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Neighbours Episode 1620 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1620
Australian airdate: 21/02/92
UK airdate: 28/01/93
UK Gold: 15/01/99
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Roy Riley: Neil Melville
Simone Riley: Clarrissa House
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Roy tells Brenda that he wants her back.
Helen and Jim have popped round to pick up Pam's sculpture for the exhibition. Pam explains the whole story and tells Helen that she's not going to exhibit after all.
Jim invites Doug to a night at the cricket next week - he's got a spare ticket. Doug is chuffed to accept.
Doug is also looking forward to the reunion of his mates. Pam jokes that she might come along and Doug looks rather horrified(!) She warns him not to get into mischief!
Brenda is a bit gobsmacked by Roy's dramatic declaration. Roy explains that he and Brenda had shared the simple things in life, Simone has expensive tastes. Anyway, he knows that Brenda still loves him. Brenda doesn't deny it, and asks him to leave.
ROY: I'll be staying at Lassiter's for a couple of days if you change your mind. Come and see me.
Brenda closes the door behind him.
BRENDA: Don't hold your breath, eh?
Robinsons, the following morning
Christina pops round with Andrew (awww what a cutie). She hasn't heard from Paul yet. Helen and Jim agree to help out at Lassiter's today. Christina is thinking about implementing a promotional opportunity that Paul had before his breakdown - a party for the local taxi drivers. Helen offers to help her plan it.
Ramsay Street
Jim sees Brenda trying to fix her car and goes over to help. She pours out the whole story about Roy - she doesn't know how she feels about getting back with him. Jim's honest opinion is that once a relationship is over, it can never be the same again. He and Beverly kept trying to patch things up for example, but it was no good. Brenda agrees to a point - she doesn't think she could ever trust Roy again.
Faye rushes over to speak to Jim but he quickly excuses himself.
Faye comes in, rather fed up. She flops down on the sofa and tells them that there's someone she likes a lot - Jim Robinson. Pam puts on a mournful tone and says that Faye has no luck with men - Jim and Dorothy are the talk of Ramsay Street(!)
FAYE: But I love him!
PAM: Well, you can't even know him that well.
Faye wants Doug to help her to snare Jim.
FAYE:(dramatically) I don't think I can go on living without him!
Coffee Shop
Brenda tells Roy that it's over - the past is the past and there's no use dredging it up again. Roy promises it'll be different this time - he's changed. He insists that he'll never let Brenda down again. Brenda won't have any of it and shows him the door.
ROY: I'll prove that I love you.
ROY: I'll prove it - you wait!
The Office
A rival hotel is also doing a party for taxi drivers.
Faye comes in and Jim quickly escapes to the inner office(!) Faye moans to Helen that Dorothy is such a bore and so much older than the rest of them(!) Helen protests and says she doesn't think it's wise to criticise Dorothy around Jim(!)
Faye produces Doug's cricket ticket, much to Jim's horror (how did she convince Doug to give it to her?!). She says she's looking forward to having a "gorgeous" day with him and floats out.
JIM:(through gritted teeth) How could Doug give his ticket to that woman.
HELEN: Well, you know Doug, he'll do anything for Faye.
JIM: He's gone too far this time.
Christina and Helen giggle.
Coffee Shop
Faye comes in and sits at a table. A few seconds later Simone storms in. She shouts at Brenda that thanks to her, her marriage to Roy is over!
SIMONE: We were happy until he saw you again!
Brenda is very shocked and insists she had nothing to do with his decision.
SIMONE: You're a husband-snatcher! I just hope you're satisfied.
She storms out leaving Brenda speechless.
Doug is just off to his reunion with his old mates. Jim comes round in a rotten mood and tackles Doug about giving the cricket ticket to Faye.
DOUG: I didn't think you'd mind.
JIM: Well I do, I was looking forward to it! And now I'm going to have to spend the whole afternoon with your sister.
DOUG: Is it so bad?
JIM: I can think of nothing worse than being stuck with Faye in a crowded grandstand.
Doug is apparently oblivious to Faye's obsession with Jim.
JIM: The woman is a scheming she-devil!
DOUG: I'm not having you talk about my sister like that.
JIM: Oh come on, you say as much yourself.
DOUG: That's my business, I'm her brother. I'm not having you run her down.
JIM: I am not, repeat not, taking Faye to the cricket.
He storms out, slamming the door behind him.
DOUG:(shouting) Yeah, well, if you ask me, a good woman's exactly what you need!
Pam creeps out of the bedroom.
DOUG: Frustration will do that to a man. He's been too long without a girlfriend.
Coffee Shop
Simone comes back - she's quietened down a bit. She's come to apologise - it's not Brenda's fault.
SIMONE: He always held a torch for you. We never stood a chance.
Simone says she was never the right wife for Roy - but she reckons Brenda is.
SIMONE: It's not everyone that gets a second chance at a relationship. Don't throw it away.
Pam is getting irritated with Faye's incessant questions about Jim - she's trying to do her paperwork.
PAM: One thing I do know. He doesn't like women who prattle on.
Faye writes this down in her notebook(!)
Doug comes in from his reunion just as Faye is leaving.
PAM: Honestly, Doug, if she wasn't your sister...
Doug seems rather down.
The Office
Christina has got a present for the taxi drivers - a beaded seat back with a slot for Lassiter's advertising papers - every cabbie in town can have one!
Coffee Shop
Roy comes in as Brenda is cleaning up. He wants to know if Brenda has thought about what he said, but she says her answer's the same - they can't go back to the way they were. Roy suggests a fresh start.
ROY: What do I have to do to prove that I love you?
Brenda says that she knows about the marriage break-up with Simone. Roy says that he may have something that will change Brenda's mind about him. He's got an offer to settle in Malaysia. He wants Brenda to go with him - next week!
ROY: What do you say?
BRENDA: Malaysia?!
Garden of the Willises
Doug is brooding in the garden and Pam comes out to see if he's OK. He tells her that the reunion was fine and shows her a picture. The picture shows the boys on the first job of Willis Construction back in the day.
DOUG: We didn't know back in the day, but that building has turned into a death trap.
It seems the site wass full of asbestos - and it's had a terrible effect on the boys who worked on the site, particularly on two of the boys. Murray is already dead and Garth is very ill.
DOUG: And I was working side-by-side with them.
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