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Neighbours Episode 1605 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1605
Australian airdate: 31/01/92
UK airdate: 07/01/93
UK Gold: 25/12/1998
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul is knocked out leaving a casino and his winnings stolen.
Car park of Casino
Caroline comes across Paul lying on the floor and rushes to him. He wakes up and is distressed to find that his money has gone - all $150,000. Paul tries to go back inside to get his money and Caroline has to physically restrain him. She insists the men will just kill him. Paul starts to cry and wails that he sunk his last $20,000 into the casino. It was his only chance at starting over.
Todd and Phoebe are watching movies when Jim and Helen come in. In the kitchen, Jim tells Helen that he's going to offer Glen an ultimatum - he drops his action against Paul or Jim turns his back on Glen. Helen doesn't think that's very wise.
HELEN: Are you really prepared to lose a son over this?
The boys are having to wait on the girls in return for having their clothes back. Although why they are actually going through with it is anyone's guess! Brad asks Beth who her favourite is - him or Josh. Beth says she can't decide - it's a dead heat!
Lucy tells David that she's having a really good time - she wishes the holiday would never end.
Paul and Christina's
Caroline wants to ring Christina to tell her what's happened, but Paul won't let her. He's still ranting about the $150,000. He turns on Caroline for not being there to help him. Caroline tells him he's scaring her and he calms down a bit. There's no ice left, so she goes to get some from Helen. Paul tells her not to say anything.
Jim and Helen are arguing about Glen in the kitchen. Caroline comes into borrow some ice, telling them that Paul hit his head on a cupboard door.
Josh, Brad, Beth, Lucy and David get back to their apartment. Everyone goes off to bed except Lucy and David who stay up talking on the sofa. Lucy is very happy and says she's having a great time with David. She tells him she's never felt this way about anyone else before.
LUCY: When we touch, I love it. And I love you.
David is startled by this and Lucy is upset - she thought David felt the same way.
LUCY: This isn't just a summer romance for me.
DAVID: Not for me either. I love you, too.
Lucy is very pleased but David goes on to say that once she knows his past she may not be so keen.
DAVID: What if I told you I'd killed someone?
Lucy is shocked but David covers, saying he was only kidding - he says he was just testing to see how much she loved him.
Todd has fallen asleep watching the movies and wakes with a jump. He goes off to bed, leaving Phoebe to watch the last one alone. Phoebe asks if they could do something tomorrow - like go to the reptile sanctuary. Todd is confused as to why Phoebe's father is suddenly giving her so much free time. They finally decide to make their own horror movie with her uncle's video camera.
Lucy is tossing and turning, hearing in her mind David's words about killing somebody.
Hospital, the following morning
Jim has come to see Glen. Apparently he's moving to rehabilitation soon and he isn't looking forward to it. Jim gives him another chance to accept the Mangel house and his support. Glen is still determined to get money from Paul though - Jim and Helen shouldn't have to pay. Jim tells him that destroying Paul is only about getting revenge. Jim asks him one last time to take Paul's settlement, but Glen refuses.
JIM: Well, you leave me with no alternative. Either you change your mind, or you're on your own.
GLEN: What?
JIM: You're hurting people I love. You leave me no choice. Please, think about it.
He quickly walks out of the room.
Paul and Christina's
Caroline gets off the phone with a new problem - Madge has read the article in the newspaper and wants her $20,000 back.
Just then Jim pops round. He enquires after Paul's injury and he immediately flips his lid at Caroline, thinking she told Jim the full story. He's then forced to pour out the whole story to Jim. Jim is angry that Paul has been gambling at a time like this. He starts shouting and says that he's put his relationship with Glen on the line for Paul - but he can't even look after himself!
JIM: You're not worth worrying about.
He storms out.
Garden of the Robinsons
Todd and Phoebe are making their horror movie - Phoebe is dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein(!) Todd says he'll walk Phoebe home, but, she doesn't want him to.
TODD: You've been acting really weird recently, Phoebe.
PHOEBE: You know me, I'm always weird.
TODD: Why don't you want to go home?
After some cajoling, Phoebe admits that she can't go home to her father. He thinks Phoebe is still away with her mother. Her mother has left her father for good and now her father thinks Phoebe is taking her mother's side. He told her not to bother coming back. She's afraid to find out if it's true.
TODD: If you don't want to live with your father, why did you come back to Erinsborough?
PHOEBE: Because Mum doesn't want me either.
Apparently Phoebe's mum has a new boyfriend and Phoebe is getting in the way. She was hoping Josh would help her and when he wasn't there, she didn't know what to do. Todd is sympathetic and offers to help her work something out.
The Office
Paul is still acting like a complete nutter - this time he's looking for assets he can transfer out of his name so Glen can't get them. Caroline tries to reason with him.
PAUL: You don't get it, do you? I'm a sitting duck!
Caroline has had enough and stalks out.
Just then, his insurance broker comes in to sympathise with Paul about his plight. He immediately starts shouting at him, demanding to know if he shopped him to the papers. He throws the poor man out of the office.
Then he comes back in and starts messing up the office.
Todd thinks that Phoebe should face her father sooner rather than later. Phoebe is crying and doesn't know what to do. Todd offers to come along with her to see her father and Phoebe is very grateful.
Caroline has come to see Glen. He tells her about Jim's ultimatum. Caroline tells him about Jim and Helen's argument. Glen is upset that he's dragged everyone else down with him.
The Office
The phone is ringing but Paul isn't answering. He's just sitting in a corner looking blank. Folders and papers litter the floor.
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