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Neighbours Episode 1608 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1608
Australian airdate: 05/02/92
UK airdate: 12/01/93
UK Gold: 30/12/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Karen Constintine: Fiona Jarvis
Rose Constintine: Alisen Merrey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul is sectioned to a psychiatric hospital.
Helen and Dorothy are having a cup of coffee and talking about Paul. Helen is desperately worried about Paul - what if he doesn't recover? Dorothy tells her not to worry - Paul will snap out of it eventually.
The phone rings and it's Joe - apparently he's in Amsterdam! Toby talks to him excitedly and then tells Dorothy that Joe, Melanie and Sky are coming home soon!
Lou has helped Madge carry in her shopping and she invites him to dinner. But Lou tells her that he's going out with another woman. Madge doesn't seem too bothered. Toby rushes in and tells them that Joe is coming home.
Lou offers to take Madge out instead of his lady friend but Madge isn't having any of it. Toby sticks his oar in and says Madge should give Lou a chance but she says she's simply not interested. Lou tells her that he's going out with Faye tonight and Madge laughs her head off saying it'll be a memorable night!
Paul and Christina's
Christina is glad that Andrew is too young to understand about his father's illness. She's worried that Paul being away will affect his bonding with Andrew. Helen reassures her that Paul will be better soon - they'll go and see him tomorrow. And they'll go and see Glen tonight. But Christina doesn't want to visit Glen - without his attitude, Paul might not be in such a bad state. But she relents and agrees - after all, Glen is in a bad state too.
Lou is talking very nervously to Faye over a drink. Faye tells him that the family are an excuse for being in Ramsay Street - she's a people person and likes company. She goes off to check on dinner - Thai Chicken Curry.
Helen and Christina have come to see Glen. They give him a letter from Gaby - Gaby says in the letter that she'll wait for Glen however long it takes.
Helen tells Glen that Paul has had a nervous breakdown. He can't believe it - saying that Paul is too tough. Glen tells Christina how sorry he is, despite everything that happened between him and Paul.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Madge is gardening when Lou reverses his car out of the driveway. He calls through the window to her saying what a good night he had with Faye, and what a good cook she is. Madge is not impressed and continues with her gardening. She giggles quietly to herself though.
When Lou has gone, Faye comes out of her house and calls over to Madge what a delightful evening she had with Lou. She reckons they hit it off straight away and Madge starts laughing. She tells Faye that Lou is using her. Faye is upset and stalks off.
Helen comes over to tell Madge she's off to see Paul with Christina - she's not very optimistic.
Psychiatric Unit
Paul is dressed in a red jumpsuit and doesn't seem very lucid at all. He's looking through drawers in the room and looking generally vacant. He finds his wallet with a picture of Christina and Andrew in it. Then he takes out a Robinson Corporation business card. He looks thoughtful and then smiles.
Toby is making a list of food for Joe and Melanie's coming home party. Dorothy suggests vegemite sandwiches because you can't get vegemite in Europe. Toby is looking forward to having Joe home so they can go fishing and stuff. Dorothy tells Toby that he and Bouncer have been perfect guests and she's enjoyed their company. They agree to stay in touch.
Psychiatric Unit
Helen and Christina have arrived at the hospital. They go into Paul's room. He's sitting on the bed and is totally vacant. He doesn't seem to hear them talking to him. He gets up and wanders off down the corridor.
Christina starts to cry and says that Paul must blame her for putting him in the hospital.
Lou has popped in for lunch. Madge is being quite frosty towards him and is engrossed in a magazine. Then she tells him mischievously that Faye has been asking after him. Madge says that Lou is just using her. Lou is delighted and says that Madge is jealous after all!
Madge tells Lou that now she has the financial means she's going to go over and stay with Henry and Bronwyn for a while. Lou says it doesn't matter - he's going up North again. He says he might turn up in Kiwi-land though and he still has a couple of tricks up his sleeve(!)
Helen is trying to reassure Christina that Paul didn't even know she was there. Helen suggests that they go away for the weekend to the beach and have a break and Christina agrees.
Just then, a friend of Glen's (Karen) comes around. Christina knows her from pre-natal classes. Karen asks after Glen and Helen has to tell her she has bad news.
Coffee Shop
Faye sees Lou in the Coffee Shop and asks if he's been talking to "Marge" about their date. She wants to know if Lou is using her, but Lou assures Faye that he isn't. He agrees to another date, but says that there's no "big hurry"(!) After all, they were just company for each other and hopes that Faye didn't read too much into things. Faye says that she didn't but is clearly upset. Lou tells her that he's going back up North and Faye tries not to cry.
In the kitchen, Lou sighs with relief(!)
Dorothy and Madge are having a cup of tea. Dorothy says she'd rather have Attila the Hun for a neighbour rather than Faye(!) Madge waxes lyrical about the land that the Ramsay family used to own around here. Dorothy says that the Ramsay Dynasty wasn't all that impressive, even back in the day(!)
Toby answers the phone - Mrs Mangel is sick again, so Joe and Melanie are staying on longer in Europe. He looks very sad.
Karen and her baby are visiting Glen. He tells her how well she's done with the baby and tells her she's looking well. Glen is a bit depressed about his condition. Karen says that he should stick with Gaby, but he doesn't want Gaby "wasting her life on him". He's upset about Paul's condition too. He says he feels trapped. Karen says he has to start being more positive. Glen says it would be better for everyone if he hadn't survived the fall.
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