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Neighbours Episode 1609 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1609
Australian airdate: 06/02/92
UK airdate: 13/01/93
UK Gold: 31/12/98
Writer: Jason Daniel (QLD Scenes Written by Chris McTrustry)
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Nurse: Helen Hopkins
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Glen tells Karen that it would have been better for everyone if he'd died in the fall.
Karen tells Glen that he must be more positive about the future - after all, things can only get better. Glen says it isn't that simple, but Karen says he has a lot to be grateful for - like the Robinsons sticking by him. Glen says he's not proud of what he's done to Paul, he didn't think it would affect everyone else too. He doesn't know if he can repair the damage.
Gaby is sitting at the table when Dorothy comes round looking for Doug. Doug isn't there. Dorothy has come to ask Doug to have another chat to Toby - his talk did wonders when Joe first went away.
Gaby looks rather down.
Toby is in his room. Madge and Dorothy are worried about him. Madge says she wouldn't put it past Mrs Mangel to fake a turn to keep Joe in Europe!
DOROTHY: I hope you won't say things like that to Toby.
MADGE: Oh, of course not. She's his grandmother, even if she is a cantankerous old biddy.
Toby comes out and looks very fed up. Madge suggests that he comes over and helps her paint the spare room tomorrow. He doesn't really want to though. Dorothy says that she has been asked by Joe to look after Toby and Madge is not amused - she's his grandmother after all!
Gaby has come round to see if Glen said anything about the letter she sent him. She tells Jim that she's very frustrated about Glen. Jim tells her that Paul wil probably take quite a while to recover fully.
Karen comes in from seeing Glen. She asks for the keys to the car as Glen has said she can use it for a while to do a few things. Karen tells Gaby that Glen talks a lot about her and is obviously very fond of her. Gaby takes this in but isn't appeased.
When Karen has gone, Jim says that at least Glen is communicating with someone. Gaby is upset and says she should be the one looking after him, not Karen.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Madge tells Brenda that Lou has headed off, but Brenda reckons he'll be back soon. Dorothy is taking Toby off to the museum. Madge protests.
MADGE: He doesn't want to be bored by some old relic.
DOROTHY: Modern museums are much more interesting than that.
MADGE: I meant you.
Brenda suggests that they ask Toby what he wants to go. He'd rather go fishing. Dorothy offers to take him yabbying. Madge says she'll come along and gets in the front of the car.
DOROTHY: Belt up, Madge.
MADGE: What?
DOROTHY: Seat-belt, Madge!
They zoom off.
Gaby comes over and chats to Brenda. Brenda is interested in a dress from Gaby's shop and they agree to meet up later.
Guy has arrived and surprised Lucy! He's visiting his mum in Queensland and dropped in with a fruitcake from Helen.
GUY: So what's news?
LUCY: News? Boy, am I glad to see you.
Toby is showing Madge and Dorothy how to do yabbying. Toby says it's good when he goes yabbying with Joe cos they can talk about "guy stuff". Dorothy suddenly gets a pull on her line - she's caught a crab. It promptly nips her!
GUY: So, this guy David broke into the house and you invited him and his sister to stay.
Lucy explains that they had nowhere else to go, and they're actually OK people. It's just that Lucy thinks they might be hiding something. Guy is worried.
Just then, Beth comes out and Lucy introduces her to Guy. Beth suggests to Lucy that they go off window-shopping today - if Lucy can drag herself away from David.
When Beth has gone, Guy says that David sounds like someone special to Lucy. Lucy says he is - her feelings of doom are probably just woman's intuition gone wrong.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Jim tells Gaby that he'll visit Glen when he's prepared to be reasonable about Paul.
Coffee Shop Kitchen
Brenda is trying on Gaby's dress but she can't do up the zip - it's caught in her knickers. Gaby tries to help and gets her hair caught in the zip.
Dorothy and Madge are squabbling about their catches. Dorothy is nipped again.
MADGE: Oh, honestly. I haven't been bitten once.
DOROTHY: They're obviously scared you'll bite back!
Hospital (Later)
Madge and Toby have come to visit Glen. Toby tells Glen that Joe sends his regards to him and he'll write a letter soon. Glen tells Madge that he's decided to do something positive. Madge asks Glen to accept Helen's help and to drop the compensation case. Glen says he's been getting some perspective about a lot of things - including Paul.
Dorothy is helping to free Gaby's hair from Brenda's dress zip (how they got home from the Coffee Shop is a mystery!) Brenda says she doesn't want to buy the dress now saying it's substandard! Gaby says that the dress is fine except for the zip. Brenda says it's too late now - half the street have seen her in it! (So I guess they walked home, then!) Finally Dorothy unpicks the zip, but it's still attached to Gaby's hair(!)
Madge tells Jim that she thinks Glen has had a change of heart about the compensation, although he didn't go into detail. Jim is pleased to hear this. Gaby comes in through the back door and asks Jim to help her removed the zip with some pliers.
Jim thinks that Gaby should visit Glen, saying he's heard he's had a change of heart. Gaby isn't convinced that his change of heart about the compensation will extend to their relationship though.
David, Brad and Josh are at the beach. Brad offers to help David repair his surfboard ahead of the surfing competition.
Gaby and Jim arrive to see Glen, but he's not in his room. They ask a nurse and they tell them that Glen has gone - he's checked out. Jim is confused - Glen is paralysed, after all! But apparently Glen was moved to another hospital, some distance away.
JIM:(to Gaby) I'll say that this is Glen's solution. To just...disappear.
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