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Neighbours Episode 1616 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1616
Australian airdate: 17/02/92
UK airdate: 22/01/93
UK Gold: 11/01/99
Writer: Gavin Strawhan
Director: Helen Gaynor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lucy goes to see David, but he's got back with his old girlfriend. She is upset.
Ramsay Street
Faye sees Caroline and mistakes her for Christina. She probes as to why Paul has gone away on his own.
Christina drives up a few minutes later and Faye breaks the news that Paul has gone away. Christina is shocked and goes quickly into the house.
Paul and Christina's
Christina comes in, frantic. Caroline has to tell her that Paul has gone away and wouldn't tell her where he was going. She's upset that Paul didn't even wait until she came home. She rants at Caroline for letting him go, but Caroline explains that she couldn't stop him. Christina is beside herself - he hasn't got any money or anything.
Josh has called to say they'll definitely be on the bus that evening. Just then, the phone rings and it's Faye. Jim claims that Helen has just stepped out, even though Helen is sitting right there(!)
Jim worries about what he's going to say to Josh and Lucy about recent events.
Helen decides to go over and see what Faye wants (at the Willises, apparently) but Jim elects to stay home!
Helen arrives to find out what the "urgent problem" is. Faye explains that it's her aerial. Helen suggests that Faye calls out a television engineer, but Faye says it's Helen's responsibility! She also gives Helen her rent cheque.
Paul and Christina's
Jim has comes over to talk to the twins about what they can do to find Paul. They have no idea where they might have gone. Caroline says that maybe they should call the police, but Jim doesn't think they could do anything. Instead, they'll talk to Paul's doctor and get advice. Christina worries that Paul won't come back at all.
Robinsons, the following morning
Jim is just popping into town with some plans. Helen will pick up the kids, but won't tell them about Glen and Paul until Jim gets back.
Helen asks Jim to pop over and look at Faye's aerial later and he reluctantly agrees.
Just then, Josh and Lucy arrive home. They are excited to be home.
LUCY: Well, where is everybody?
HELEN: Todd's in Adelaide with his mum.
LUCY: What about Glen?
JIM: Well...he's not here at the moment, darling.
Jim says he'll talk to them properly when he gets back from town. Helen tells Lucy to open her Year 12 results, but she doesn't want to! She goes off to her room instead.
Faye is fawning over Jim and thanking him for fixing her television. She offers him a cup of tea but he says he has to go, citing family commitments. She invites him and Helen to dinner one night and Jim doesn't look too keen!
Lucy's results aren't good enough to get into the course she wanted, but they are still quite good. Helen asks Lucy about the boy she went to see on her way home, but Lucy says she can't talk about it without crying.
LUCY: It's not fair! Why does everything have to go wrong at the same time?
Lucy decides to go round to see Paul and Christina and then asks after Glen. Helen is forced to tell her that she's not sure where Glen is.
LUCY: Gran. What's going on?
HELEN: Darling, I was going to wait until your father was home, but...I've something terrible to tell you.
Paul and Christina's
Christina has spoken to Paul's doctor. He says there's nothing they can do except try to encourage him to come home if he calls. Caroline says she feels really bad that she couldn't stop him leaving. Christina blames herself but Caroline says that it's no-one's fault.
Caroline says that day-to-day operations at the hotel are OK, but if Glen decides to sue they'll have to sell up.
CAROLINE: We'll just have to sit tight.
CHRISTINA: Together.
They hug.
LUCY: Why didn't you tell me?
JIM: We didn't want to ruin your holiday.
LUCY: I should have been here. I could have helped him through it!
Josh is pretty shocked too. Lucy is pretty angry and said that she would have come straight back from Queensland. She's even more upset that he's gone missing. Jim tells her about the letter that Glen wrote - that he doesn't want to see any of them again. Lucy starts shouting at Jim - Glen must have thought she didn't care.
Lucy has been sulking in her room, but comes out to say she'll never forgive them!
JIM: How did that girl become so stubborn?
HELEN:(dryly) I can't imagine.
Just then Faye comes round yet again, but Jim quickly excuses himself, so she goes through to the kitchen to see Helen. She enquires after Jim's wife and Helen tells her that Jim is divorced. Helen has to offer her a cup of tea.
Garden of Paul and Christina's
Christina is chatting away idly to Andrew. Caroline comes out and tells her that she's tracked down Paul's lawyer - he hasn't heard anything from Glen. Caroline will stay on at Lassiter's though - she's determined they have to keep things going while Paul is away.
Garden of the Robinsons
Josh is trying to cheer Lucy up but she doesn't want him too - she's still steamed up about Jim and Helen not telling them about Glen. She reckons that Jim was glad to see Glen go. Josh tries to reason with her but Lucy won't have it. She tells Josh to stop sticking up for Jim and Helen.
Josh wonders if Lucy is taking out her disappointment over David on..."those who we will not mention"(!) Lucy goes quiet.
LUCY: I really loved David. I thought we had something, you know? I thought it was special.
She starts to cry and says that everything has gone wrong.
Helen is enduring Faye's onslaught. Jim comes back and Faye immediately starts flirting with him(!)
Helen makes Faye another cup of tea and she invites Jim and Helen to dinner tonight. Helen can't make it because she has an "art workshop" but Jim can't think of an excuse fast enough.
FAYE: So, it's just you and me. Oh, the gods must have been smiling on us the day I moved into Ramsay Street. Don't you think so, Jim?
She grasps his hand and Jim looks like a cornered animal(!)
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