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Neighbours Episode 1601 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1601
Australian airdate: 27/01/92
UK airdate: 01/01/93
UK Gold: 21/12/98
Writer: Chris McTrustry
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul is about to jump off a bridge.
Coffee Shop
It's dark now, and Christina is still waiting for Paul. Brenda tells her that he's probably just working on something.
Dorothy comes round looking for Brenda - she is going on a radio quiz, and wants Brenda to be on the team. Madge tells her that Brenda is out, but she's sure Brenda would love to give it a go! Dorothy says she'll name Brenda as her partner immediately.
Gaby asks Shannon about how her brother talks to her quadralegia. She'd like to meet him, but Shannon says he doesn't like strangers. Just then, Doug comes in and Gaby introduces him to Shannon.
Chrissie is ringing round looking for Paul, but there's no sign of him. Gaby calls round and Christina says she's worried that Paul isn't home - he never goes anywhere without ringing first, and she's got a bad feeling. Gaby offers to stay with her, but Christina says she'll be alright.
Doug tells Pam that he can understand Nev wanting to get away from Faye. Pam says they must be sympathetic. Gaby comes in and tells them that Paul isn't home and Christina is worried. She's also tells them that she's happy with her new assistant.
Paul finally arrives home, looking in a right state. He tells Christina that he nearly jumped off a bridge, but he couldn't do it - he thought of her and Andrew and pulled back.
CHRISTINA: Darling, I couldn't go on without you. Andrew and I both need you.
PAUL: What for? I didn't even have the guts to jump.
CHRISTINA: Because you're a fighter, you always have been.
PAUL: Chrissie, this time, I'm K.O'ed.
CHRISTINA: Did you ever stop to think that it probably takes more guts to go on living and face what's ahead?
PAUL: Yeah, I guess you're right. It's going to be rough, though.
CHRISTINA: Well, you're not facing it alone. I'm here beside you.
Madge tells Brenda that Dorothy has entered her for the radio quiz. Brenda is horrified and tells Madge that she cheated on the IQ test.
MADGE: I thought there had to be something(!)
Brenda says she can't go on the quiz - she'll look like an idiot!
No.22, the following morning
Paul is sleeping on the sofa and Christina wakes him up. Apparently he fell asleep and she and Caroline couldn't get him up the stairs. Christina tells him not to keep things from her from now on - she wants to share all his problems, like they promised at their wedding. She suggests they have a day out together. Paul is not looking forward to Jim getting back.
CHRISTINA: Darling, no matter how bad things get, your family will always be here for you. Always.
Gaby is training up Shannon to help customers. Gaby plays the role of an awkward customer. Just then, Gaby opens her purse and sees that $50 is gone.
GABY: I'm sure it was in my purse.
Paul is drinking first thing in the morning and Christina tells him off. Paul says he'll be bankrupt. Christina says he can build up the business again, but he takes his Businessman of the Year award and throws it in the bin. Then he storms out.
Coffee Shop
Shannon comes in and pays for her lunch with a $50 note. Dorothy comes in and tells Brenda that the quiz is turning into a bit of a grudge match against Elliot Park. Madge says that Brenda can't compete - she's got laryingitis(!) Madge sends Brenda off to the kitchen. Dorothy says that she'll have to cancel the quiz, but just then, Brenda drops some saucepans and swears loudly.
DOROTHY: Have we just witnessed a medical miracle?!
Brenda has confessed to Dorothy about cheating on the IQ quiz. Dorothy laughs and Madge tells her off. Dorothy apologises to Brenda, but Brenda says she deserves it. Dorothy can't find anyone else for the quiz at this short notice though, so she'll just have to train Brenda up! Brenda has a very good memory, so they will hit the books for the next day and a half!
Lassiter's Complex
Pam and Doug stop for a drink. Madge rushes over to ask Pam to help in the Coffee Shop for the lunchtime rush - she's desperate. Pam agrees.
Doug sees Paul at a table wearing dark glasses and sits down with him. Doug tells Paul he knows how he feels - he's been there himself. He nearly hit rock bottom with the house and the business. Paul says Doug's business is nothing to his(!)
DOUG: It's not over yet, mate. Don't give up hope.
PAUL: You don't realise, this is my worst nightmare, Doug! The difference is, I am not going to wake up safe and sound in the morning.
Gaby tells Shannon she is doing really well at the Boutique. Gaby invites Shannon to a movie, but she says she's still too broke. Gaby wonders where the $50 went. She tells Shannon that she has to get the takings into the night safe. Shannon quickly tells her that she can do it. Gaby says she'll do it on her way home - it's not fair to give responsibility to the staff. Shannon goes into the back to clear up, then comes back with $50 saying she found it by the cutting table. Gaby thanks her.
Coffee Shop
Dorothy is testing Brenda on her general knowledge. She's not doing very well - only 5/20. Pam and Madge encourage her, but Brenda is convinced they're going to shame Erinsborough in the quiz!
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