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Neighbours Episode 1626 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1626
Australian airdate: 02/03/92
UK airdate: 05/02/93
UK Gold: 25/01/99
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sid Butcher: Timothy Bell
Russell Sykes: Jack Finisterer
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy shouts at Jim that she's moving out.
Pam is sulking about Alexandra Lomax but Gaby reckons she's working herself up over nothing. Pam is furious that Faye has invited her to Ramsay Street.
Brad sees an advert on TV for guys jumping out of planes and surfing in the sky. He thinks it looks fantastic.
PAM: Shame you don't know someone with a plane(!)
BRAD: But I do! My mate Swampy's been parachuting for ages. Nothing to it, he reckons!
Brad reckons he'll give it a go tomorrow! Pam just looks despairing.
Lucy has packed her stuff. Jim says it's silly to run away, and that she's got nowhere to go. Lucy's mind is set though - she says she needs some time to herself with everything that's been going on.
JIM: Don't cut my off completely. Stay in touch.
LUCY: I will.
Jim closes the door slowly behind her.
The Office
Caroline and Andrew are sitting in the office when Christina comes in. She offers Christina a coffee and sympathises over her ordeal at the morgue.
Just then, Ken the artist come in. He says he's nearly finished the mural and it can be unveiled tomorrow. Caroline resolves to get the Erinsborough News there for the good publicity.
CHRISTINA: Paul would be impressed at the way you're running things. Really impressed.
CAROLINE: I had a good teacher.
Brad has come in for an OJ and sees Lucy sulking at a table. He tells her that he's going parachute surfing tomorrow. He sees Lucy's bag and she tells him about her troubles. She feels like everything has gone wrong since she got back from Queensland. Brad says she can crash at their place, but Lucy doesn't want to. She doesn't know where she's going to stay yet then.
Pam and Gaby are discussing ways to stop Brad doing parachuting. they resolve to point out the costs and the necessary hours of training.
Brad comes in and counters all their arguments - he's going for training with Swampy first and also he's just picked up his pay!
Paul and Christina's, the following morning
Lucy knocks on the door and tells Caroline and Christina that she's left home. She stayed at Lassiter's last night by dropping the Robinson name. Caroline invites Lucy to stay with them, but Christina is worried Jim will think they're ganging up on him. But Caroline says it'd only be temporary and Lucy offers to pay board once she gets a job. Christina says she can pay board by babysitting Andrew if she wants! Lucy agrees.
Brad is on the phone to Swampy enthusing about his jump tomorrow.
BRAD: Up, up and away!
PAM: Down, down and ker-plop!
Brad asks Pam to give him a lift to Anson's Corner to meet Swampy but she refuses. He resolves to hitch-hike(!)
Pam tries to reason with Brad about the jump, but his mind is made up. She finally agrees to give him a lift.
GABY: Hope you've got a Plan B!
Robinsonsd, but Helen is almost beside herself. Just then, Christina comes up and tells Jim that they have a lodger - Lucy. Jim is relieved. Christina says Lucy is a bit confused and shaken, but anyone would be after a trip to the morgue. Christina is surprised that Jim doesn't know about it.
JIM: I owe Lucy an apology.
It seems that Pam's car broke down on the way to Anson's Corner(!) so Brad can't do his jump today. He is suspicious that the car isn't really broken and goes off stroppily to put his surf board away.
Pam and Gaby are glad that Brad is stopped in his parachuting for now, but Pam doesn't know what she'll do to put him off next time(!)
The mural is about to be unveiled and lots of people are watching.
KEN: Now, I've tried something a bit different from my usual style.
He pulls off the cover and Jim and Caroline are a bit stunned. It seems to be some sort of abstract painting. Caroline is not pleased and says she wanted something recognisable, like an Australian landscape. Ken tries to explain the spirit of his painting, but Caroline isn't having it.
CAROLINE: Ken, this is NOT what I commissioned.
Ken tells Caroline that she should have been more specific with her brief. Caroline tells him to get rid of it.
KEN:(angrily) You wouldn't know art if it came up and bit you on the bum!
Jim tries to cool things down and suggests they go somewhere a bit less public.
CAROLINE: That goes, and so do you.
KEN: But what about my money?
CAROLINE: Your money?!
She walks off.
Paul and Christina's
Caroline is telling Christina about the mural. Christina tells her to give Ken another chance, but Caroline doesn't want to.
Lucy answers the door to Jim.
LUCY: Oh, it's you.
Jim has come to apologise to Lucy about her trip to the morgue. Lucy says she's not a kid anymore, but Jim says she's still his little girl. Lucy is hostile and says she's not coming home and flounces off to her new room.
JIM: If 'sorry' won't fix it, what will?
CAROLINE: She just needs some time.
JIM: Yeah.
Jim asks the twins to give Lucy a push in the right direction, but they aren't too keen to interfere.
Brad is explaining to Swampy why he couldn't make it today. Listening to Brad's side of the conversation, it seems that Swampy's friend was injured in today's jump - but it turns out it was just his surf-board that was broken!
The Waterhole
Jim is having a beer and talking to Caroline about Lucy again - at least he knows where she is.
Caroline is still upset about the mural - she's come to check that it's gone.
Jim and Caroline walk across to the site of the mural. When they get there, to entire wall - bricks and all - has disappeared(!)
Robinsons - front garden
Lucy and Helen are having a chat. Helen tells her that Jim is hurting very much about Glen and Paul - he needs his family very much. Lucy says she'll keep in touch but she doesn't want to come home.
Garage of the Robinsons
Helen starts the car, but sees that the garage door has shut behind her. She gets out to open it, but slips and falls to the ground. The car engine is still going, and pumping out exhaust fumes.
HELEN:(weakly) Lucy!
But Lucy has her headphones on and can't hear Helen's cries. Helen can't get up and starts to cough as exhaust fumes fill the garage.
She slips into unconsciousness.
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