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Neighbours Episode 1622 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1622
Australian airdate: 25/02/92
UK airdate: 01/02/93
UK Gold: 19/01/99
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Lindsay Naylor: Matt Tingate
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Josh goes to Phoebe's house to tackle Mr Bright about Phoebe's bruises. While shouting, Mr Bright has a seizure and falls to the ground.
Brad and Toby are debating what to do about the $100. Dorothy comes in saying that she still can't find the $100. Brad tells Toby quietly that they can raise $100 to pay Dorothy back.
Helen and Dorothy looking at some paintings - they're the junior entries for the painting competition. She's really surprised how good they are - they're done by a 12 year old called Lindsay.
Josh and Phoebe come in looking very agitated - Mr Bright has had a stroke. They pour out the story of what happened at Phoebe's house (not mentioning the bruises). Phoebe starts to cry and Josh hugs her.
Doug has been to see his dying mate Garth again and is rather upset. He's still worried about his own health and is all melancholy about his life and how much he loves his family.
DOUG: You're the only one for me. Truth is, I nearly made one very big mistake with Alexandra Lomez.
PAM: It's all in the past. I got a pretty good deal.
There's a knock at the door - it's Brad and Toby. Brad has brought the family heirloom that Doug gave him and wants to flog it to Faye for $150. Faye is appalled and says it's a family heirloom - you can't sell it to another family member. Faye confiscates the heirloom and throws Brad and Toby out!
Phoebe is on the phone to the hospital - her father has stabilised but his condition is still very serious. Dorothy reassures both her and Josh - there's a lot a stress in a marriage breakup and even a small upset can push a person over the edge. Dorothy says she'll help Phoebe to contact her mother and in the meantime she can stay at the Robinsons.
PHOEBE: I can't stay in the house on my own.
JOSH: Your mother will take care for all that.
PHOEBE: I haven't got a clue where she is.
JOSH: Mrs Burke will find her.
PHOEBE: What if she doesn't?
Robinsons, the following morning
Phoebe and Josh are just off to school when Lindsay, the schoolboy artist arrives. Helen asks him if she'd like to come to some of her art classes, but he doesn't seem to keen. He finally agrees to come around after school this afternoon though.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy has made some enquiries about Phoebe's mother but hasn't got hold of her yet.
Brad and Toby are having a meeting - Toby's had an idea. He's flogging $1 tickets for a rock concert at school. He's going to put some rocks on the stage at the hall(!) Brad says he can't do that - it's a scam.
Brad finds a wallet on the floor with some money in it.
Doug is waxing lyrical about the fragility of the human body and Faye gets rather upset. They get talking about Jim and Doug admits that Jim and Dorothy aren't really an item. They just told Faye that because she was coming on so strong with Jim. Faye is rather surprised and resolves to have another go at Jim.
Coffee Shop
Brad and Toby are waiting to return the wallet to the bloke who dropped it (Brad called him). The bloke arrives and is very pleased, saying it's the ID and the credit cards that really matter.
BLOKE: You've saved me a packet. That kind of honesty deserves a real reward.
He peels off $100 and gives it to Brad.
BRAD: Thanks, man.
BLOKE: You've earned it! See you later.
Brad and Toby are relieved - their troubles are over!
Phoebe calls the hospital to see how her father is, and in the kitchen Dorothy tells Josh that she's finally tracked Phoebe's mother down.
JOSH: I bet she was shocked to hear that the old boy had had a stroke.
DOROTHY: Not remotely interested. Seems she's got a new boyfriend and she's not about to rock the boat.
JOSH: What does she intend to do about Phoebe?
DOROTHY: According to Mrs Bright, she's given her daughter the best years of her life. As of now, Phoebe is on her own. Charming.
JOSH: She can't just dump her.
DOROTHY: The boyfriend doesn't want to be saddled with a teenage daughter. Especially one he considers to be something of an "odd-ball".
JOSH: She's her mother.
DOROTHY: Yes. And I'm afraid she couldn't care less.
Phoebe has heard the tail-end of this conversation and looks despairing.
Pam rushes in to tell Doug that his asbestosis results have come up clear. Doug is obviously delighted. Pam hugs him. Doug says he almost feels guilty for being OK when his mates are so sick.
PAM: Count your blessings.
DOUG: I do. Especially you.
Phoebe is calmly telling Josh that her mother is entitled to her own life - it's not as if Phoebe is a kid. Dorothy invites her to stay at No 30 - she says she really enjoys the company of young people. But she can only bring one snake(!)
As Phoebe and Josh head off to pick up Phoebe's things, Lindsay the artist boy arrives. He tells Helen that he hurt his hand in soccer and can't paint today. Helen looks at his paintings and tells him that he has an incredible talent.
Ramsay Street
Toby is delighted to hear that Phoebe is coming to stay with them. Brad hands over the $100 to Dorothy saying they found it in a rose-bush down the street.
DOROTHY: This deserves a reward! I know how fond you two are of food so go and treat yourselves.
She hands them a smaller note.
BRAD: Couldn't eat a thing!
TOBY: Thanks anyway!
BRAD: See you later!
Faye comes over and tells Dorothy that she's going to the cricket with Jim. Dorothy tells her to have a nice day. Faye says she wouldn't dream of going if it would hurt Dorothy and Jim's relationship so she's glad it's OK.
DOROTHY: Not a full moon, is there?
Faye invites her to pop over any time for tea - Dorothy would be very welcome.
DOROTHY: Perhaps there's been an eclipse!
Pam tells Faye that Doug has gone out to celebrate - he had a bit of a health scare, but he's found out that he's in the clear. Faye is concerned and says she loves Doug very much.
PAM: You know Doug. He hates outsiders knowing his business.
FAYE: So that's the way he sees his little sister - as an outsider.
Pam apologises and says she put it rather badly - Doug does love her very much, he was just scared.
PAM: Poor love. He'd have told me his lifetime confession if I hadn't stopped him.
FAYE: You two are always bragging that there are no secrets between you.
PAM: There aren't! But I don't want him trotting out a list of his conquests before I came on the scene.
FAYE: They weren't all conquests as you put it.
PAM: He settled for me, that's the main thing.
FAYE: Oh, he married you on the rebound.
This stops Pam dead in her tracks.
FAYE: Perhaps I shouldn't have said that.
PAM: What rebound?
FAYE: No, sorry! Forget I said it.
PAM: Faye, you just said that Doug married me on the rebound, I want to know what you mean by that!
FAYE: It's best if I just keep quiet, Pam.
PAM: You have to tell me now!
FAYE: Oh, alright if you insist. He was head-over-heels in love with Alexandra Lomax.
PAM: Never heard of her.
FAYE: Oh, I'm not surprised. She was my best girl-friend. Dougie was wild about her. He was devastated when she turned him down. But you know Doug, he and his male ego. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, he went straight to you and proposed!
PAM: Oh, you're a liar.
FAYE: He meant it at the time of course, the proposal, but you were second choice. I'm sorry, Pam.
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