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Neighbours Episode 1615 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1615
Australian airdate: 14/02/92
UK airdate: 21/01/93
UK Gold: 08/01/99
Writer: Ray Kolle (QLD Scenes Written by Chris McTrustry)
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Yvonne: Kristie Raymond
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
A letter from Glen arrives, addressed to Jim.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is just heading off for the day. Caroline comes in to say hello to Guy and to ask him about doing aerobics classes at the hotel. Guy invites Caroline out to dinner - but he makes it clear it's just platonic because he's still carrying a torch for Gaby.
Jim is reading Glen's letter. It seems that he doesn't think he can make being part of the Robinson family work for him - he doesn't want to split the family. The only clue is the postmark on the envelope - from the city. Helen is upset and so is Jim - he didn't want to drive Glen away.
HELEN: Doesn't he realise how much we love him?
Glen hasn't mentioned in the letter whether he still intends to continue to sue Paul or not. Jim says it might have been better if he'd never found out he had another son - but then, he doesn't regret getting to know Glen.
Paul and Christina's
Paul is wandering round, still in his red jumpsuit and a hideous yellow T-shirt. Caroline is trying to persuade him to come into work, but he doesn't want to.
Toby comes round and offers to tidy up their garden for cash. Caroline has a go at Paul for not trying to help himself - she says he has to snap out of it because he has a family to think about. Paul would rather watch TV though.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Phoebe is setting up some tables outside the Coffee Shop with Guy when Toby comes up.
GUY: Morning, Tobe. Jeez, you're smelling good today!
Toby offers to help Phoebe in the shop, but she reckons she's learned the ropes now.
Guy is just off to his aerobic class, but he's having trouble with the tape recorder, it keeps recording instead of playing. A lady called Yvonne comes over to enroll in the aerobics class.
Paul and Christina's
Paul is channel surfing when Toby comes in from gardening. They get to talking. Toby tells Paul that he's heard he's gone bust. He's surprised that Paul is moping around, he thought he'd be getting back to it and starting over by now.
PAUL: It's easier said than done, mate.
TOBY: I never figured you for a quitter, Mr Robinson. Maybe I was wrong.
This seems to have some impact on Paul.
Caroline has brought some papers around for Jim and tells him she's very worried about Paul. The phone rings and it's Josh - it seems he, Lucy and Brad are coming home today. He'll be pleased to see them, but there's a lot to tell them - Lucy doesn't know about either Paul or Glen's medical conditions yet.
Ramsay Street
Paul has ventured out of the house and offers Toby a hand getting the lawn-mower started. He decides to do a bit of weeding, having taken Toby's advice to heart. Toby says gardening is good therapy, it helped him through his hard times, like when his mum died, then Kerry, then granddad.
PAUL: So tell me, Toby, how did you bounce back?
TOBY: I reckon if you've lost something, you've got to appreciate what's left.
PAUL: Hmmm. Not a bad philosophy that. I suppose when I think about it, what I've got left is better than what I've lost.
TOBY: Well there you go, no probs!
Paul manages to get the lawn-mower sorted and they high-five each other!
Coffee Shop
Caroline comes in to see how Phoebe is getting on. She also asks her how things are going at home - she heard about Phoebe's mum leaving. Phoebe really misses her and Caroline offers her a ear to talk to at any time. Phoebe is worried about her father - he's taken her mother's departure badly, but he is being more lenient with her now, letting her take the Coffee Shop job, for example. The conversation turns to Todd and Phoebe says that Todd's been very good to her - but she's not sure about her feelings for Josh.
Guy comes in and tells Caroline that the aerobics class went very well. He goes off to the kitchen and while he's gone, Phoebe puts his aerobics tape on the player. The tape has obviously been recording instead of playing again though because a female voice is heard saying "Ohhh that's wonderful Guy, do it again!" and other suspicious moans(!) Guy comes out of the kitchen and is embarrassed, but says they've got the wrong idea - it was Yvonne from the aerobics class and he was massaging a cramp she had - all perfectly innocent!
Bus Station
Helen and Jim have come to pick up Josh, Lucy and Brad. But they're not on the bus.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe and Caroline are still laughing at Guy when Toby comes in. Caroline is pleased to hear that Paul helped him in the garden.
Toby has brought Phoebe some flowers. Suddenly he grabs her and kisses her on the lips, much to her surprise.
Phoebe is doing the orders and tells Toby gently that she's not interested - they're not right for each other. She tells him that she's really flattered.
TOBY: We both like snakes!
PHOEBE: Yeah...but I don't think that's enough to base a relationship on!
Also, Phoebe says she's already involved with another guy, so there can't be anything between her and Toby.
Paul and Christina's
Caroline comes home to find Paul's suitcase is packed - he says he's going away for a while. Caroline is horrified and says he needs to be with his family and friends, but he's not having any of it - he just wants to get away. He says he thinks he's coming out of his depression and wants time alone to re-assess. He wants to be gone before Chrissie comes home and tries to talk him out of it(!) Caroline says she can't let Paul go, but he walks out of the door anyway.
Toby is giving Jim his aftershave back(!)
TOBY: The aftershave doesn't turn women on at all, Mr Robinson!
JIM: Oh, I'm sorry mate. It usually works for me!
Caroline rushes in and tells Jim that Paul has just left in a taxi and that he's gone away for a bit. Helen and Jim are appalled.
JIM: That's two sons gone missing, not to mention Lucy and Josh!
The phone rings and Helen answers it. It seems that when they were halfway, Lucy realised that they were near David's house so she talked them in to getting a later bus, so she could visit him.
David's house, Queensland
Lucy knocks on David's door, and he is very surprised to see her. He tells her he hasn't got a lot of time - he's meeting someone. He is forced to admit that he already has a girlfriend. Lucy is obviously very upset and David looks rather guilty. He says he didn't think he'd ever be able to come home, and didn't think he'd ever see his girlfriend again. But now he's come home he's back with her. Lucy heads off back to the bus, dejectedly.
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