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Neighbours Episode 1621 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1621
Australian airdate: 24/02/92
UK airdate: 29/01/93
UK Gold: 18/01/99
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug tells Pam that two of his old friends have been affected by asbestos poisoning. One of them is dead already. Doug worked alongside them. The implication for his health is clear.
Ramsay Street
Bread and Toby are playing basketball in the street. He tells Brad that he misses having chips and less healthy food with his Dad. Dorothy's food is a bit too healthy for him!
Toby finds $100 on the floor - it looks like Dorothy dropped it when she drove away but Toby doesn't know this. He is rapt.
Coffee Shop
Josh asks after Phoebe's homelife. She says it's been a bit rough but is rather evasive. Dorothy comes in for a quiche but there aren't any left. Josh asks Phoebe what happened to her arm - she says that she just hurt herself wandering around at night in the dark. Josh accepts this and says he's had a postcard from Todd - he's coming back from Adelaide soon.
Doug is checking out his life insurance policy to see that everything is in order. Pam says that not everyone exposed to asbestos gets a disease - and Doug doesn't have any symptoms. He says he has been a bit short of breath but he put it down to lack of exercise. He doesn't want Pam to worry though - he's fine.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe is clearing up and tells Josh off for getting under her feet. Josh and Phoebe have a little kiss, but just then her father comes up and shouts at her. He drags her off, grasping her painfully by the arm.
Toby and Brad are wondering what to do with the $100. Dorothy comes in and goes to cook dinner. But before she goes, she coaches Toby and Brad to tell anyone asking that she and Jim Robinson are involved(!)
Toby says that they could spend the money on a once in a lifetime pigout! They agree to meet at the Coffee Shop tomorrow.
Phoebe's house
Phoebe father is ranting at her, calling her a floozy. Phoebe cracks and tells him to stop calling her a liar. She stands up and says she's not surprised her mother walked out. Her father is apopleptic with rage.
Neither Pam nor Doug has slept very long. Pam says Doug will have to go and have some tests - to put his mind at rest. It can take some time for the symptoms to show up. Pam is going to take the day off to take Doug to the hospital - they have to know one way or the other.
Coffee Shop
Toby and Brad are having a monster breakfast, much to Josh's surprise. They offer Josh a breakfast as well.
At the counter, Phoebe tells Josh that her father was OK last night. Josh wants Phoebe to come round and help him write a letter to Todd. She agrees, but says she can't stay long.
Doug has had the tests - now he and Pam just have to wait for the results. They talk about how important the family is, and how important they are to each other. Doug vows to spend more time with the family, no matter what the result.
Josh is just finishing up the letter to Todd and he and Phoebe sign it. Phoebe has a huge bruise on her arm and Josh can see that it's fresh. He guesses that her father did it - he says her father is totally mad. Phoebe says that her father has his faults, but he's OK - he's just depressed since her mother went away.
PHOEBE: Sometimes he gets depressed.
JOSH: Is it any wonder? He's an undertaker!
Phoebe says it's not easy being around sad people all the time, particularly when you're unhappy yourself. Josh says that anyone who does this to their daughter isn't worth protecting. They have to do something about it.
Doug is looking at some old artifacts that belonged to his grandfather. He gives it to Brad, saying that it's time to hand it down, father to son. Doug is melancholy and tries to reminisce with Brad about his childhood. He regrets that he couldn't get Brad a chemistry set when he was young because he couldn't afford it. He starts telling Brad that Pam will need his support. He starts to tell him about the asbestos poisoning, but Brad has fallen asleep!
Phoebe is crying and Josh is telling her calmly that they could go to the welfare people. Phoebe insists that it's not that bad, but Josh can't understand her attitude. He wants to go and see Mrs Burke to ask her advice. Phoebe thinks it might be her fault - maybe it was her fault that her parents split up. Josh is horrified to hear this sort of talk and tries to get Phoebe to listen to reason.
PHOEBE: He loves me. He'd never do anythign really bad.
JOSH: Phoebe, you don't know that!
PHOEBE:(grimly) Yes, I do. I have to go now.
Josh goes with her to have a word with her father, much to Phoebe's reluctance.
Doug is fawning over Pam and generally being very attentive. Brad goes off to see Toby. Doug says he's going down the shops to get something for Brad.
DOUG: If the worst comes to the worst. I don't want you to be by yourself for long. If you meet someone else...
PAM: I don't want to talk about this, Doug. Just go.
When Doug has gone, she starts to cry. She is still crying when Dorothy comes in. She's concerned to see Pam so upset and Pam says she can't talk about it right now, but she might be able to later.
Toby and Brad are totally full after their eating marathon today. Doug comes in with a present for Brad - a Chemistry Set!
DOUG: Better late than never!
Brad is rather bemused!
Dorothy comes in and asks Dorothy if they've seen any money lying around - there's $100 missing from her purse. Toby and Brad look at each other guiltily.
Phoebe's house
Phoebe's dad has got home early and is not pleased that Phoebe wasn't there. He rants at Josh and tells him to get out or he'll call the police. Josh refuses - Phoebe's dad can call the police if he likes. Josh weathers his shouting and says he won't get out of his house until he knows Phoebe will be alright. In the middle of his ranting, Phoebe's dad has some sort of seizure and falls to the ground.
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