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Neighbours Episode 1624 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1624
Australian airdate: 27/02/92
UK airdate: 03/02/93
UK Gold: 21/01/99
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Ken Naylor: Peter Tabour
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy takes a dip in Lassiter's Lake and embarrasses Jim in front of Mr Udagawa.
Jim and Lucy arrives home. They have it out in the kitchen and it seems that Lucy is lashing out because Jim didn't tell her about Paul and Glen's conditions. She reckons she's fed up of being treated like a child. Jim admits he might have done the wrong thing, but it's done now.
LUCY: Great. And that makes it all OK, does it?
Lindsay's house
Mr Naylor is explaining that he was desperate for money - he didn't mean to defraud Helen, but didn't know what else to do to support his child. He begs Helen not to turn him over to the police - he can give her the $1,000 prize money back. Helen says he should have entered the adult section, but he didn't think he was good enough.
Paul and Christina's
Guy explains to Caroline that he told Gaby he was visiting a sick friend. Gaby has made it clear that there's nothing between them, but it seems strange that she is so upset. Guy says he'll straighten things about with Gaby.
Christina comes out to feed Andrew. She tells Guy and Caroline that she's registered Paul as a missing person with the police.
No.24, the following morning
Guy thinks Gaby might still be interested in him, but Brenda is preoccupied with her own problems. Roy comes round to see Brenda. He wants to know if she's made up her mind about going to Malaysia yet. She says she can't rush off overseas on a whim. He tries to sweet-talk her but Brenda says she hasn't said yes yet - she needs time to think. Roy reckons he won't take no for an answer!
Guy is trying to explain about the night before. Gaby is still in a very bad mood with him. She reckons she isn't interested in Guy, she's only upset because he lied to her.
GABY: Do me a favour and push off, Casanova.
Gaby reckons Guy lied just to keep him options open. Guy says he didn't know Gaby was an option!
GUY: If it was up to you, you'd keep me dangling until hell freezes over!
Gaby rants that she's happy to be friends, but they have no future together.
GUY: Fine. That's all I need to know.
Helen is going to a meeting of the scholarship committee but she doesn't know what to do about Mr Naylor. Lucy starts on at Jim again about suspecting her about the bottle of wine. Helen says she accidentally smashed it. Jim apologises for accusing Lucy but says he's still had enough of her other behaviour.
Lucy stomps off to her room (just for a change)
Coffee Shop
Brenda and guy are hanging out before work. Guy is bemoaning the state of his love-life.
Roy comes in as GUy is leaving. He's dresses in a white suit - a very similar one to the one he wore to the high-school dance. Brenda laughs at his yellow shirt and telsl him to go and get changed before he frightens the customers(!)
Outside Lassiter's
Caroline calls after Gaby - she wants to apologise for last night. Gaby says there's no need - she doesn't have any feelings for Guy.
GABY: Believe me, he's all yours.
Christina comes up and shows Caroline a bill from a specialist for Glen's medical expenses. Caroline is quite pleased - she reckons they can use the specialist to track Glen down. But then she realises that the confidentiality rule still applies. Christina doesn't know what to do about paying the bill.
Coffee Shop
Mr Naylor has met with Jim and given him the $1,000 back. Jim says he won't shop him if he can think of a legal way to solve his financial problems. He calls Caroline over. He explains that Mr Naylor is a commercial artist looking for a project. He remembers that Paul was thinking of having a mural painted and maybe Mr Naylor could do it because he's an excellent artist. Caroline isn't sure, but Christina chips in that it would be a good boost for a tatty-looking area of the complex. Caroline finally agrees and offers him $500. Mr Naylor is very pleased.
Lassiter's Lake
Gaby and Lucy are hanging out by the lake. They chat about their various man problems. Gaby says she's angry with herself - she has been stringing Guy along to make herself feel better after Glen. Lucy tells Gaby how upset she is about David, Glen and Paul and also that she hasn't got a plan for her life. She reckons Jim is treating her like a child. Gaby advises her to make her own decisions and stick to them. Lucy reckons she will - she'll do what she likes from now on. This isn't quite what Gaby meant!
Coffee Shop
Brenda and Roy are messing about in the kitchen - Roy is juggling with limes!
Caroline tells Mr Naylor that she doesn't mind what the mural is, as long as it's something uncontroversial that will blend in.
Guy comes in and Caroline tells him that maybe she doesn't want him - maybe he's trouble(!)
Lucy is going out and Jim suggests that she stays home for a change. But he relents and tells her to just behave herself.
Caroline advises Jim to relax - and suggests mischievously that he goes and visits Faye(!)
Coffee Shop
Roy is cleaning the juke box and finds that "their song" is on it. Brenda says it's just a coincidence. Roy puts the song on - "for old times' sake". They dance in a darkened coffee shop.
ROY: I'm going to ask you for the last time. Are you coming to Malaysia with me?
BRENDA: What the hell! I give up. Take me!
Roy hugs her and they laugh together.
Paul and Christina's
Lucy is playing with Andrew. Christina answers the phone. It was the police. There's been a fire at a country hotel and someone has been burnt to death. They want Christina to go and identify the body - they think it might have been Paul.
<<1623 - 1625>>
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