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Neighbours Episode 1623 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1623
Australian airdate: 26/02/92
UK airdate: 02/02/93
UK Gold: 20/01/99
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Mr. Udagawa: Lawrence Mah
Russell: Jack Finisterer
Ken Naylor: Peter Tabour
Lindsay Naylor: Matt Tingate
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye tells Pam that she was Doug's second choice in marriage.
Lucy comes in and Jim lays into her about a $600 credit card bill. He says it was for essentials, not for going to restaurants and buying booze. He takes the card off her and cuts it up. Lucy reckons she'll get a job and then she can buy whatever she wants. She storms off to her room.
Caroline tells Jim that Lucy has been under a lot of strain - she's heart-broken and upset over Glen. Jim isn't buying this though.
Helen come in through the back door with Lindsay and offers Lindsay a drink.
FAYE: I simply assumed that you knew!
PAM: Well, I do now! Thank you, Faye.
Faye starts banging on about Pam and Doug lying to her about Dorothy and Jim. She's going to the cricket today though.
FAYE: Don't worry! Second-best is better than not at all isn't it? (!)
Doug comes in at that moment and walks straight into an inferno of Pam's rage.
PAM: I want to talk to you.
DOUG: What about?
PAM: Alexandra Lomax.
Pam explains that Faye has filled her in on "the details". She gets out a large knife to chop vegetables with and Doug looks a bit worried! He protests that it wasn't like that.
PAM: You didn't propose to her first?
DOUG: Well...yeah.
PAM: And she didn't refuse?
DOUG: Well...yeah.
PAM: So!!!
Doug says that Alexandra cornered him and he was relieved when she said no - anyway, it was years ago and it doesn't matter now.
PAM: I thought I was the one true love of your life, I didn't realise I was waiting in a queue!
Doug says they've been happily married for years, but Pam is very upset over this business.
PAM: Oh, Doug! Now that I know you're not dying, I could throttle you!
Gaby pops round to see Guy. There still isn't any news about Glen, despite having a private detective on the case. Guy advises Gaby to forget about Glen, but she can't. She asks Guy to go to a movie tonight to take her mind off things.
GABY: Thanks for being a pal.
Jim is just off out when the phone goes. It's Mr Udagawa! Jim offers to meet up with him to discuss Paul's business affairs.
CAROLINE: It's so important that we take good care of Mr Udagawa.
faye arrives to go to the cricket - wearing a suit and a large pearl necklace!
FAYE: I hope that Dorothy doesn't mind me borrowing her man for the evening!
Lindsay's house
Helen has come to talk to Lindsay's dad about Lindsay's talent. It seems that Lindsay's father is out of work and struggling on the dole. Helen informs Lindsay that he's won the $1,000 prize in the junior art competition!
Helen says Lindsay has been offered a scholarship to an art school - it's a wonderful opportunity. But his father says he doesn't want Lindsay pressured. Helen is disappointed and tries to talk him round, but Lindsay's father shows her out. He insists that Lindsay's painting is just ahobby and that's the way he wants to leave it.
Pam is ranting at Doug in front of Gaby this time.
PAM: No wonder I never felt I could completely trust him.
DOUG: Oh, that's lovely(!)
PAM: Always flirting. I used to laugh it off until that business with Brenda.
DOUG: Oh, don't rake all that up again!
Gaby looks vaguely amused and says she's going to a movie with Guy.
GABY:(to Doug) If I were you, I'd stick to the subject of the weather for the rest of the evening!
Pam comes over with dessert and bangs it on to the table in front of Doug.
PAM: What's she like? This Alexandra Lomax.
DOUG: I didn't think you wanted to talk about it.
PAM: Yeah, well, I changed my mind. What did she have that I didn't have? Brains, probably. She had the good sense to knock you back!
DOUG: She's not a patch on you. You leave her for dead.
PAM: Oh, right! So that's why you asked her to marry you first!
Doug insists that he was cornered and he was too young to know how to get out of it(!) There's no need for Pam to be jealous. She says she isn't, but she feels a bit shattered.
PAM: I don't know that I'll ever feel quite the same way about you again.
She stalks off to her room.
Caroline comes round to invite Guy to dinner. He says he has plans, but he'll cancel them.
Jim comes home from the cricket in a good mood. It was a good game and Faye was better company than expected - she is a rare woman who really appreciates cricket.
JIM: You don't like her, do you.
HELEN:(smiling wryly) Not a lot.
Jim says they've all misjudged Faye!
Helen is looking at Lindsay paintings again - she's got a bit suspicious. The paintings must have been done some time ago, but Lindsay is only twelve. She's going to show them to an expert.
In the kitchen, Lucy is putting away some dishes. Jim's bottle of wine has gone from the fridge and accuses Lucy of taking it.
LUCY: Think what you like!
She storms out.
Guy is telling Gaby that he has to go and visit a sick friend(!) so he can't go to the movies. Gaby offers to go with him, but Guy says his mate is shy(!)
Oh dear, you know this isn't going to end well.
Pam comes out and Gaby makes herself scarce. Doug goes over to her and tells her that Alexandra is a real blimp now - really let herself go.
PAM: How do you know?
DOUG: Um...I ran into her in the city a few months ago. We had afternoon tea.
PAM: You had afternoon tea with another woman and didn't tell me?! You must think I'm an idiot!!
She bashes him over the head with a newspaper and stalks off to her room.
Lucy is at the bar with a rough-looking guy dressed in leather. Meanwhile, Jim comes in and meets Mr Udagawa at a table. They talk about the family and Mr Udagawa is sorry to hear about Jim's breakup with Beverly. He's worried about Paul, but Jim says he will recover soon.
LUCY: Hello, daddy darling!
Mr Udagawa comments that Lucy has grown up a lot since he last saw her.
Mr Udagawa is disappointed that Jim came to Japan but didn't visit his family! Jim explains that they kept him so busy with work that he had very little time to himself. Lucy is making a bit of a fool of herself at the bar and when Mr Udagawa has gone to the toilet, Jim goes over and tells her she's had enough to drink and she should go home. Lucy is defiant.
Lindsay's house
Helen has come round again. Lindsay is in bed, but there's a fresh painting done. She sees Mr Naylor's hand is splashed with paint and has the proof she needs. Her friend said that the paintings are several years old.
HELEN: It seems that I and the committee have been duped!
Paul and Christina's, the following morning
Gaby comes round to show Caroline some of her designs and is gobsmacked to see that Guy is there.
GABY: I'm glad to see your sick friend recuperated so quickly.
She walks out, slamming the door behind her.
DOUG: You did WHAT?
FAYE: Well, I thought it was for the best, Dougie.
Gaby storms in and goes straight to her room.
Doug tells Faye off for stirring. Pam comes out and Faye says she's done something to put her mind at rest about Alexandra Lomax. Faye's called her and asked her to come and spend a few days her! Pam is aghast.
Outside the Waterhole
Jim comes out of the Waterhole with Mr Udagawa and to his horror, Lucy and her boyfriend have been swimming in Lassiter's lake in their underwear!
JIM: Are you crazy?
LUCY: I'm just having some fun.
MR UDAGAWA: Mr Robinson, I will go. This is between you and your daughter.
JIM: I'm terribly sorry Mr Udagawa.
LUCY: You never want me to enjoy myself, no wonder Paul and Glen couldn't wait to get away from you!
JIM: Don't you ever speak to me like that again!
<<1622 - 1624>>
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