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Neighbours Episode 1628 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1628
Australian airdate: 04/03/92
UK airdate: 09/02/93
UK Gold: 27/01/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Adrian Pitt: Andrew Larkins
Alexandra Lomax: Chantal Contouri
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy fends off an attacker.
Outside the Waterhole
Russell backs off at fist but then Lucy is forced to push him off her. She hits him with her stick and he falls to the ground. He seems quite scared of Lucy though so walks off nursing his split lip.
Willises, the following morning
Faye has come round to tell them that Alexandra will be there this afternoon. Pam is not pleased. Doug tries to reassure her, telling her Alexandra is all in the past. Pam makes him promise not to flirt with Alexandra.
Brenda is looking at a photo of her and Roy. Guy has had a late night with Caroline and he is enjoying the "no-strings arrangement". Brenda is still worried that she's done the wrong thing with Roy. Guy thinks Brenda should just get on with it - it might have been fantastic living in Malaysia with Roy.
Paul and Christina's
Christina sees that Lucy's blouse is torn in the washing basket and Lucy is forced to admit that a drunk guy had a go at her at The Waterhole. Christina is very concerned and thinks Lucy should tell Jim.
Christina says she thinks Lucy is being a bit tough on Jim - he must be missing her with Helen in hospital. She doesn't know what to do for a job yet - she might even go back to Surfers. Christina says she might be able to help on the job front.
Coffee Shop
Faye comes into the Coffee Shop and sees Alexandra sititng there. They hug and Faye is a bit surprised at how wonderful Alexandra is looking. It seems that after she found out her husband had been playing around she took him to the cleaners, and then decided to get fit.
Faye tells Alexandra that she's got her eye on a new man. Also, Alexandra is pleased to here that Doug is living locally. She asks what Doug's wife is like.
FAYE: You and Dougie were meant for each other.
ALEXANDRA: Bit late now. Or is it?
Guy is looking through the paper for a new job. Brenda is still debating the Roy issue.
A bloke called Adrian comes in (good God it's Tom Scully!) and orders some lunch. Brenda tells Guy quietly that Adrian might be the sort of bloke she wants - stable and dependable.
GUY: Brenda, he's a dork!
BRENDA: He is not. He's very sweet.
She goes over and joins Adrian at his table.
Pam answers the door to Faye and Alexandra. Doug isn't home yet and Alexandra says how much she's looking forward to seeing him again. Faye promptly leaves, saying she has things to do(!)
Pam and Alexandra sit down for a chat but the atmosphere is rather awkward. Alexandra says that Doug proposed to her once and hopes that it doesn't bother Pam. She says she's sorry that she let Doug slip through her fingers. Pam strains a smile.
The OFfice
Christina has given Lucy a job as a secretary at Lassiter's and Lucy is delighted.
Guy comes in and kisses Christina thinking that she's Caroline.
CHRISTINA: I'm surprised. I thought you'd have no trouble telling us apart. I'm the one with the body that's had the baby.
GUY: Looks pretty good to me.
Lucy rolls her eyes at Guy and says he'd go for anything in a skirt!
Coffee Shop
Adrian is detailing his boring life to Brenda and advocated knowing where you're going in life. He's worked for the same firm for fourteen years. Brenda looks rather glazed.
Alexandra is telling Pam all her recollections about Doug.
ALEXANDRA: Does he still have that wonderful smile?
PAM: Not for much longer if he doesn't get here soon!
Alexandra reckons she can see why Doug likes Pam - she's so down-to-earth.
Just then Pam hears Doug coming and goes to open the door for him.
DOUG: Sexy Lexy!
ALEXANDRA: Dirty Dougie!
They hug and Doug lifts her off her feet saying how sensational she looks. Pam glowers.
DOUG: Pam was a bit worried about you turning up. (Off Pam's glare) Well, you were, hun! I told her she had nothing to worry about...looks like I was wrong! Only a joke, hun!
Alexandra says she's not in a hurry to leave Erinsborough and Doug bangs on about how good she looks. Then he invites her to stay for dinner.
Pam is clearing up after dinner while Doug and Alexandra get on like a house on fire. Pam isn't at all impressed at Doug's flirting.
ALEXANDRA:(to Doug) You haven't changed one iota!
PAM:(to herself through gritted teeth) Ain't that the truth.
She quietly turns on a tape recorder and tells Doug that she has to go out for a couple of hours.
DOUG:(to Alexandra) Looks like the night's ours!
The Office
Faye comes in and sees Lucy there. She says she thinks Lucy has done the right thing in moving out of home - it will be good for both her and Jim to have some space. She's come to give Lucy some money to help her out until she gets on her feet. Lucy is stunned and says it wouldn't feel right - it's not as if she's on the streets. She seems quite impressed with Faye's gesture though.
FAYE: Oh, and don't worry about your father. I'll make sure that he's alright.
Lucy rolls her eyes.
Brenda has packed her suitcase - she's going to take a risk on Roy after all! She's changed her ticket and called Roy. Apparently he was so happy he started to cry!
Guy offers her a lift to the airport and Brenda offers him a job in the Coffee Shop for a few weeks until Madge gets back. Brenda has a last look around No.24 and then heads out to the car.
The Waterhole
Russell the creep comes up to Lucy at the bar. He apologises for their scuffle last night and Lucy tells him to keep away.
Christina has sat at a table with Pam who is very worried that Doug might be unfaithful to her. Christina is surprised to hear this and Pam pours out the story about Alexandra.
PAM: I could scratch her eyes out!
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