Since it's Jim's favourite type of music she'll probably win. The first prize is an all-expenses paid weekend in the Lassiter's honeymoon suite for two. Lucy reckons that since Dorothy will be indebted to Jim, she'll ask him if she wins(!)
Faye looks rather horrified!
Gaby comes round to tell Jim that she's seen Karen Constantin. Guy protests - they only saw her for a moment. Gaby reckons that she could work there - she seemed to be wearing a uniform. She's going to go back tomorrow to look for her and Jim says he'll come too.
Dorothy and Lucy are laughing about the implementation of their plan. Dorothy says she's not looking forward to Faye playing constant Country and Western for the next few days. Lucy says that Jim hates C&W so much, she can't wait to see the look on his face.
DOROTHY: Are we being too hard, Lucy?
LUCY: No way! She's a menace!
DOROTHY: Yes, she is.
LUCY: Besides, we have and obligation to show Dad what sort of a woman she really is.
DOROTHY: Yes, we do!
Dorothy says she can't wait!
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