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Neighbours Episode 1617 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1617
Australian airdate: 18/02/92
UK airdate: 25/01/93
UK Gold: 12/01/99
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye invites Jim for dinner.
Jim pulls his hand away from Faye's and tells her that tonight's a bit of a problem for him - he was hoping to have a quiet evening at home. But Faye won't take no for an answer. Jim tries again, saying they should wait until Helen is free. Then he says that he wants to be with Josh and Lucy. Just then, Lucy comes out saying she's going out(!) Faye offers to come around and cook for him instead.
FAYE: If Mohammed won't come to the mountain...I'll see you at 7.30!
She exits, flamboyantly. Jim sighs heavily.
Brad is looking for dinner, but Pam and Gaby are both busy, so he settles for a sandwich. Guy comes round and asks Gaby if she feels like going out, but she's snowed under with the boutique stuff. They arrange to have lunch tomorrow though.
Brad is short of cash, so Gaby suggests that he goes and asks Caroline about a job at the Waterhole. Brad says he'll talk to her tomorrow, but Pam says she'll ask her herself!
On hearing that Faye has cornered Jim, Dorothy resolves to drop around later and rescue him(!)
Pam asks Helen about the job at the Waterhole (apparently she's handling personnel for Caroline). Helen isn't sure - Brad has a bit of a casual approach to most things! But she relents and agrees to give him a go.
Lucy is trying to persuade Guy to come out with her, but he doesn't want to - he's got no money and he's not in the mood. She taunts him a bit about Gaby and Guy isn't impressed. He tells her to leave him in peace.
The phone rings and Jim answers it - it's a friend of his that he's asked to join him for dinner(!) Unfortunately his friend can't make it.
Faye arrives with food and saucepans. Josh is hiding in his room(!) Faye says maybe Josh was being discreet and Jim looks rather worried(!)
FAYE: This is a celebration! Fate, providence! Whatever it was that made me rent a house so near to you.
Jim's face is a picture!
Faye is sitting very close to Jim on the sofa. He tries to escape and wash the dishes, but Faye won't let him go. Jim now resorts to desperate measures - to get her off his back by saying that he's seeing someone else. Faye is shocked and asks who it is. Jim says he doesn't want to say and Faye is suspicious that he's making the whole thing up(!)
At that moment, there's a knock at the door and it's Dorothy.
JIM:(hugging her) Hello, darling!
Jim tells Faye that Dorothy is his lady friend.
JIM:(kissing Dorothy on the cheek) I've told Faye everything, she understand completely.
DOROTHY: I'm glad someone does!
Dorothy plays along and says that she is indeed the Scarlet Woman in Jim's life and how they have been carried along in the flames of their passion(!)
DOROTHY: Now the truth is out, I see no reason to hide our feelings! Your place or mine, tonight?!
Faye is rather shocked and dashes off, saying she's expecting a phone call from an old flame(!) She closes the door behind her.
DOROTHY: You can let me go now, Jim.
JIM: I owe you one, Dorothy. That woman was about to eat me alive!
DOROTHY: So I see! We seem to be making quite a habit of pretending to be in love. How long do we have to keep up the act this time?
Dorothy says they may have to keep their charade up for a while - Faye is the sort of woman who's used to getting what she wants!
Willises, the following morning
Pam is talking to Gaby about the art competition - she's entering the competition in the hope of winning the $1,000 prize. Gaby is brooding again. Pam tells her that Glen isn't likely to come back, and she has to get one with things now.
Brad comes out for breakfast and tells them he's going surfing. But Pam informs him that he's starting work at the Waterhole at 9.30am. Brad doesn't look too chuffed and tries to protest that alcohol has a very bad effect on him. Gaby says he only has to pour it, not drink it, and Pam chips in that she'll throw him out if he doesn't start earning his own money(!)
BRAD: Sold down the river by my own mother.
Ramsay Street
Lucy is only just getting home from clubbing. She sees Brad going off to work and has a chat to him. She claims that David is now ancient history. Brad is pleased because Lucy has had a tough time recently.
BRAD: You've had a pretty tough time lately. First you get dumped by David, then you get home to find one of your brothers has flipped out and the other has vanished into thin air. Anyone else would be a total emotional wreck!
This reminds her of all that's happened and she stalks off.
Dorothy and Helen are laughing over what happened the night before between Dorothy, Jim and Faye. Jim is worried that Lucy has stayed out all night. Also, Helen has heard from Todd and has caught the measles from Katie - he'll have to stay there another ten days.
Just then, Lucy comes in and Jim starts laying into her. Dorothy decides to make a swift exit(!)
Brad is learning to pull a beer, but he isn't very good. He reckons he's got the cocktails sorted though and he's even been designing his own. He shows them a deep blue cocktail called, "The Willis Wipeout". Gaby points out that Brad can't drink, so how will he know how it tastes? Gaby and Guy refuses to try it on his behalf!
Brad tries a bit himself and coughs.
Brad is mixing cocktails when Jim comes in to check on him. Brad assures him that he's getting on fine. Brad offers Jim to try the Wipeout. He doesn't look too keen and tells Brad that it might need more work(!) Brad takes another sip of the Wipeout.
Front garden of the Willises
Pam is working on her sculpture for the art competition when Dorothy comes over. Faye is watching Dorothy from across the street.
DOROTHY: This may come as a surprise to you, but Jim and I are having the hottest romance since the King and Mrs Simpson. Faye is not impressed.
Pam laughs and realises that they're just trying to get Jim away from Faye(!)
Faye comes over and tells Dorothy that she's competition for her - she's going to go after Jim and she's every intention of getting him(!)
Lucy is still in a very bad mood but Jim points out that she'll live by his rules while she's living in his house. Lucy says she's changed her mind about Uni - she's going to take a year off instead. Jim isn't too pleased to hear this.
Brad is looking a bit worse for wear. Gaby and Guy come in and talks to Brad about cocktails again. He takes a sip of his latest cocktail and is pleased that it tastes like a lime smoothie. He downs most of it and then faints on the floor.
Gaby is worried when she can't rouse Brad - Helen will sack him and then Pam will murder him(!)
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