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Neighbours Episode 1607 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1607
Australian airdate: 04/02/92
UK airdate: 11/01/93
UK Gold: 29/12/98
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr. Dawson: Mark Oddie
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Faye is the new tenant of No.32.
Ramsay Street
Pam suggests that Faye should stay somewhere else but Faye insists that most of the people are very hospitable! Cousin Cyril can look after himself and her furniture is arriving tomorrow. She says this way she'll be close enough to "keep a firm hand on the family". Pam and Doug despair!
Lou is liking living in Erinsborough but he is missing Lauren. Madge suggests he should think about going back up north. Lou gives Madge a cheque and she lets slip that she's got a lot of money in the bank. Lou looks interested.
Paul and Christina's
Christina has arrived back and is frantic with worry about Paul. Neither she of Jim can get any sort of reaction out of Paul.
Phoebe has come around to see Todd while her father is at work again. She's brought Oscar this time. Todd tells her about Paul's breakdown.
Paul and Christina's
Everyone is sitting around in silence, worried about Paul. Caroline takes Andrew off to bed. Christina blames herself for not standing by Paul - she should have known because one night he told her he nearly threw himself off a bridge. Helen and Jim are horrified.
The doctor comes out from examining Paul and says he's in a very bad way. Everything points to a major trauma. He needs psychiatric help as soon as possible - and be admitted to a psychiatric unit immediately.
Lou has brought Madge some flowers and she isn't impressed with them. She tells him off for being after her money. He protests that he's been chasing her for years but she insists she isn't interested - and she never will be. Lou is not discouraged, however(!)
Todd is getting to know Oscar the snake. He and Phoebe are getting on very well.
Jim and Helen are talking about Paul in the kitchen - they don't know how to convinced Christina that Paul needs psychiatric pressure.
Faye comes round to tell Helen that her water pressure isn't right. She spies Oscar on the dining room table and immediately seizes a golf club and starts attacking him, screaming all the while. Phoebe runs in from the kitchen and grabs Oscar, shouting at Faye for attacking him. She stalks off to take OScar to the vet.
Faye says she's going to ring Phoebe's father and complain about her manners.
Doug is wondering if he did something terrible in his past life that is coming back to haunt him(!) Pam is enjoying the peace and quiet without Faye, but that doesn't last long when there's a loud banging at the door.
Doug opens the door and Faye immediately comes in and makes herself comfortable. She tells Pam and Doug that her things will be arriving first thing in the morning - Doug can help her to unload them!
Paul and Christina's
Paul has finally fallen asleep. Caroline is trying to reason with Christina - Paul needs psychiatric help. She says there's no shame in it but Christina continues to bury her head in the sand. Caroline tells her that the Corporation is in big trouble too - they need to get professional attention for Paul. Christina says he belongs at home and that's where he's staying.
Robinsons, the following morning
Pam comes round to see Helen. She tells him that Christina won't let Paul be taken to hospital - she's being very stubborn. Glen too is still being difficult. Pam tells Helen that she's rented her house to the world's biggest whinger(!)
Coffee Shop
Lou is asking Doug for advice in wooing Madge(!) He suggests making Madge jealous - it always works like a charm.
LOU: So. Where do I find another female of the species(!)
Paul and Christina's
The doctor has come again to see Paul - there's no change. Christina is still in denial. She starts shouting at them all for not supporting Paul.
In the kitchen, the doctor tells Jim that the consent form can be signed by another member of the family.
CHRISTINA: Please don't do this! (cries)
JIM: We have to do what's best for Paul!
Phoebe's house
Oscar is OK after his ordeal with Faye and Todd has come round to see how he is. Phoebe's father is out. The phone rings and it's Faye. Todd takes the call and pretends to be Phoebe's father, telling Faye that Phoebe will be severely disciplined(!)
PHOEBE: You're a real friend, Todd. You're the best.
TODD: Except for Josh.
Doug and Lou are bringing in Faye's furniture. They are exhausted after their morning's labours. As he's leaving, Lou invites Faye out. Faye offers to cook for him at home. She goes off to the kitchen to investigate her packing boxes.
DOUG: Have you lost your marbles?! I said find another woman, but there are limits!
Doug explains that Faye is a man-eater and a dragon lady and he looks very worried.
Ramsay Street
Paul is being strapped into the front seat of Jim's car - he's still completely unresponsive. Christina kisses him goodbye sorrowfully and then Jim drives off.
CHRISTINA: Oh Helen, he'll never forgive me for doing this to him.
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