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Neighbours Episode 1610 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1610
Australian airdate: 07/02/92
UK airdate: 14/01/93
UK Gold: 01/01/99
Writer: Wayne Doyle (QLD Scenes Written by Chris McTrustry)
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Sister Ebson: Traci Hannigan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen checks himself out of the hospital. Jim and Gaby have no idea where he's gone.
Jim and Gaby wonder if Karen helped Glen to move hospitals. Jim says maybe Glen was trying to escape the pressure - Jim gave him an ultimatum about Paul which must have been very stressful.
Jim grills one of the nurses as to Glen's whereabouts but apparently Glen asked the nurses to keep it confidential. Gaby starts to cry but the nurse can't tell him anything.
JIM: I'll go over your head if I have to.
NURSE: It won't do you any good.
Madge has gone off to New Zealand for a few days, so Brenda and Dorothy are hanging out. Dorothy ropes Brenda into helping to collect for the council's book drive. Dorothy picks up some romance novels from the side for the book drive.
The weather is very hot at the moment. Doug is flaked out on the sofa while Pam worries about doing their accounts. Doug suggests that he builds a pool in their garden so they can keep cool(!) but in the meantime he sets up a fan. It blows Pam's paperwork away!
Pam says that everyone one has been so miserable lately - she thinks they need a morale booster - she'll come up with something.
Just then Gaby drags herself in and tells them that Glen has disappeared.
Beth and Lucy are shopping at the mall.
Dorothy and Brenda are collecting for the book drive. They notice Jim is depressed. Brenda excuses herself so Dorothy can have a chat to Jim. He explains the situation with Glen and Paul and blames himself for both situations. Dorothy tries to reassure him but Jim is determined to blame himself - but he can't work out where he went wrong.
Pam tells Gaby that she's working on a morale booster, but Gaby says she's going out to look for Glen. If she can't find him - she'll track down Karen.
DOUG: Maybe you should just let him go, love.
GABY: No way, Dad!
She goes off to find Jim. As she's leaving, Brenda comes in looking for books. Pam goes off to organise things.
Jim and Dorothy have rung around all the hospitals, but they can't find Glen. Gaby comes round and suggests that they try to find Karen - maybe they could try the electoral rolls.
Beth and Lucy are back from shopping with presents for everyone. Beth tries on her new earrings and Lucy gives her one of her dresses to try on with them. Beth inexplicably gets very jumpy at the sight of the light blue dress. She explains that she doesn't like wearing blue, but it's obviously more than that.
Garden of the Willises
Pam has set up a paddling pool in the back yard for Doug, with beer in a cooler next to it. They both get in the pool, fully clothed! Just then, Dorothy and Brenda come in for their books(!)
Dorothy and Brenda are discussing what you can tell about a person from what they read. Brenda opens a murder mystery book and looks worried. She tells Dorothy that there's something very strange indeed about the book.
David and Lucy are hanging out at the holiday flat. David is looking a bit down and tells Lucy that his surfboard is still broken. Lucy asks David if Beth has a phobia about blue dresses. A strange look comes over his face.
When Lucy is inside, Beth comes out. She tells David about the blue dress and her reaction.
DAVID: Try to stay cool, Beth. Try not to give the game away - not now. Just hold it in a bit long - we;ll be going home soon.
BETH: And then what do we do?
DAVID: I don't know. But we both knew life was going to be hard after what happened. And it's not going to get any easier.
Guy overhears this conversation and looks worried.
Brenda says that a paragraph in the murder mystery is underlined - it's a passage about a poison that's difficult to trace. They can't remember who's house it came from, though. Brenda thinks someone in Ramsay Street is planning to commit a murder!
Jim and Gaby are back from looking at electoral rolls and are having a beer with Pam and Doug. They haven't had any luck though. Pam defends the nurse and says they're bound to keep patient confidentiality. Suddenly, Jim and Gaby ask Pam to find out from the records where Glen has gone. Pam doesn't want to - she could lose her job if she's caught.
Josh, Brad, David, Lucy, Guy and Beth are hanging out. Guy tells David and Beth straight out that he knows they're hiding something - he heard them talking earlier. David gets angry and tells Guy that he's sick of his insinuations. They start to push each other while the others try to calm them down. Finally, Beth tells David that everyone deserves an explanation.
DAVID: Alright! Beth and I are in trouble. Big trouble.
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