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Neighbours Episode 1602 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1602
Australian airdate: 28/01/92
UK airdate: 04/01/93
UK Gold: 22/12/98
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Ian Watson
Guests: Meredith Downes: Lois Collinder
Ted Downes: Tim Allen
Malcolm Hampton: Richard Aspel
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Brenda and Dorothy argue about the quiz. Brenda has only got 5/20 on their latest test-run - she thinks she's going to be humiliated.
The Boutique
Gaby is pleased that so many of her designs have sold today. When Gaby goes into the back room, Shannon puts a dress in her bag. Gaby comes back and catches her, and dramatic music plays! But Shannon says that she only wanted to take it home to fix the hem. And, when Gaby looks, the hem is indeed ripped. Gaby says that Shannon should just have told her - she's a very approachable boss.
Madge is cooking and Lou is trying to get fruity with her(!) Brenda comes in moaning about the quiz - she doesn't think she can learn enough over the weekend. Lou tries to encourage Brenda, saying it's all about positive thinking.
Guy asks Lou if he could give the kids a few pointers in diving - after all, Lou did use to dive a few years back. Lou isn't keen, but they talk him into it.
Coffee Shop
Brenda and Dorothy have met up to study. Brenda insists she needs miracle, but Dorothy says they can just stay up all night to study!
Dorothy starts to quiz Brenda, and the day flies by - it's soon 4pm.
Brenda is asleep at the table while Dorothy pours out some coffee.
(Even later)
Brenda is dying of fatigue - it's now past 5.30am! Dorothy suggests a nice hearty breakfast to set them up for the day. As they start to cook it, they hears the quiz advertised on the radio.
Lou and Madge are having breakfast. Guy reminds him about the diving class. Madge is surprised that Lou is going through with it - she thought he was afraid of heights. Lou refuses to admit this. Toby looks interested in this news.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Brenda are just leaving when Madge arrives to open up the shop. Gaby and Shannon come in for some juice and they chat with Madge about the quiz. Madge gives Shannon too much change and she promptly points this out. Gaby looks pleased.
Radio Show
Dorothy and Meredith explain to the quiz show host that they are old rivals. They sit down and prepare for battle.
Toby rushes in and tells Lou that his kits is stuck in a tree. He wants Lou to climb up and get it. Lou makes a weak excuse and rushes off! Toby grins to himself.
The Boutique
Gaby gets a call to do a dress fitting for one of the hotel guests. When Gaby has gone, Shannon starts helping herself to the till. Unfortunately for her, she is interrupted by a customer.
Radio Station
Dorothy and Brenda are behind in the quiz, 48-38. Dorothy is despondent going into the final round. As it happens, the final category is sport. Brenda looks up in joy. She proceeds to answer every question perfectly! Finally, they narrow the score and end up winning!
The Boutique
Shannon has managed to get rid of the customer by telling them that they're closing. But then Gaby comes back. She opens the till and finds it empty, so Shannon blames the theft on the customer who just left(!) Gaby goes off to call security while Shannon smiles secretly to herself.
Guy is teaching some basic diving skills, but Lou is nowhere to be seen.
Lou is sitting reading a newspaper when Madge comes home. She tells Lou that Dorothy and Brenda pulled it off after all! Madge reminds Lou about going to the pool, but he says Guy doesn't need him hanging around. Madge won't accept this and tells him to get going.
The Boutique
Gaby overhears Shannon on the phone telling someone that she's "finally got Gaby trusting her" and to meet her at Lassiter's car park. Gaby immediately confronts her, calling her a thief and a liar. Gaby has apparently spoken to Shannon's parents to confirm this - and as it turns out, Shannon doesn't even have a disabled brother! It seems that Shannon is a compulsive liar.
Shannon tells Gaby that anyone who trusts people the way she does deserves to get taken for a ride(!) Gaby informs her that she's called the police and she's having Shannon charged.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy and Brenda are talking over their win - particularly their victory over Meredith. Dorothy congratulates Brenda on her comprehensive knowledge of sport! She tells Brenda that she's learnt something today - academia isn't everything. She thought Brenda was an airhead, then a genius, but now it doesn't matter - everyone is good at something.
DOROTHY: To us. The brainiest brains in Erinsborough!
Lou and Madge have arrived, but all the kids except Toby have gone. Toby wants Lou to demonstrate a dive to him, but he won't. Toby goes off to the diving boards anyway.
On the top board, Toby yells for Lou to come and get him claiming he's stuck. Lou is forced to climb up to Toby's level. Halfway up, Lou gets an attack of vertigo. He keeps climbing, but gingerly. Then he stops.
LOU:(quietly) Toby. Come and help me, mate. I'm going to fall. Come quickly. Please!
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