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Neighbours Episode 1612 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1612
Australian airdate: 11/02/92
UK airdate: 18/01/93
UK Gold: 05/01/99
Writer: Margot Knight (QLD Scenes Written by Chris McTrustry)
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mrs. Brennan: Jan Huggett
Professor Armstrong: Bruce Crowl
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Gaby tries to look at Glen's records at the hospital. Pam is caught putting the records back.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy is trying to convince Brenda that Pam isn't the Ramsay Street murder, but is forced to concede that Pam has a lot of motives to bump Doug off.
DOROTHY: I have been very naughty encouraging you to believe all this nonsense!
But Brenda still thinks Pam is the poisoner. She resolves to go over to the Willises and look for clues!
Pam is telling the professor that she just wanted to get Glen's address - he's a friend of the family. He says it's none of Pam's business - they have to protect the patient's civil rights. He suspends Pam until there's a meeting of the big cheeses at the hospital tomorrow - Pam will likely be dismissed.
Brenda and Dorothy come round and enquire after Doug's health. Doug agrees to a game of Monopoly - and Pam will be home from the hospital soon, apparently she was "picking something up". Brenda and Dorothy look very worried at this(!) They chat about the life insurance and eventually Dorothy drags Brenda off.
BRENDA:(to Doug) Listen! Don't eat breakfast! I'll bring you round some of my apple pancakes, you'll love them!
Dorothy drags her out of the door.
Ramsay Street
Dorothy is berating Brenda for being so silly - of course Pam isn't the poisoner. Brenda points out that a lot of murders happen in the suburbs! Dorothy tells her she's not playing along anymore - she's going to see Pam herself when she get home to find out why she underlined the poison cocktail in the book.
Queensland - beach
David and Lucy are sitting on the beach. David will go to the police soon - he and Beth want to get it over and done with, and besides, he promised Guy he's turn himself in within 24 hours. Brad, Josh and Beth come back from surfing and just then a woman runs across the beach - it's David and Beth's mother! She's been out of her mind with worry.
DAVID: I was about to go to the police.
MRS BRENNAN: The police? Why?
Pam has arrived home. Gaby is still sulking her head off and having a go at Pam. Oh, shut up, Gaby. Doug tells Gaby off.
Queensland - flat
Mrs Brennan tells them that her boyfriend Keith was just unconscious, not dead. It seems Keith then tried it on with a friend's teenage daughter, so she now knows that Beth was telling the truth about him all along. It's obvious why David attacked him - but it doesn't matter now, she's thrown Keith out. She only managed to find Brad and Beth because a neighbour was up in Queensland on holiday and saw them at the shopping centre. She decided to come up and have a look for herself - she's been walking up and down the beaches for days.
Gaby has come round to see Faye. Faye makes her a cup of tea and a macaroon. She tells Faye the story about the medical files and Faye takes Gaby's side against Pam(!) She says it's time that Pam stopped smothering them all. Gaby defends Pam and says that she's an excellent mother. Faye tells her to get on with her life - Glen has gone, and there's plenty more fish in the sea. Gaby rolls her eyes.
Dorothy has come round to see Pam who is distracted. She tells Dorothy that she's done something she regrets and she's going to have to face serious consequences - like losing her job. Dorothy looks a bit worried.
DOROTHY: Perhaps if you talk about it...
PAM: I can't. I just wish I hadn't done it!
David and Lucy have exchanged addresses and are saying goodbye. Beth too is saying goodbye to Brad and Josh.
BRAD: If you're ever near Erinsborough...
David and Beth get in the car and Mrs Brennan drives them all away.
LUCY: Well. Looks like it's back to Ramsay Street now!
Brad and Josh wonder who Beth preferred out of the two of them(!) They rush off to ask Lucy.
Ramsay Street
Brenda is just bringing over some untainted food for Doug(!) when she sees him coming back from the shops with some milk. Brenda reckons Pam will make him poisonous milkshakes(!) Dorothy tries to calm her down, but she will not be calmed. Dorothy stops Brenda following Doug into the house, but on hearing Pam is cooking sausages she resolves to get them as evidence for the police(!)
Pam is still upset and drops a plate of sausages on to the floor, smashing the plate. Brenda comes in.
BRENDA: Dropped YOUR plate, did you, Pam?
Brenda invites herself to breakfast and steals a sausage off the plate. Finally Dorothy has had enough and asks Pam straight out about the book. Pam remembers the book, but it wasn't hers - it was Faye's - she only read the first chapter and got bored.
Dorothy drags Brenda off.
DOUG: The whole world's gone mad!
PAM: You're not wrong!
Garden of the Willises
Gaby is hanging out the washing as an apology to Pam. When Pam comes out she apologises for going on at Pam - she would have jeopardised her career by looking in the files and she couldn't let Pam do that.
GABY: What a relief that's all worked out.
Pam tells Doug that she's going in later today (she obviously hasn't told him about the trouble at work). Finally Doug drags it out of her. Pam doesn't want to involve Gaby, but Doug says she should just explain. Pam says she can't do that - she'd forfeit her career, but Gaby could face criminal charges. Pam's friend Diane can't help as she's on holiday, so it looks like Pam has had it.
Brenda is looking up the symptoms of poisoning so she can see if it matches the way Faye's husband died(!)
DOROTHY: Faye may have her faults, but she is not a serial killer!
Brenda says that Faye could be a serial marrier - just marries men and gets their estate(!)
Just then, Faye herself calls round.
FAYE: Don't bother putting the kettle on, I've got something bubbling on the stove.
DOROTHY: Oh! Eye of newt and tongue of toad?
Faye ignores this and says she's come to make peace with them - she'd like them to come around and sample some of her exotic cooking.
BRENDA:(horrified) Oh...well I'm so busy at the moment! Not to mention tired.
DOROTHY: Perhaps another time, Faye.
FAYE: Oh, it won't be a late night. And you have to eat at some stage.
BRENDA: I'm on a diet!
FAYE: Be careful you don't waste away(!) I'm sampling some new herbs from the Middle East. I'm not taking no for an answer!
She flounces out.
BRENDA: I think she wants to kill us now! We can't go round there, it'd be suicide!
Dorothy tells Brenda not to be so silly - they'll go round to dinner and then Brenda will see.
BRENDA: We won't see anything if we're dead! Are you game to eat that meal?!
Dorothy looks worried again!
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