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Neighbours Episode 1614 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1614
Australian airdate: 13/02/92
UK airdate: 20/01/93
UK Gold: 07/01/99
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul comes out of his stupor.
Jim has had a call from Faye - apparently she's called a few times recently(!) and she's determined that he comes over to fix a leaky tap tonight!
Jim and Helen are having dinner first though - they chat about their worries for Paul. Jim says he's got an idea about Glen though, but he doesn't tell Helen what it is.
Paul and Christina's
Christina is telling Caroline what happened at the hospital. Apparently the specialist is allowing Paul to come home tomorrow - he can be treated as an out-patient. Christina immediately starts cleaning the house!
Jim is fixing Faye's leaky tap while she offers him some sponge cake. Jim is very long-suffering and tells Faye that he's going to watch a television documentary tonight. Faye says he can watch it at her house, but he wants to get home. He tells her that he knows it's hard when you move to a new area, but she should try to make new friends.
Robinsons, the following morning
Jim is chuffed that Paul is feeling better. Caroline has gone to pick him up while Christina arranges some flowers in the house.
Phoebe comes round to find Todd - they're going odd-jobbing. But it seems that Todd has gone to Adelaide rather suddenly. Jim gives Phoebe a tip that Brenda is looking for someone at the Coffee Shop though.
JIM: She's a nice girl.
HELEN: Yes, and she's also Josh's girl.
JIM: Ohhhh!
Now they know why Todd agreed to go to Adelaide so suddenly(!)
Jim tells Helen that he's been working on an ad for the paper about Glen.
Paul and Christina's
Paul and Caroline have arrived home. Paul is still vacant but is talking a little bit.
CHRISTINA: Isn't it wonderful having him home? We're back to being one big happy family.
But Caroline looks worried - Paul is a long way from being himself. (Perhaps it would help if they took off the red jumpsuit and put him in some normal clothes!)
Jim has sent his ad into the paper. Toby is lurking around a bit bored, missing Josh and Todd.
Just then, Phoebe comes round again - she's come to say thanks because she's got the job at the Coffee Shop. Toby tells Phoebe that he used to work at the Coffee Shop and he'll come and help her out.
Paul and Christina's
Christina suggests that she and Paul go for a walk or have a dip in the spa. He doesn't care though, his eyes fixed on a cartoon.
Jim comes round and Paul does recognise him, but just wants to watch the cartoon on TV. Jim suggests that they play squash at some point when Paul feels up to it. He decides to have a bit of a lie down in his room.
Christina says that Paul is doped up on medication but Jim is more worried - Paul isn't up to what he expected.
Coffee Shop
Phoebe is on her own in the Coffee Shop while Brenda has gone to the bank, but Toby is there. They talk about snakes and seem to have a few things in common. Faye comes in for a pot of tea and is surprised to see Phoebe there. Faye moans that she doesn't want tea made with a tea bag and decides to leave instead. She has a go at Phoebe so Phoebe has a go back at her!
Paul and Christina's
Paul is up from his nap and is watching TV again. Caroline comes in from the office and gives Paul some letters from work to look at, but he'd rather not think about work and take it easy for a while. Caroline also wants his advice in investing some money that she has, but Paul says he's not up to it and she should find someone else.
Phoebe's house
Faye has come round to have a moan about Phoebe to Phoebe's father. She reckons that Phoebe has loads of boyfriends and says how easy it is for a girl to lose her reputation. Her father says that he'll talk to Phoebe about it.
Jim has hired a private detective to look for Glen - it's $200 a day. He is hopeful for quick results though.
Just then, Toby comes round. He wants to talk to Jim confidentially about a girl - and she's already in high school. He wants to know how he can appear as a "cool dude".
Phoebe's house
Phoebe comes in and tells her father that she's been to the library. He knows she's lying though, so she is forced to admit that she has a part-time job. She explains about Faye being an old battle-axe - she's just a whinger. She also explains about Todd on the phone. Her father reckons that Phoebe hasn't got time for a job and her studies, but relents and says they'll see how things go. He'll lift Phoebe's grounding for the time being. Phoebe is very pleased and hugs him.
Paul and Christina's
Paul is wandering vacantly round the house and Christina is rather worried, thinking that he blames her for putting her in hospital (which is rather an odd leap of logic!)
Jim and Toby are talking about "the older woman". Toby asks Jim if he can lend him some aftershave. He reluctantly agrees but doesn't think Toby needs it(!)
Helen comes in with the mail - there's a letter from Glen addressed to Jim.
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