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Neighbours Episode 1629 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1629
Australian airdate: 05/03/92
UK airdate: 10/02/93
UK Gold: 28/01/99
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam tells Christina about Doug's old girlfriend, Alexandra. She's left a tape-recorder in the room with them.
Doug and Alexandra are having a glass of champagne. They are sitting very close on the sofa and Doug tells her how beautiful she is. Alexandra says she's quite surprised that Doug has settled down with one woman - he was always one to play the field. Doug says he's a pillar of society now. He loves his kids and loves his wife. Alexandra says that Doug is missing out on being single.
Phoebe and Toby are hanging out now that they're housemates. They're getting on very well but find it a bit weird having Dorothy at home as well as having her as their headmistress(!)
Dorothy gives Toby a present - it's a blazer.
DOROTHY: Just the think to keep you warm on those cold wintery days.
PHOEBE: You'd better say thanks to Mrs Burke, Tobe.
TOBY: Thanks heaps...can I take it off now?
Phoebe goes round to see Josh and Dorothy reminds her that it's the computer competition tomorrow. Phoebe doesn't think that Josh knows about it.
Pam is tending to Helen. She tells her about her troubles with Doug and Alexandra. Helen tells her not to worry - Doug is such a flirt. But she's convinced that Pam has nothing to worry about. Pam is worried that Doug might go through a mid-life crisis. She'd have to leave him if there was anything on the tape.
Josh hasn't studied for the computer test, but he's going to enter anyway. Phoebe thinks he might be a bit over-confident. Phoebe says she'll enter too - just in case she flukes it.
Pam arrives back to find Doug and Alexandra still laughing together. Alexandra gets up to go and Doug says they'll meet up again soon.
When Alexandra has gone Pam rolls her eyes hugely. Doug goes off to bed and asks Pam if she's coming. Pam wants to listen to the tape, but she has no opportunity too.
(Middle of the night)
Pam creeps out to listen to the tape on the Walkman. She hears Doug saying that Pam is the one for him. Alexandra subtly suggests an affair, but Doug says Pam is all the woman he needs and he'd never risk losing her or the kids.
Pam smiles and then Doug comes out. She starts to cry and hugs him, asking him to forgive her suspicious mind.
Dorothy tells Toby that he's been nominated for form captain. Toby isn't impressed and is even less impressed when Dorothy makes him put his blazer on.
When Dorothy has gone, Toby rips off the blazer and tells Bouncer that his life is going to be hell.
Pam is telling Doug that she never minded his flirting in the past, but now she's getting on a bit she feels insecure. Doug says Pam is the most beautiful girl in the world and he's resolved not to to flirt anymore.
DOUG: Why go out for a hamburger when you can have steak at home?
They hug. Just then there's a knock at the door and it's Alexandra! Pam invites her to stay for breakfast, but she's come to ask Doug out for a bite. Pam tells Doug that it's OK, but he refuses, saying he hasn't seen much of his wife lately. Alexandra said she meants all three of them, so they agree.
Coffee Shop - after school
Phoebe is making sandwiches and doing a post mortem on the computer test with Josh. Josh said he found it quite easy, but Phoebe struggled a bit. She doesn't mind though - she doesn't have time to go to Canberra for the prize anyway.
Dorothy comes in looking for Toby, saying he wasn't at school.
Toby is visiting Helen and chatting about Joe and Melanie. He tells Helen that it's Sports Day, but Helen sees straight throught his. Toby says Dorothy is pushing him to do things he doesn't want to do and now he's getting picked on. Also, only dags wear blazers and his friends won't want to know him! Helen suggests that he talks to Mrs Burke, but Toby doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Helen says he'd better - truancy is not the way to solve his problems.
Doug brings Pam some flowers and suggests they send the kids out for the evening. Alexandra comes in and says that she's leaving - there's problems at work. Pam says she can visit any time she likes.
DOUG: Before you go, I'm curious and I'm sure Pam is too. Why did you say no when I asked you to marry me?
ALEXANDRA:(laughing) Put me on the spot, why don't you! Oh, I don't mind, It's simple really - we weren't in love. Oh, you might have thought you were at the time, but I could see the writing on the wall.
PAM: I'm glad you had the sense to knock him back!
ALEXANDRA: If I could be guaranteed a marriage as successful as yours, I might even give it a go myself. You don't realise how lucky you are. He's a good man, Pam. Hang on to him.
They show Alexandra out and then go off to the bedroom(!)
Toby is confessing his truancy sin to Dorothy and says he'll understand if she has to take his blazer away as punishment(!) Dorothy says that she visited Helen this afternoon and apologises for making Toby's life so miserable. She says she's sometimes a bit pushy. She's new to child-rearing and says she's bound to make a few mistakes along the way. Toby says that she's doing a great job - it would be awful to live with someone like Faye(!) They agree to communicate better in future and Dorothy promises not to treat him differently at school anymore.
DOROTHY: To prove it, you'll have detention tomorrow afternoon for missing school!
TOBY: Excellent!
He hugs her.
Josh is on the phone to a mate from his old school saying he'll see him Canberra soon.
Phoebe asks if Josh has heard from Todd. He should be back soon.
Toby comes round and tells Josh that Dorothy wants to see him and Phoebe - she's got the competition results.
Phoebe and Josh rush in. Phoebe had a good score and came fifth. She's going to Canberra! But Josh's score was low - there were several trick questions and he didn't read them properly. He came sixth, so he doesn't get to go to Canberra.
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