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Neighbours Episode 1606 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1606 (Paul Robinson's breakdown)
Australian airdate: 03/02/92
UK airdate: 08/01/93
UK Gold: 28/12/98
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul hits rock-bottom.
Faye is lounging on the sofa again, doing a crossword. She moans at Pam for doing the hoovering and disturbing her. She also moans on that she's in intolerable pain.
Doug comes in with a few things Faye asked him to get for her from the shops. Doug is totally taken in by Faye's apparent misery. Pam is sure that she's faking though and tells Doug this quietly in the kitchen.
Phoebe's house
Phoebe is worried about facing her father. When she arrives with Todd in tow, her father doesn't seem to have anything to say to her. He's completely silent. Eventually he tells Phoebe that he thought she'd run off with her mother. Phoebe tells him she's come back - she wants to come back and live with him. Her father tells Phoebe that she'll always be welcome in his house - it's her home after all. He asks Todd to leave though, as he and Phoebe have things to discuss.
When Todd has gone, Phoebe father turns on her, wanting to know where she's been for the last two days. Phoebe says she was scared to come home and stayed at Todd's. Despite Phoebe protests, he grounds Phoebe indefinitely for "lewd behaviour". He threatens that she'll be in the "trouble of her life" if she breaks his rules.
Paul and Christina's
Helen is wondering where Paul has got to - but Caroline hasn't seen him. She's worried about his state of mind - noone can talk to him and Christina has gone to stay with their parents until things get better. Paul is drinking a lot and Helen is worried. She hates seeing Glen and Paul at each other's throats and thinks it's going to get worse before it gets better.
Todd thinks Helen is looking tired. She is thinking about Glen and wishes he'd take up her offer for the Mangel house. They chat about Phoebe and Todd explains about Phoebe's situation. Todd feels he doesn't trust Phoebe's father and is worried about her. Helen wonders if Todd feels more than friendly concern for Phoebe(!) He protests that they're just friends.
Faye is still laying it on thick with Pam about her injury. Faye says she isn't going back to her own flat - she's got tenants in. Doug isn't impressed - she's making a fortune renting out her flat while she sponges off her relatives(!)
The Lotto results come on and Faye implores Doug to get her ticket. She's got the first number. Then she's got the second number too, and the third. Then the fourth, fifth and sixth numbers come up and she's got them too. She jumps up in delight and Doug comments dryly that her back must be feeling better(!)
Faye tells Doug and Pam that the adrenline surge over the lottery must have made her back click back into place(!). It turns out that Faye hasn't won the lotto after all - she has several lines and they're split between that. Faye lies back, claiming that her back is hurting again. But Doug isn't having any of this and tells Faye politely to sling her hook. Faye suggests staying a week or two more but Doug says he was thinking of a little sooner departure than that(!) Pam says she'll help Faye with her packing and she can be on her way tomorrow afternoon!
Todd is brooding about Phoebe. Helen suggests that he gives her a call to see that she's alright. Todd agrees - Phoebe's father will probably be in work at this hour.
Caroline comes over - she tells Helen that Paul didn't come home last night and she's worried. Helen says that he might have stayed the night at Lassiter's, but Caroline has already checked with them. She decides to go to the office to check Paul's appointment book and Helen offers to go with her.
Todd has got through to Phoebe by this point. She tells him that she's been grounded indefinitely. Todd says he has an idea - she should come over to see their home-made movie when her Dad is out. She isn't sure, but agrees in the end.
The Office
Helen and Caroline discover Paul in the corner of the office. He's unconscious - drunk. Helen tries to rouse him, but she can't. Caroline and Helen pick him up and help him out to the car.
Todd and Phoebe are watching their homemade horror movie - Todd thinks it's more of a comedy than a horror movie! They chat about Cody and Todd says he hasn't heard from her since she wrote and gave him the flick. Phoebe says she saw Todd and Cody together at school and always imagined them getting married. Todd says so did he, but that's life. He tells Phoebe that the movie needs more sound effects, like screaming and stuff. Phoebe suddenly realises the time and rushes out. Todd goes with her to show her a short-cut.
Paul and Christina's
Paul hasn't slept - he's just lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Helen says it's more than the drink, there's something terribly wrong. She's going to get Pam to come and have a look at him - she thinks he's having an emotional breakdown.
Faye has done her packing and is still hinting to be allowed to stay. She tries to put them on a guilt trip that she has nowhere to go but Pam and Doug harden their hearts. Doug nearly weakens and offers her another night, but Pam isn't having it.
Just then, Helen comes to the door. She explains about Paul. She doesn't want to call the doctor though, in case it really is just drink - could Pam advise her? Pam goes off with Helen, warning Doug not to let Faye twist his arm.
Faye goes off to say goodbye to Helen.
FAYE: I'll be back!
DOUG: That's what we're afraid of!
Phoebe's house
Phoebe and Todd have run all the way. Her father's car isn't there so she ducks into the house quickly. But her father is inside the house. Phoebe says she's been out to get some food for Oscar. Her father is suspicious but accepts this.
Paul and Christina's
Pam agrees that Paul is having a nervous breakdown - he must be seen by a doctor. Helen can't get hold of Jim - he's out on a job. Caroline has been putting off telling Christina. She decides to ring the doctor first.
Ramsay Street
Doug offers Faye a lift to her motel in his ute. But they only go five yards before Faye shouts at him to stop - it seems that when Faye was saying goodbye to Helen she made her an offer to be her new tenant at Number 32!
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