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Neighbours Episode 1613 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1613
Australian airdate: 12/02/92
UK airdate: 19/01/93
UK Gold: 06/01/99
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mr. Endicott: Gareth Wilding Forbes
Ms. Gunn: Sian Cody
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye invites Dorothy and Brenda to dinner. They worry that Faye is trying to poison them.
No.32 (although it says "19" on the sign outside!)
Brenda and Dorothy have arrived at Faye's house. Dorothy offers help Faye with the dinner, but she says it's all under control and goes off to get a "special bottle of red". Brenda gives Dorothy a plastic bag to sneak poisoned food into!
DOROTHY: We'll all be eating from the same pot. She's hardly going to poison herself, is she?
BRENDA: She's probably taken an anecdote! [sic]
DOROTHY: Oh, of course. Silly me(!)
Faye comes back and brings Madge's cat in with her. Faye goes to serve up the dinner, saying she hasn't cooked it since Kevin died - in fact, this recipe (pork casserole) was the last thing she cook for him!
Christina and Andrew have popped round to say hello. She's worried about Paul - there's been no change and she couldn't face visiting. Jim offers to help her with the shopping and stuff and tells her to come over more often. Jim is worried about Glen, too.
JIM: All we can do is keep hoping, I suppose.
Faye is regaling them with stories of abroad. When Faye's back is turned, Brenda sneaks food into her plastic bag. Dorothy asks after Faye's husband - it seems he had a virus before he died. On the floor, the cat eats out of Brenda's bag.
BRENDA: Fluffy, no! We've got to get him to a vet, he's been poisoned - he ate your food!
FAYE: WHAT?! What are you talking about?
Brenda starts ranting at Faye for poisoning her husband and trying to poison them. She gets the murder mystery book out of her bag and brandishes it at Faye.
BRENDA: We know you're a murderer!
FAYE: Get out, both of you, out of my house!
BRENDA: Oh yeah, you'll probably call the police. The jig is up!
When they've gone, Faye starts to cry.
Brenda is worried about the cat but Dorothy is more worried about Faye.
BRENDA: Innocent people don't carry on like that!
DOROTHY: They might if a couple of neighbours accused them of poisoning their husband!
Brenda has forgotten to bring the food bag with her, but wants to call the police anyway.
DOROTHY: Brenda! We are not calling the police!
Dorothy admits that some things seem suspicious, but they have to be careful - they themselves could end up in trouble. Dorothy says they'll wait and see if the cat karks it or not(!)
Psychiatric hospital
Helen is visiting Paul who is still looking extremely vacant and is staring into space. Presently, she takes out a photo of Paul when he was a baby but Paul doesn't even look at it.
HELEN: Darling, we miss you terribly, we all do. We're longing to take you home when you're better again.
She tells him that everything at the hotel is fine and they've heard from Lucy too. Still not a flicker from Paul.
Jim comes in - he's had a talk to the chief psychiatrist - apparently Paul has withdrawn completely. All they can do now is wait. But the longer he's like this, the less chance there is of him coming out of it.
JIM: He could stay this way for the rest of his life.
Garden of No.30
Dorothy and Brenda are looking for Fluffy the cat. Over the fence, they see Faye pouring a liquid into a large metal drum, then setting it on fire. She puts the murder mystery book in and burns it. They call out to her and Faye shouts at them to go away.
Brenda starts shouting accusations at Faye, but just then, Fluffy the cat appears. She seems to be in perfect health, so the wind is taken out of Brenda sails a little(!)
Just then, Jim comes round. Dorothy asks Jim to mediate between them and Faye.
Pam is having a meeting with the head of the hospital. He's very surprised to see her - her record has been A1 up to now. Pam doesn't defend herself and the manager tells her she's sacked. Just then, Doug barges into the room.
DOUG: I'm Pam's husband. I'm here to prevent a miscarriage of justice.
He explains that Pam is lying to protect someone - their daughter, Gaby. The hospital manager asks him to sit down.
Paul and Christina's
Someone has rung up to talk to Paul so Christina tells them he's away on a business trip(!) Andrew is screaming his head off.
The manager is still concerned about what happened, but appreciates that Pam intervened to protect the hospital. He will recommend that no further action be taken against Pam.
MANAGER: You're a good nurse. I'm glad we won't be losing you.
Jim has come round to see Faye and explains that whole sorry story to her. He says that Dorothy and Brenda are thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and it all stemmed from an underlined paragraph in a book Faye gave them for the book drive.
Faye said she did underline some passages - some of the symptoms seemed to match Kevin's symptoms, so that's why she underlined them. His death was so sudden she was just looking for answers. Faye shows Jim the death certificate - heart attack, after being weakened by a virus. No sinister crime, just a random virus. Jim looks very sad for her and promises to explain things to Dorothy and Brenda.
When he's gone, Faye picks up a picture of Kevin, looks at it and tries not to cry.
Helen says it's a good job that school re-starts next week because Dorothy's brain must be atrophing(!)
Christina comes round and Jim breaks the news that the doctors think Paul's condition could be permanent. She is very upset, but resolves to go and see him this afternoon.
Faye is cuddling Fluffy and giving him a saucer of milk. Just then, Dorothy and Brenda come round to apologise to Faye. Faye accepts their apology and offers them a cup of tea. Faye is grateful for Jim coming round to explain things and probes them for details about him(!)
Doug and Pam are having a celebratory glass of champagne! Pam asks Doug not to tell Gaby - she has enough on her plate just getting over Glen.
DOUG: They had everything going for them. It breaks your heart.
Psychiatric Unit (Garden)
Christina is trying to get through to Paul. She puts Andrew in his arms and eventually Paul looks down at him. Then he blinks a few times and comes out of his stupor.
PAUL: I'm sorry, Chrissie. I'm so sorry!
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