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Neighbours Episode 1619 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1619
Australian airdate: 20/02/92
UK airdate: 27/01/93
UK Gold: 14/01/99
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Roy Riley: Neil Melville
Simone Riley: Clarrissa House
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Doug breaks Pams sculpture.
Doug picks up the pieces of Pam's sculpture and puts it in the fridge (of all places!) He replaces the statue with a melon and covers in over with cloth(!)
Pam comes in and suggests some melon for lunch but Doug says they should keep it for the evening! Pam is chuffed that Brad has got a job. Also, she's got a polaroid of her sculpture for Helen's catalogue. Doug looks very guilty.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe tells Brenda about the letter she wrote to Todd - it seems the postie has already been, but Brenda suggests they try the Waterhole because the postie goes there last.
Toby is set upon by Sharpie and Banksie again. He has brought them some food this time, but they spit it out - Toby has put chilli sauce on it. They tell him he'd better bring them some decent food after their detention and generally push him around.
Phoebe has missed the postie, so she sets off to pursue him to the post office!
There's a telephone call for a Mrs Riley, and Brenda thinks it's for her, but another woman gets up saying that she too is Mrs Riley. Brenda recognises her as Simone - she's Roy's wife. But it's Brenda that Roy wants to talk to.
A road
Phoebe is running along in pursuit of the postman, but she just misses him. She continues to chase the van.
Dorothy has come over to ask Pam to give the school kids a talk about nursing. She comments that Doug is standing rather oddly (he's trying to hide the "statue")
Dorothy wonders what Faye is up to - she's been very quiet since she found out about she and Jim's "hot romance".
Pam goes off to work, and Doug asks Dorothy for a big favour - he shows her the sculpture that he's tried to glue back together. Dorothy says there's only one thing for it - he'll have to make a new sculpture from scratch. She suggests making a mould of Doug's face to get the likeness!
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is knackered and still didn't manage to stop the post van.
Just then Roy Riley (Brenda's ex-husband) and Simone come in. They are quite amicable with each other and Brenda gets them a coffee.
SIMONE: Don't know how you let this one slip through the net, Brenda.
BRENDA: Just one of those things, Sim.
They chat about their recent lives and it seems Roy has been contracting - he's just come down to Melbourne for a holiday and they're staying at Lassiter's. He suggests that they get together for a meal and catch up. Brenda says she's too busy and Simone doesn't look too keen either. A bit of an awkward silence develops and Roy and Simone decide to leave.
ROY: What do I owe you?
BRENDA: Hey - for Auld Lang Syne.
ROY:(softly) You remember.
They leave, with Roy hanging back a little.
ROY: See you later.
Dorothy is having a bit of trouble with the mould. She thinks she should have used plaster of Paris. Doug is not at all comfortable and Dorothy suggests that he could tell Pam the truth instead! She suggests bringing in an expert, but Doug says that no-one could get a sculpture done by tonight. Dorothy gives him the number of a sculpturor she knows anyway.
Doug rings him straight away and the sculpturer agrees to work from a polaroid. He's not sure he can get it done by tonight either.
DOROTHY: How much?
DOUG: 300 smackeroonies.
DOROTHY: A small price to pay.
DOUG: For my life, yes!
Coffee Shop
Brenda is rather distracted after Roy's visit and asks Phoebe to hold the fort for a bit.
Toby comes in and tells Phoebe that he's having a hard time in school - he has to buy food for them. He says he'll have to try to get into a gang and then he'll be OK.
He notices Phoebe is looking fed up and asks her what's the matter.
PHOEBE: That letter I gave you to post. I should never have sent it.
TOBY:(getting the letter out of his bag) You mean, this one?
Phoebe is overjoyed and Toby confesses that he didn't want Todd to know how Phoebe felt(!) In return, Phoebe says she's going to help him tackle the boys at school.
Brenda is sitting at a table looking depressed. Pam comes in and sits down with her. She confesses that she bumped into her ex and his new wife - she young, very pretty and all over Roy like a rash.
BRENDA: They're nuts about each other.
Outside the detention room
Toby is waiting for Sharpie and Banksie. When they come out, Toby gives them a box. They open it and jump a mile - Phoebe's snake Oscar is in it! They run off saying Toby is nuts!
Doug has got the new sculpture which he puts safely on to the plinth. He conceals the old one in a laundry bag.
Pam comes in and says the exhibition was wonderful - she feels she can't live up to their talent. She takes a hammer and smashes the sculpture!
Coffee Shop
Toby has brought Oscar back to Phoebe after a successful mission!
Doug has confessed to Pam about the replacement sculpture and she laughs, despite the expense.
The phone rings and Doug says it's a "voice from his past" - it's his friend Norm, his first apprentice. It seems he's having a reunion for the guys and they're meeting up tomorrow afternoon for a few drinks.
Roy has tracked Brenda down and come round to visit. Brenda is rather surprised to see him, and Roy tells Brenda that things aren't quite what they seem - he and Simone are having problems with their marriage. He came to Erinsborough hoping to run into Brenda. Simone isn't really the girl that he thought she was - they're not kindred spirits. Brenda feels a bit awkward hearing all this.
BRENDA: So why are you telling me?
ROY: Because - I love you.
BRENDA: You what?
ROY: I miss you like crazy, Bren, and I want you back. For keeps. What do you say? Shall we give it another whirl?
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