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Neighbours Episode 1600 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1600
Australian airdate: 24/01/92
UK airdate: 31/12/92
UK Gold: 18/12/98
Writer: Jason Daniel
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Paul gives Todd a car.
Ramsay Street
Todd is stunned and asks Paul if he's sure. He just can't believe that Paul has given him such a nice car - he's not sure what Jim will say. Paul tells Todd that he thinks of Todd as his brother just as much as Scott.
TODD: Paul - anything, anything you want done at all, I mean, you want your car washed, your house cleaned, I'll work at Lassiter's, anything...
PAUL: It's alright, I can't think of anything right now. Except...I tell you what you could do for me, you could give a little bit more thought about what happened on the roof that day.
TODD: Well, what do you mean?
PAUL: Well...I'm practically certain that I remember you saying something about warning Glen to be careful. If you could remember that more clearly, it really would help.
TODD: Right. So that's what this is about.
PAUL: Yeah. Of course, if you could remember that Glen was actually mucking about, you know, being a bit careless, then even better.
TODD: Alright, and what do I get for that, Paul? Do I get a car phone and CD? Well, no thank you.
PAUL: Oh, come on Todd...
TODD: Look, I'm not interested, OK?
He stalks off.
PAUL:(calling after him) Come on! Let's talk, let's not be hasty!
Helen is playing with Andrew and asks Christina if she might have another one. She changes the subject and asks when a tenant will move into No.32. Helen says the right tenant is worth waiting for. She finally admits that she's keeping the house for Glen so he can be close by. Christina says Glen could buy his own money with his compensation. Helen is surprised.
Coffee Shop
Brenda asks Dorothy about the IQ test, but she is evasive. It seems that Brenda's test was really good - she beat Dorothy by 15 points! Brenda has an IQ of 165, putting her in genius category! Dorothy says it's only a very rough guide(!) and that not all geniuses end up doing great things - some end up working in coffee shops(!) Brenda just smiles, smugly.
Paul comes in. Christina has told Helen everything. Paul admits that he's at rock bottom and that his debts are overwhelmingly. Helen points out that he's brought it all on himself, but Paul begs her to talk to Glen on his behalf. Helen agrees to talk to him when she sees him later today.
PAUL: You're my last chance, you know that?
Helen is visiting Glen. Glen is not happy that Helen is speaking up for Paul, and even less happy when she offers him No.32 rent- free. He insists that he doesn't want charity and he's legally entitled to compensation. Helen understands this, but says that it's not right to ruin Paul - he didn't make the accident happen. She asks Glen to think about it.
Todd has come in and stays with Glen while Helen leaves.
Dorothy answers the phone to Brenda. She is ringing to ask careers advice - she wants to live up to her full potential! Dorothy sarcastically suggests nuclear physics(!) Brenda says she doesn't want to be school principal as anyone with half a brain could do that! Dorothy slams down the phone and Brenda laughs loudly to herself.
Glen tells Todd that Helen is right - revenge won't make him feel better and it isn't that healthy. Todd is very quiet.
GLEN: Do you reckon I should back off? Come to some compromise with Paul?
TODD: No. Like you said, Glen, he can't be trusted.
GLEN: Yeah. What about Dad? Helen might be right there too. If I go ahead and sue, he might side with Paul. Or cut us both dead.
TODD: Look, all I know is, Paul can't be trusted. He tried to bribe me today. Wanted me to say that you were fooling around on the roof and I tried to warn you to be careful.
GLEN: He what? How?
TODD: Well, he offered to buy me a car - a convertible. I told him what he could do with it. The thing is, he's desperate. He could do anything.
GLEN: Thanks for telling me. That settles it.
Todd leaves and Glen is still deep in thought.
Helen tells Paul that she's not sure she got through to Glen, and thinks Paul should talk to him himself - properly this time. Paul says he's burnt his bridges, but Chrstina suddenly jumps up and calls him gutless. He is shocked, but Helen backs Christina up - talking to Glen is Paul's only option. Paul should grovel if he has to! Paul relents, and gets up to go.
CHRISTINA: Don't come back until you've sorted all of this out! Good luck.
HELEN: Oh, Paul? Just remember that this is about the rest of Glen's life. It's not just business. It affects every one of us. The whole family.
Paul has arrived to see Glen.
GLEN: Well, well, fancy seeing you here.
PAUL: Yeah. Look, I thought we might be able to talk things out sensibly, eh?
GLEN: I thought we were leaving the talk to the lawyers.
PAUL: I thought we might be able to do it without them this time. Look, Glen, I realise that I have played some pretty cheap tricks in the past and haven't been entirely honest. I just want you to know that I promise not to try anything like that again. You see, I thought we might be able to reach some sort of settlement, something that we'd both be happy with.
GLEN: So why the change of heart?
PAUL: Conscience got the better of me, I guess. With a bit of prodding from Gran, I have to admit. See, she told me about this special rehabilitation program that you need, and all the equipment that goes with it. I now realise that what I was offering before...it was pretty unrealistic, wasn't it?
GLEN: What are you offering now?
PAUL: Well...as I said before, I'm prepared to meet the cost of all your medical expenses...plus, now, the cost of the rehabilitation programme and all the equipment that goes with that, that goes without saying. And on top of that, I thought I might pay you what you were earning, for a total of five years.
GLEN: That's it?
PAUL: Uh, look, if there is anything else you need, I'm sure we can talk about it.
GLEN: Nah. I reckon the lawyers can do better than that.
PAUL: Why don't you just tell me what you are prepared to accept then?
GLEN: I'm not interested in making deals. I want to see you in court. I'm going to bleed you dry.
PAUL: Come on, Glen, think about Dad, and Gran, and the whole family. Alright, I know we haven't exactly been affectionate with eacy other in the past, but after all, we *are* brothers, and...
GLEN: Hey, don't try the blood is thicker routine on me now! You've treated me like garbage from the very beginning! You've had this coming to you for a very long time.
PAUL:(desperate and close to tears) Don't do this to me, Glen! Don't do it Chrissie or my baby!
GLEN: Might make them realise what you're really like!
PAUL: They need me!
GLEN: They'll be better off without you, everyone will!
PAUL: I tell you what, I'll give you a cut of my business, eh? It'll make you a fortune, Glen! It's going to be far more than any compensation payout your would have got! Why don't you think about that, eh? It'll make you rich!
GLEN: I'm not greedy, Paul. I just want everything you're got now. It's too late. The lawyer's already working on it. You're finished. History. Oh, you should see yourself now. Not such a big man anymore. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone smaller. Pathetic, really, isn't it? Go on, get out of here, you're not worth my pity!
A road
Paul is driving along, replaying his conversation with Glen in his mind, and other conversations with Caroline, Jim, Fiona, and the Businessman of the Year competition. He puts a hand to his head in despair.
Coffee Shop
Christina comes in looking for Paul, but Brenda hasn't seen him. Dorothy comes in with some careers guidance brochures for Brenda. Brenda is surprised. She explains that her schooling was interrupted, so she never got any qualifications. Dorothy wishes her luck.
When Dorothy has gone, Brenda explains that she beat Dorothy in an IQ test - but she saw the same test in a women's magazine a few weeks ago and remembered most of the answers(!) Christina laughs.
A road
Paul has parked his car and is sitting in it, crying uncontrollably.
Helen is trying to talk to Jim on the phone, but he can't hear her properly on the bad line. Apparently he's coming home in a few days, though. Helen tells Todd that she doesn't know what Jim will say about everything when he gets home.
TODD: What do you think would happen if Paul did lose everything.
HELEN: Oh, Todd, I can't imagine.
A bridge
Paul has got out of his car and is walking along a bridge, recent conversations playing in his mind. He stands on the edge of the bridge, and prepares to jump.
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