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Neighbours Episode 1625 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1625
Australian airdate: 28/02/92
UK airdate: 04/02/93
UK Gold: 22/01/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Morgue Attendant: Tony Morgan
Mrs Fincher: Janet Paul
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Christina is asked to identify a body that was burnt in a fire. It might be Paul.
Faye has summoned Jim around to fix her lamp. They talk about their kids and how hard it is to manage them. Faye observes that her kids gave her hell to and you have to have had kids to appreciate the problems. Dorothy, for example, can't empathise(!)
Jim finds Faye's cricket books behind a cushion and Faye is very nearly sprung, but she covers. Faye tells Jim how much she enjoyed the cricket and particularly the company.
Paul and Christina's
Lucy and Christina are climbing the walls. Christina wants to go straight down there, but Lucy points out that they can get a babysitter for Andrew in the morning and go then.
LUCY: We're probably worrying about nothing.
CHRISTINA: God, I hope so.
LUCY: I don't think I could sleep tonight.
CHRISTINA:(starting to cry) Lucy, I want Paul to be alright!
No.24, the following morning
Roy is wandering around the living room dressed in nothing but a towel, so I guess he stayed over then. Brenda comes out and says it's quite nice to wake up with him. Roy is making her a Malaysian breakfast to get her in the mood - he's already got the flights. Brenda has rung Madge and she'll try to get home by Monday to look after the Coffee Shop.
Faye invites Jim to lunch as a thank you for taking her to the cricket. But Jim says he has another appointment - Dorothy has promised to buy him a steak at the Waterhole.
FAYE: Oh. How nice.
Jim asks Lucy where she's going and she snaps at him. Jim is fed up and goes out to the garden to cool down.
Faye tells Lucy that she should respect Jim - he's been having a rough time lately. Just then, Dorothy comes round to cancel her dinner date with Jim - she's got to take a sick friend to the chiropractor. Lucy is in a hurry to get to Christina's so asks Faye to pass on the message.
LUCY: So you will tell him?
FAYE: Yes. (pause while Lucy leaves) Unless I forget to, of course!
Brenda has come round to ask Dorothy about Malaysia and their customs. She says it's strange to be moving on again but she does love Roy. She's looking forward to building a home with him.
Lucy and Christina have arrived. They sit outside in the car.
CHRISTINA: Oh, I'm so scared, Lucy.
Faye, of course, has not passed on the message about Dorothy, so Jim is sitting by a table on his own. Faye comes in an feigns surprise to see him. Jim is a bit irritated that Dorothy is late and invites Faye to join him instead.
FAYE: I think Dorothy's a wonderful woman. Even quite attractive...for her age.
She observes that Dorothy doesn't seem to like her much though and thanks Jim and Helen for being so friendly towards her.
The...er...morgue doctor(?) comes out and explains to Christina and another woman that they've checked the body's description off against the list of missing persons, and there are several possibilities. He shows another woman in first.
CHRISTINA: I just hope that it's anyone but Paul!
LUCY: It's not Paul, Christina. I'm positive.
Dorothy comes round to give Brenda a going-away present - a murder mystery to read on the plane!(!!) Brenda and Dorothy say goodbye.
BRENDA: Madge'll be home in a few days.
DOROTHY: Yes. That'll be something to look forward to(!)
The taxi arrives and Roy and Brenda set out.
The first woman comes out - it wasn't her son. Lucy and Christina are shown in.
Inner Sanctum
The doctor explains that their task won't be pleasant, whatever the outcome. He lifts the sheet slowly from the victim's face.
MORGUE DOCTOR: Now, take a good took because I need to know for certain. Is this Paul Robinson?
CHRISTINA: (gasps)
Brenda and Roy are chatting about Malaysia. In conversation it turns out that Roy doesn't have a firm job offer - he met a guy in a pub a few months ago and he told him if he was in Malaysia he'd give him a job(!) He doesn't even know where exactly to find the bloke.
BRENDA: I can't believe you're doing this again. I can't believe I'm letting you do this to me again!
Roy can't see the problem - even if the job falls through, he can get another job.
BRENDA: It's no use, Roy. I don't want to go chasing rainbows with you again.
She asks the taxi driver to stop. She tells Roy she loves him, but it's not enough. She gets out of the taxi.
Paul and Christina's
Lucy and Christina are back - it seems that it wasn't Paul's body after all. Lucy wants a drink but Christina doesn't have any around the house.
LUCY: Damn Paul, where is he?
CHRISTINA: I hope he realises what he's doing to me - I'm a nervous wreck!
LUCY: He'll be back soon, Chrissie.
CHRISTINA: What makes you so sure?
LUCY: There are three things Paul can't live without. You, Andrew and his desk at the office!
She reckons Paul will want all three of them back soon.
Jim and Faye are a bit tiddly and are laughing their heads off over a joke. Dorothy calls round and Faye makes a swift exit.
JIM: You don't have to go on Dorothy's account.
DOROTHY: I won't argue, whatever she thinks is best.
Jim shows Faye out, saying they must do it again some time. Jim asks Dorothy why she stood him up and she explains that she gave Lucy a message. Jim isn't pleased with Lucy, saying she seems to be doing the most she can to irritate him recently. Dorothy says she wouldn't be surprised if Faye had a hand in it.
Jim tells Dorothy that he's embarrassed that they pretended to be an item - he doesn't want to deceive Faye anymore because she's a nice lady and doesn't deserve it. Anyway, Faye always says nice things about Dorothy. Dorothy is extremely surprised and suspicious to hear this(!)
Brenda arrives back. She shuts the door and sits down heavily on the sofa. Then she takes out the airline ticket and looks at it dejectedly.
Lucy is having a drink. Jim comes out and tells her off. Lucy says that she had a tough day. Jim lays into her about not giving him Dorothy's message and tells her she's grounded. Lucy says she's not putting up with it and says she's moving out. She goes off to pack.
<<1624 - 1626>>
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