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Neighbours Episode 1603 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1603
Australian airdate: 29/01/92
UK airdate: 05/01/93
UK Gold: 23/12/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toby climbs up a high diving board and calls for Lou to come and help him down.
When Lou gets halfway up, he freezes with vertigo. He begs Roby to come and help him.
Diving board
TOBY: Hang on, Mr Carpenter!
Toby comes down and tells Lou to hang on to him. He helps him down the ladder. Lou very shakily descends the ladder. In the meantime Guy has arrived and goes up to help Lou too. Finally they manage to get him safely down to the ground.
Lou tries to cover for his vertigo but then he wobbles and nearly falls over. Madge tells Toby and Guy to leave Lou alone and not question him.
Todd is bored - there's no-one around at this time of year. Todd hasn't heard from Phoebe - she's off camping with her mum. Helen tells him that Doug is coming around to adapt the house for Glenn - Todd says he might as well help him.
Faye tells Pam that she shouldn't let Doug go down the pub so much - he's such a flirt. She goes on to say that Doug flirts with other women because Pam has become frumpy(!) Pam says that Doug loves her the way she is and Faye should mind her own business.
Toby has come round to see Lou and to apologise for what he did today - he didn't realise that being scared of heights was so dangerous. He reckons that Lou is very brave - to be that scared and still come up to help Toby was really gutsy.
TOBY: I reckon you're what my dad would call a good bloke.
Lou doesn't know how he's going to live his little attack of vertigo down.
Pam is crying on the sofa when Doug comes home.
PAM: Go away! I look terrible!
Doug is rather surprised to say the least, saying that Pam looks wonderful. He immediately guesses correctly that this is Faye's doing.
DOUG: Where's Faye?
PAM: In her room, giving herself a facial.
DOUG: Well, she could do with one!
PAM: I'm such a frump!
DOUG: No you're not, you're my Pam!
Pam continues to berate herself but Doug insists that she has nothing to worry about.
PAM: Faye told me I look dowdy and unattractive. (wails)
DOUG: I knew she was at the back of this. I'm going to skin her alive! She has no right to treat you like that!
Doug says he's going to give Faye a king-sized piece of his mind...in the morning.
PAM: You're as scared of her as I am!
They laugh.
Robinsons, the following morning
Phoebe is back! Since Josh isn't back yet, she gives Todd his present - a mouth organ. They agree to hang out and Phoebe suggests a horror marathon.
TODD:(uncertainly) You and me?
PHOEBE: And maybe the ghosts and ghouls.
Todd agrees.
Faye is full of the joys of spring this morning. But Doug certainly isn't and immediately tackles Faye about her behaviour. He tells her off for talking to Pam in that way. Faye pooh-poohs this but Doug insists that Faye is selfish.
FAYE: Well, I'd be the last person to outstay my welcome.
DOUG: You're kidding!
FAYE: You mean you want me to leave?
DOUG: You got it in one.
FAYE: You do want me to go.
DOUG: I certainly do.
Todd and Phoebe are making an odd concoction from one of Phoebe's books to accompany their horror movie marathon.
Helen comes in with the shopping and Todd asks if it's OK for Phoebe to stay over tonight to watch a movie marathon.
HELEN: Have you asked your parents, Phoebe?
PHOEBE: Well, we're not thinking of getting sexually involved or anything like that.
HELEN: I should think not.
PHOEBE: We wouldn't be able to concentrate on the horror movie.
Helen agrees and Todd and Phoebe promise not to scream too loudly (at the movies!)
Madge is trying to reason with Lou - having vertigo is nothing to be ashamed of. Guy tells Lou that he's kind of pleased that Lou isn't perfect - and he'll remember Lou being really gutsy yesterday.
Madge has popped round for a cup of tea. She tells Helen about Lou's vertigo and admits that Lou is still persuing her.
Just then, Jim arrives back.
JIM: Madge, I wanted to say how sorry I am.
Madge hugs him and then Helen, Todd and Phoebe welcome him too.
Helen and Jim are eventually left on their own.
HELEN: Jim. I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Jim is having trouble taking in the news about Glenn. He decides to go off to see him immediately.
In the kitchen, Todd and Phoebe's "creation" is just coming out of the oven.
TODD: Eurgh, yuk, it looks like you cooked one of your snakes!
PHOEBE: Todd, that's what it's supposed to look like!
Todd gingerly tastes a bit and it's actually not too bad!
Toby is moping around. Madge suggests he goes roller-blading.
Lou and Guy have been for a swim. Lou says he wasn't much chop at sport - or as a husband. Guy tells Lou that he even took steroids for a while. But they agree to stop competing.
Doug tells Pam that Jim is back. Faye staggers out with her suitcase.
FAYE: Well, all good things must come to an end, I suppose.
DOUG: I suppose. Can I give you a lift to the station in the ute?
FAYE: No thank you, Dougie, I've already ordered a cab. I wouldn't want to be any trouble.
PAM: Course you wouldn't(!)
FAYE: Well. Don't think it hasn't been lovely.
PMA: Oh, we don't.
DOUG: Never.
FAYE: I'll go and wait out on the street until the cab comes.
She kisses them goodbye.
FAYE: Goodbye Dougie. Goodbye Pam. I don't know when you'll see me again.
DOUG: Bye.
PAM: It's been good, Faye.
Finally Faye picks up her suitcase and Doug and Pam rush to open the door.
FAYE: Goodbye..both...
Finally she's out! Doug and Pam shut the door behind her and then high-five each other!
Ramsay Street
Toby is practising his roller-blading. Unfortunately Faye comes out with her suitcase and Toby is on a collision course. They both scream!
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