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Neighbours Episode 1611 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1611
Australian airdate: 10/02/92
UK airdate: 15/01/93
UK Gold: 04/01/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi (QLD Scenes Written by Chris McTrustry)
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mrs. Williams: Hilary Henshaw
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
David admits that he and Beth are in big trouble.
Josh says it can't be all that bad, but David counters that it is.
BRAD: You're making out like you've murdered someone!
DAVID: I think I might have.
Beth explains that it was an accident. Their mother's boyfriend (their stepdad) was always hassling Beth. One day, David came home and the stepdad was getting heavy with Beth. He'd bought her a blue dress and wanted her to try it on - then he tried it with Beth. David snapped and hit him with a vase with red roses in it. Their stepdad fell to the ground and didn't have a pulse. They panicked and decided to run, to hide at Surfer's.
Guy says that they've committed a crime, so they'll have to go and talk to the police - they'll have no life at all on the run. David realises that Guy is right - but he doesn't want to get Lucy, Josh and Brad involved. They all agree to have one last nice day together and then David and Beth will go to the police.
Brenda is reading the whole of the murder mystery book now and enjoying it. They still don't know who donated the book - but they don't want to let the "murderer" know what they know(!) Brenda suggests going to the police, but Dorothy says there isn't enough evidence.
BRENDA: I'm scared. I mean, what if the killer already suspects that we're on to him?
DOROTHY: Then our lives are in as much danger as the victim's!
Dorothy insists they have to follow through their investigation - they can't turn a blind eye to "murder most foul"!
Pam is torn about the situation with Glen and the hospital records. Gaby is ranting at her, but Pam says she needs time to think it through. Pam doesn't know what to do - Doug advises her to follow her instincts. But Pam says she's torn. If she were caught, she'd be sacked on the spot. Doug advises her to think carefully - she's got a lot to lose. Pam isn't sure she should be interfering in Glen's life anyway - after all, he made the decision to leave.
Brenda and Dorothy are wondering if Madge could be the murderer(!) Brenda says that maybe Harold didn't drown after all - they never found the body, and Madge did get a big inheritance(!)
BRENDA: But Madge loved Harold to death. What am I saying?!
Dorothy says it could be anyone - maybe Paul Robinson. Brenda says that everyone hates Paul - but maybe it was Glen - he had the means and motive(!)
They continue to swap farfetched theories - maybe one of them could be the intended victim(!)
Pam has her head on the living room table when Gaby comes in. She immediately starts laying into Pam about looking at Glen's records. Pam says she's not even sure that finding Glen against his wishes will make Gaby happy - she doesn't want to see her suffer anymore - Glen has made up his mind that he doesn't want to marry her.
GABY: I can't let go! I'll go crazy if I never see him again. Please help me, Mum!
Gaby is still sulking and making snide remarks at Pam. Pam suggests that Jim writes to Glen and forwards the letter on, but Jim apparently doesn't think that it'll help. Doug tells Gaby to stop bullying Pam.
GABY: I'll never forgive you for this!
She storms out.
Brad, David, Josh, Beth and Lucy are walking along the beach. They decide not to go to the surfing competition, preferring to hang out together instead.
Lucy starts to cry.
LUCY: It's not fair. It was all so perfect.
She and David hug.
Coffee Shop
Guy is back from Queensland! He uses the Coffee Shop phone to ring Lucy.
Dorothy comes in and she and Brenda talk about murder motives again. Dorothy says Brenda herself could be the murderer - maybe she did Roy in as noone has met him(!)
DOROTHY: Trust no-one. Not even yourself!
Outside the Coffee Shop
Gaby is strops off from a conversation with Doug. Dorothy comes over and observes that these are troubled times. Doug says he's learnt from Glen's accident - he could have such an accident any day on the building site, so he's taken out life insurance.
DOUG: I'm worth more to Pam dead than alive!
Dorothy looks thoughtful(!)
Coffee Shop
Guy comes over to say hello to Gaby and condole with her about Glen. He offers to take her out tonight, but she'd rather stay in and sulk. Suddenly she gets an idea - she'll thieve the records from the hospital herself(!)
Pam hopes she's made the right decision about the hospital records. She wishes Gaby would try to get over Glen.
Just then, Guy calls round. He tells them he's worried about Gaby - she's been acting strangely and has rushed off to the hospital.
Beth is flying a rather strange kite that looks like a pair of tights(!) Lucy and David are mucking about while Josh and Brad surf.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Brenda are talking through the development about Doug's life insurance(!) Brenda observes that they haven't heard from Colin for a while - Dorothy might have murdered him(!)
DOROTHY: Colin, regrettably is still very much alive!
Just then, Guy comes in. He sees the book and says in passing that he saw Pam reading it a few weeks ago.
DOROTHY: Good grief. What could this mean?
BRENDA: It means our search is over. Pam Willis is the Ramsay Street Killer!
Gaby is about sneaks into Professor Armstrong's office. She opens the patient record files, but before she can fully read it, Pam sneaks up behind her. She tells Gaby she must leave - they're putting the file back.
PAM: He doesn't want you!
GABY: That's NOT true. I hate you for this. You're ruining my life.
Gaby runs out. Pam goes to put the file back, but a nurse comes in and catches her.
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