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Neighbours Episode 1637 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1637
Australian airdate: 17/03/92
UK airdate: 22/02/93
UK Gold: 09/02/99
Writer: Christine Madafferi
Director: Gary Conway
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Faye tells Lucy that if she doesn't move back in with the twins, she'll tell Jim that Lucy lied about the car accident.
Coffee Shop
Guy is working behind the counter when Brad comes in. He's depressed about having to go to court and decides to drown his sorrows in a piece of banana cake. Gaby comes in and is shocked to hear that Brad might lose his licence.
Guy asks Gaby for advice about girls!
Robinsons - front garden
Lucy walks past Jim carrying her suitcase. She tells him that she's really sorry, but she doesn't want to come home to live after all. Jim is upset, saying he thought they'd work through all their problems, but Lucy reckons she's too old to be living at home. Jim begs her not to go, saying she's still his little girl, however old she is.
JIM: If the truth be known, I probably need you now more than you need me.
They hug, but Lucy can't stay.
Coffee Shop
Guy is pouring out the story about Caroline to Gaby. Gaby reckons it's because Guy only told Caroline he "really liked her" and not "loved her". Brad doesn't agree though, he's in the "treat them mean" camp! But Gaby thinks maybe Caroline doesn't want to get serious with Guy or anyone else after her bad experience with Martin.
The Office
Caroline is surprised to hear from Jim that Lucy is moving back into their place. But she says she can't talk to Lucy on his behalf this time - it blew up in her face last time.
Guy comes in as Jim is leaving. He asks Caroline out to a restaurant tonight, but she doesn't want to. Guy offers to cook for her at home instead but Caroline doesn't even want to do that.
Brad is watching a surfing video while Gaby answers the door to Lucy. She's brought Brad some surfing magazines. They discuss their various injuries and Lucy tells him that she's moving out because Faye is being such a pain hanging around all the time.
When Lucy has gone, Brad gets a phonecall from the owner of the car Lucy crashed into - he tells Brad he owes him over $4,000 for the damage, and he wants it straightaway! Gaby says it's Brad's own fault for going joy-riding and tells him off severely.
Lucy offers to cook dinner for the twins tonight, but Caroline has had a message from a business consultant, inviting her to dinner tonight. She is very pleased, apparently he's a contact she's been after for ages.
Faye is massaging Jim's shoulders while Jim broods about Lucy. Faye tells him to respect Lucy's decision(!)
Gaby, Caroline and Lucy are looking at some of Gaby's designs. Gaby tells them about Brad going to court and owing $4,000 to the car he hit. Lucy is upset and goes to lie down, while Caroline rushes off to get ready for dinner. Gaby asks after Guy, but Caroline says they'll never be an item - he's just not the man for her. Gaby looks rather horrified after the advice she gave Guy earlier that day!
Guy is visiting Brad when Gaby gets in. Guy invites Gaby out tonight as Caroline can't make it. He says he's got a surprised planned for Caroline though and Gaby doesn't know what to say.
Faye has brought Jim a present - it's a hideous jumper that she apparently knitted herself(!) He puts it back in the wrapping, but Faye insists he tries it on. It has a yellow lightning bolt on the front and makes Jim look like a superhero(!) Faye fawns all over him.
Ramsay Street
Lucy walks down the road with Guy. They talk about the accident and Lucy snaps, and says that the accident could have happened to anyone.
Gaby is trying to put Guy off Caroline by pointing out how dedicated to business she is. Brad comes in and says he's just seen Caroline going out dressed up. Guy is suspicious and wheedles out of Gaby what is going on. She is forced to admit that Caroline has a dinner date at Edward's Restaurant.
Brad has come round to see Lucy. She's trying to think of a way to raise $4,000 for Brad. Also, she's decided to confess to her crime - her actions are ruining Brad's life.
LUCY: I have to own up, Brad.
BRAD: We can't do that now, we're in too deep.
Brad says they'll just have to think of a way to raise the money.
Faye has cooked dinner for Jim (who is still wearing the jumper!) She tells Jim how much she enjoys his company and that she hates going home after being with him, especially now she's been hearing noises at night. She thinks it's a prowler. Jim is concerned and offers her to stay over with him.
JIM: After all the things you've done for me, it's the least I can do.
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