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Neighbours Episode 1627 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1627
Australian airdate: 03/03/92
UK airdate: 08/02/93
UK Gold: 26/01/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sid Butcher: Timothy Bell
Russell Sykes: Jack Finisterer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Helen falls over in the garage. She can't get up and exhaust fumes overwhelm her.
The Office
Caroline is appalled that Ken has demolished her wall(!) Jim is more interested in talking about Lucy, but Caroline tells him to be patient.
Caroline decides to ring the police.
JIM: What are you going to tell them? 'I'd like to report a missing wall'?
Caroline changes her mind, but doesn't know what to do.
Jim tells Caroline to tell Lucy to get home where she belongs. Caroline doesn't want to.
Guy reckons that Brenda didn't give Roy enough of a chance(!) Guy is off to a meeting with the council in the hope of getting sponsorship for sports equipment.
They hear Bouncer barking very loudly outside.
Robinsons - front driveway
Bouncer the wonderdog has realised Helen's predicament and is standing by the Robinsons' garage door barking his head off. Lassie, eat your heart out! In the meantime, Faye chucks her garden clippings into Dorothy's garden(!)
FAYE:(across the street, to Guy) Perhaps something's wrong? Dogs have good instincts.
Guy goes to investigate and hears the car engine going inside. He opens the door and finds Helen, and Faye rushes across too. Faye switches off the car engine while Guy shouts to Dorothy to get an ambulance.
Paul and Christina's - evening
Lucy is cooking dinner and Caroline is trying to ring Ken again. Lucy tells Caroline how relieved she is to be out from under Jim's roof. Caroline suggests that Lucy should try to heal the rift with Jim.
Dorothy comes round to see Lucy and tells her that Helen is in hospital.
Faye, Guy and Jim are beside themselves with worry about Helen. Jim is berating himself about not fixing the garage door and Faye tries to calm him down. Guy heads off while Faye sits down with Jim.
FAYE: I'm sure she'll be alright.
JIM: Thanks for all your help, Faye.
FAYE: It's the least I could do.
Just then, Dorothy and Lucy arrive. Lucy is crying. Helen is apparently still unconscious. It seems that Helen has broken her hip.
Jim comes back and tell them that Helen is on 100% oxygen until they can get the carbon monoxide out of her body. There's a possibility of brain damage.
Lucy is asleep on the chairs. Jim wakes Lucy up and says they can go in and see Helen now. She's awake at last and recognises both of them, so it seems she isn't brain-damaged. Helen will be in hospital for some time.
JIM: You have Bouncer to thank for saving your life.
HELEN:(through her mask) Buy him a marrowbone for me!
Jim goes off to talk to the ward sister while Helen talks to Lucy.
HELEN: Darling, there something I want you to do for me.
LUCY: Name it.
HELEN: Go back and live with your father. He needs you. Please darling, you're the only relation he has there now. Don't desert him.
Lucy says she's made the break, but Helen says she's been terribly worried about the rift between Lucy and Jim so Lucy finally agrees.
LUCY:(reluctantly) OK. But I'm doing it for you, not for him.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is rather distracted about Roy, but says she's made the right decision - she needs security.
A bloke comes in and starts shouting at Guy for not coming to the meeting yesterday. He doesn't believe Guy's story about Helen and says it's just an excuse. Guy gets fed up and pushes the bloke, so the bloke shouts that he's finished at Erinsborough Council.
Jim is surprised to see that Lucy has come home.
Faye comes round and says she's here to help with the cooking and cleaning(!), but Lucy tells her that there's no need now she's back.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy comes in and catches up with Brenda over recent happenings. It seems Brenda has summoned Dorothy - Guy is in trouble with his boss. Dorothy agrees that the story seems far-fetched and she'll try to smooth things over with the council. But he did push the bloke, so it may no be a goer.
Faye comes in.
FAYE:(to Dorothy) Well, look what washed up with the tide.
DOROTHY: A rather strange metaphor to use considering that this place used to belong to Harold Bishop.
FAYE:(shrugs) Never knew him!
Faye tells Brenda that she shouldn't worry about her recent split - she always thought Roy was a bit of a no-hoper. Brenda defends Roy saying he is good, amusing and kind.
FAYE: Then why did you come back?
Brenda flounces off.
DOROTHY: I just want you to know, Faye. I can see through you like a pane of glass.
FAYE: I doubt that very much.
DOROTHY: But it's so easy with someone as transparent as you. Watch it with Jim, right?
FAYE: Oh, I just think it's such a terrible pity we can't be friends!
DOROTHY: You're damn right. We can't.
She walks out.
FAYE: Have a nice day!
Caroline has got in touch with Ken - apparently he won't give her the wall back until she pays him his $500 for doing the mural. Caroline says she's not bothered - she's always hated that wall anyway(!)
Jim thanks Caroline for talking Lucy into coming home. Lucy comes in and hears this. She starts shouting at Jim.
LUCY: How dare you try to take control of my life! I came back to this house in good faith. I can't cope with all the moral blackmail. I'm leaving.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy is doing some gardening with Bouncer.
Faye comes down the Robinson driveway with Jim and sees Dorothy putting garden cuttings into Faye's garden.
DOROTHY: Just returning your rightful property, Faye!
Faye reckons she'd never be so lazy as to get rid of her rubbish that way(!!) Faye takes the moral high ground and offers to help Dorothy with her gardening(!)
The Waterhole - evening
Lucy is explaining to Caroline that she only went back to the Robinsons to satisfy Helen.
At the bar, Caroline sees Guy looking very serious. He explains that he thinks he's lost his job.
A bloke called Lucy comes over and sits with Lucy - he's the one she was with the night she got drunk and did skinny-dipping in the pond outside the pub. He wants to go raging again but Lucy says she wants to give it a miss. She tells him to push off.
Dorothy has had no luck getting Guy's job back for him. Apparently Guy's boss is telling everyone that Guy attacked him(!)
They chat about Faye.
BRENDA: I'd say she's a real snake-in-the-grass.
DOROTHY: Oh, I wouldn't say that.
DOROTHY: Insult to Oscar!
Dorothy reckons Phoebe python Oscar is much nicer than Faye(!)
She's worried about Faye trying to crack on to Jim - Jim is very vulnerable at the moment. The conversation turns to Roy and Brenda tells her sadly that it's all over. Dorothy says she and Roy are obviously potty about each other. Dorothy says that Roy took a big risk in breaking things off with his second wife for Brenda - maybe Brenda owes him a similar sort of risk.
BRENDA: Take a chance on thing working out? No way. Security's the name of the game for me these days.
She sighs heavily.
Outside the Waterhole
Russell comes up to Lucy as she is leaving and puts his arm around her. She tries to fend him up and falls to the ground. Her vision blurs and she starts having hallucinations so it looks like her drink has been spiked. After a few seconds she drags herself out of her stupor, picks up a stick and threatens Russell with it.
<<1626 - 1628>>
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