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Neighbours Episode 1604 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1604
Australian airdate: 30/01/92
UK airdate: 06/01/93
UK Gold: 24/12/98
Writer: Ray Kolle - QLD Scenes Written by Chris McTrustry
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Croupier: Jean Charles De Rivet
Pit Boss: Larry Klobukowski
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Pam and Doug persuade Faye to leave their house.
In Ramsay Street, Toby runs into Faye on his roller skates.
Glen wakes up to find Jim leaning over him. Jim is upset about Glen's paralysis and promises to look after him when he gets out of hospital.
The Office
Chrissie and Caroline are concerned about Paul. But just then he comes in. He doesn't say a word but throws down a paper with a headline "Top Erinsborough Business Man Facing Ruin". Paul isn't named in the article, but he's convinced it's about him. The phone rings and Caroline answers it - it's a journalist. She tells them to get lost.
Paul starts ranting that someone has talked outside the family.
Faye is back in the Willises moaning loudly and wailing that Toby has inflamed her old coccyx injury. She lies face-down on the sofa. Dorothy comes round to see how she is - Toby is very upset that he's hurt her.
Faye tells Pam and Doug that she'll be on her way as soon as she can walk. Doug tells her that she can stay until she's well again, much to Pam's horror(!)
Paul and Chrissie's
Chrissie answers the door to Jim. Paul is chuffed to see him back from his trip. Also Jim is introduced to Andrew. Paul tells Jim that Glen is determined to destroy him. Jim points out that Paul shouldn't have tried to buy Glen off for $20,000!
Jim says he got paid well in Japan and offers Paul some cash. But he says he can keep his head above water - he wants to sort things out for himself anyway. Paul still doesn't know who betrayed him and quaffs deeply on some whiskey.
Lucy is upset that David isn't spending any time with her. Josh and Brad can't understand what Beth's part is in all this. Josh suggests that they do something out of the ordinary to get Beth's mind off her troubles - he suggests a beach barbecue at night.
Doug is trying to give Glen a job as his book-keeper. Jim comes in and Glen tells him that he doesn't want Lucy to know about his condition until she gets back. Glen is still angry with Paul. Jim tries to defend him but Glen says he doesn't care if Paul goes bankrupt - he's going to sue him for every cent he's got. Jim asks Glen to come to a compromise about Paul - he can't bear to see them fighting again. But Glen says he's going to court and Paul will just have to pay up.
Jim is upset that his family is in such strife. Dorothy tells him off saying that he can't control everything. Jim says that somehow he has to get Paul and Glen to compromise. Helen says that she wants Glen to have the Mangel house that she bought as an investment, but he wants to be completely independent. Dorothy points out that Glen can't let Paul get away scot-free - it's not his fault that Paul let his insurance lapse. But Jim just wants to find a happy medium - they are family, after all.
Josh, Brad and Davo are lighting up the fire on the beach. Then they decide to go skinny-dipping!
Beth and Lucy come back with some firewood and laugh at their antics. Then, predictably, they decide to steal their clothes. The guys are horrified.
LUCY: Bye guys! See you at home!
Faye is still lying on her stomach on the couch and generally being annoying.
Suddenly there's a knock on the door. It's Paul with a full head of steam, accusing Doug of talking to the Erinsborough News about him. Doug is bemused and insists he hasn't said a word. Paul stomps off without another word.
DOUG: What was that all about?
FAYE: Man's obviously mad.
Paul and Christina's
Christina is worried about Paul's mood. He comes in ranting again - obsessed with finding out who shopped him. He turns on Chrissie and starts shaking her, demanding to know if she's told anyone about his business difficulties. Caroline pushes him off her and Chrissie starts to cry.
CHRISTINA:(tearfully) I've tried to stand by you, I've done everything I could. But I can't take it anymore. I'm going home to mum and dad's
She picks up Andrew and goes off to pack.
CAROLINE: Do you want to lose everything, including your wife and child, Paul? Because that's where you're heading!
Paul storms out, taking money that he cashes from Madge's cheque. Caroline follows him.
It's dark now, and the guys are still in the water. They're freezing, so decide they have to make a break for it. But then Lucy and Beth comes back with their clothes. They offer them a deal - they have to be their slaves for the evening in return for their clothes. They are forced to agree.
Paul is betting his money and Caroline is trying to reason with him. But Paul's betting is going quite well.
Pam and Doug are off to a charity "do". Faye is being very pathetic, but Pam tells Doug quietly that she thinks Faye is laying it on thick. And indeed, when they've gone, Faye gets up and goes to get herself some biscuits. Then she settles down happily to watch TV.
Helen and Jim are trying to reason with Glen. But Glen reckons when he gets Paul's compensation money he'll be able to look after himself. He refuses to be a burden on anyone. But Helen won't have any of this - she says Glen is just full of self-pity. Jim says that destroying Paul won't help Glen walk - or give him peace of mind.
Caroline is still trying to reason with Paul, saying he should quite when he's ahead. Paul does win one last bet - which takes him up to the house limit. Paul is delighted - he's won $150,000. Caroline goes out to get the car. Paul tells her that they'll call in and pick up Chrissie and Andrew on the way home.
As Paul leaves the casino with his winnings, one of the employees follow him. He knocks Paul out with a baton and takes his money.
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