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Neighbours Episode 1618 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1618
Australian airdate: 19/02/92
UK airdate: 26/01/93
UK Gold: 13/01/99
Writer: Adam Bowen
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Peter Banks: Jamie McGrath
Brett Sharp: Anthony Engleman
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brad accidentally gets drunk on his cocktail creations on his first day working at the Waterhole. He collapses behind the bar. Gaby and Guy try to rouse him unsuccessfully.
Guy suggests that they just tell Helen that Brad is sick - she knows he doesn't drink so she won't suspect. Anyway, his shift will be over soon - Guy will finish it off for him. Guy suggests hiding Brad at the boutique for now. Gaby goes to check that the coast is clear, but unfortunately Caroline is on her way over. While Gaby detains Caroline at the door, Guy props him Brad up behind the bar and puts sunglasses on him(!)
CAROLINE:(calling over) Brad, how's it going)
GUY:(lifting Brad's hand from under the bar like a puppet) Cool!
CAROLINE: Well I don't know that I approve of you sitting down on the job...
But Gaby bustles her away, saying she has urgent business about the boutique to discuss.
No 30
Dorothy is helping Toby to prepare for school. Josh comes round to tell them about his holiday and offers to teach Toby how to surf. He's interested to hear that Toby had a computer for Christmas and they make a deal to meet up soon.
Dorothy tells Josh that Toby is about to enter high school for the first time and that she'll look after him as much as she can.
Coffee Shop
Gaby has made up some story for Caroline about changing the opening times for the boutique(!) Luckily she is happy that Brad is getting on OK at the Waterhole.
Phoebe comes up and tells Gaby that she's had a really nice letter from Todd - she wonders what this means, it's a bit strange coming from a bloke, although he didn't say anything in so many words about having feelings for her. She's not sure where she stands with Josh either - she hasn't seen him in months. Phoebe admits that she wants to write to Todd and tell her how she feels, but she's worried about making a fool of herself. Gaby tells her to take a chance.
Brad is still propped up behind the bar when Gaby comes in.
GABY: Looks like you've saved Brad's bacon. With a bit of luck, no-one will ever know he's off his face!
Then she realises - what if Pam's home when they get Brad back. But there's another problem - neither of them has a car and a taxi isn't really an option considering his state.
Ramsay Street
Guy and Gaby are struggling up Ramsay Street with Brad on a stretcher(!)
GABY: Couldn't we have just sent him by courier?
Dorothy and Josh come along and they drop the stretcher. Brad is just starting to come around so Guy and Josh start dragging him into the house. Gaby explains to Dorothy about the Wipeout cocktail and begs her not to say anything.
GABY: You wouldn't happen to know if my mother's at home, would you?
DOROTHY: No idea?
Willises (later)
Gaby and Guy are walking Brad around trying to wake him up. Guy thinks they should just put Brad to bed. Just then Doug's ute drives up so they prop Brad up on the sofa. He's still wearing sunglasses(!)
Doug comes in and finds the three of them sitting quietly. He notices Brad's state straightaway though(!)
No.24 (Later)
Guy and Gaby are cooking dinner. Guy says he'd like to see more of Gaby, but she's still hung up on Glen. She's not ready for another relationship - it takes time to get over these things. Guy offers to wait and Gaby gets a bit angry, saying she doesn't want him to wait. She can only offer friendship right now.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Brad is up! and eating breakfast at the Coffee Shop with Doug. He swears he'll never touch alcohol again, even if it does only taste like a lime smoothie(!)
Toby comes in in his school uniform and tells Phoebe that he's all grown up now. Phoebe says she's interested in someone else now. She gives Toby her letter to Todd to post and he twigs that she's interested in Todd.
Caroline comes in and says that Brad did OK in the Waterhole yesterday.
CAROLINE: There's just one little niggle. I'd prefer you not to wear sunglasses on the job.
BRAD: Sunnies? But....? ...oh right, yeah!
Toby has arrived and Josh greets him. Josh is looking for Phoebe and Toby tells him she's working at the Coffee Shop.
Toby immediately gets set upon by two older boys but Dorothy comes over and sorts them out. They still threaten Toby though, saying he's "dead meat".
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Josh are having a row. Phoebe says that Josh didn't contact her at all while he was away. But he protests that Phoebe was away with her mother, and besides, he's brought her a present - a snake bracelet.
JOSH: I thought about you all the time. And it's really nice to see you again.
They chat about their holidays and Phoebe tells him that she hung out with Todd a bit.
JOSH: I missed you, Phoebe. It feels really nice to be with you again. And this time, we won't get separated.
PHOEBE:(strained) Yeah.
Toby is coming out of his first class and looks around nervously for the bigger boys. However, they eventually catch up with him saying that Dorothy has given them detention. They tell him that he has to get them lunch - or they'll wash his hair in the toilet.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Guy is telling Caroline that he's quite keen on her(!) now that Gaby has dumped him. She doesn't want to take on a relationship at the moment because she's too busy at work. Guy suggests that they just go out casually now and again - no pressure, no hassles. Caroline agrees to think about it.
TOBY:(to Bouncer) It could have been worse. If Sharpie and Banksie find out that I actually live with Mrs Burke, they'd probably barbecue me!
Dorothy is also home for lunch. Toby tells her that he wants to distance himself from her at school.
DOROTHY: Why is your hair wet?
Toby says he stuck it under a tap on the way home. Dorothy advises him to stay away from Sharpie and Banksie.
Brad has been surfing. He nearly knocks over Pam's sculpture which he says looks like Freddy Kruger! Doug says it's means to be a sculpture of him(!)
Unfortunately, Doug throws a basketball and knocks the sculpture over. It smashes into several pieces. Brad decides to make a sharp exit before Pam comes home and freaks(!)
Coffee Shop
Phoebe tells Gaby that Josh is really keen to get back together with her. She doesn't know what to do now - she's already sent her letter to Todd.
PHOEBE: I've got to get that letter back - somehow.
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