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Neighbours Episode 1630 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1630
Australian airdate: 06/03/92
UK airdate: 11/02/93
UK Gold: 29/01/99
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Trevor: Ian Shrives
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Dorothy tells Josh that he didn't succeed in the computer competition.
Dorothy tells Josh he was over-confident. He can't believe it and is very upset. Toby doesn't help matters by congratulating Phoebe warmly and says that Josh can try again next year. Josh says he won't be at school next year, but Tody says he will if he fails his exams and has to repeat(!)
Josh congratulates Phoebe and says he only has himself to blame.
Faye has made breakfast for Jim and isn't happy when Josh turns up. Jim wants to have a chat with him - he hasn't heard his recent news. But Josh is moping and goes off to school.
Faye asks Jim if he's seeing Dorothy this evening and observes that he isn't dating Dorothy properly. Jim says it's not really like that - and then admits that he and Dorothy are just good friends. Faye pretends to be hurt and accuses Jim of lying to her. Faye milks it for all it's worth.
FAYE:(dramatically) I thought we were friends. How could you do that to me?
She flounces out.
Jim goes to follow her, but the phone rings - it's Scott! Jim tells him he's the first person to wish him a happy birthday.
Gaby has made Brad a smoothie. He can't find his surfing movie and suddenly realises it must be still in the machine. He goes to look and the video machine is gone(!) Doug gets worked up - they've been burgled again! Gaby says that it's possible - the laundry room window was open this morning when she got up. Brad is more concerned that his favourite surfing movie has gone - it's not available any more!
Dorothy has come to ask after Helen. Dorothy goes to her bag and Jim thinks she's getting him a present, but it turns out it's just a letter from the Taxation Department that was delivered to Dorothy by mistake(!)
Dorothy asks after Faye and Jim says she's been coming over quite a lot. He tells Dorothy to give Faye a break. He also tells her that Faye found out about their lie and he'll have to find some way of making it up to her now.
Doug is on the phone to the police - they reckon videos are the most stolen electrical item.
Dorothy comes round and Doug tells her about the break-in. She suggests they should tell Jim because he's the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. Dorothy asks Doug if he's seen Faye - she's looking for her to apologise about the phantom relationship which Faye has just found out about.
DOUG: She knew about that ages ago.
DOROTHY: I beg your pardon?
Doug explains that he told Faye about the situation around three weeks ago. Dorothy looks thoughtful.
Coffee Shop
Josh is brooding at the counter when Toby comes in. He is still very depressed. When Josh has gone, Toby tells Phoebe that the only way Josh can go to Canberra is if someone on the team drops out. The team consists of the top 5 scores in the test.
Dorothy comes in and chats to Phoebe about Josh. Phoebe says she can't go to Canberra - she can't leave Erinsborough with her Dad in hospital. So it seems that Josh can go after all. She dashes off to tell Josh the good news.
TOBY: I reckon she did it on purpose.
DOROTHY: Never mind what you reckon. let's just say that Josh is a very lucky young man.
Just then, Faye comes in. Dorothy tells her that she wants to apologises about the business with her and Jim. But she tells Faye directly that she knows she's known about it for weeks.
FAYE:(caught out) Now listen, Dorothy...
DOROTHY: Save it for a more appreciative audience, Faye!
FAYE: You want the gloves off? Try this. I want Jim Robinson. And I'm going to have him!
Outside Lassiter's
Phoebe tells Josh about the Canberra thing. He's excited that they'll both be going, but Phoebe explains that she dropped out. Josh tells her it isn't fair - she earned her place on the team. But she really wants him to go.
JOSH: Has anyone ever told you you're a sensation?
He kisses her on the cheek.
But the cynical part of me is thinking that Phoebe wants Josh out of the picture when Todd gets back from Adelaide. Oh yes.
When Phoebe has gone Josh picks up a letter that fell out of Phoebe's folder. It's addressed to Todd.
Faye invites Jim to dinner. He says he doesn't deserve it after his dishonesty, but Faye insists she doesn't hold a grudge.
Dorothy arrives and asks Jim to play a round of golf. The phone rings and while Jim answers it, Faye tells Dorothy to back off. Jim tells them that he'd just rather get some work done today(!)
The Waterhole
Gaby and Brad are talking about the break-in. A bloke comes in looking for Joe Mangel. He says he deals in second-hand electrical goods. Brad asks him if he's got any video players. He says by coincidence he's just had one in - he'll bring it in to show Brad.
Dorothy has realised that it's Jim's birthday - she decides to go to the shops to get him a present. Toby suggests a new golf putter.
Phoebe comes in and tells Toby she's lost the letter to Todd. She's frantic - what if someone finds it and reads it.
The Waterhole
Josh comes in and commiserates with Brad about the break-in.
BRAD: If I ever find the mongrel who did it, I'm going to put him on pause - permanently!
Brad says he's bought a video player off a mate of Joe's - he'll check it out later.
Josh tells Brad that he's off to Canberra tonight - he can't wait because his mate who lives there is a right party animal.
Ramsay Street
Faye is gardening again, but really she's keeping watch on Jim's house(!)
Toby comes round the corner and Bouncer barks at Faye - he clearly doesn't like her. Toby tells Faye that Dorothy is the only person in the whole street who remembered Jim's birthday - they're off to buy him a golf putter. Faye is delighted at this piece of news.
Phoebe is still searching for the letter when Dorothy and Toby get back from the shops. The phone rings and Toby answers it - it's Faye putting on a croaky voice. She gives him a message that there are vandals breaking into the school right now. Toby should tell Dorothy to get down the school straightaway.
Brad comes in with the new video player which he paid $200 for. Gaby tries to put a tape in it, but there's one already in it. It's Brad's surfing tape!
BRAD: This is our machine!
Josh has come to say farewell to Phoebe and give her some flowers to thank her. He comments that Phoebe seems distracted and she tells him about the letter. Josh says he found it and posted it.
JOSH: Did I do wrong?
Phoebe's face is one of horror.
Faye comes round with a huge present for Jim. He is very pleased and Faye tells him what a special friend he is. He opens the present and it's a golf caddy. Jim is chuffed to bits.
JIM: It's wonderful. And you're a very thoughtful, lovely person for going to such trouble. Thank you.
He kisses her on the lips to say thank you. Then he kisses her rather passionately! (No, Jim, what are you doing! Run! Run!)
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