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Neighbours Episode 1598 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1598
Australian airdate: 22/01/92
UK airdate: 29/12/92
UK Gold: 16/12/98
Writer: John Upton
Director: Michael Sergi
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Car Yard
Fortunately, the car hits a post before it hits the road and Toby is thrown off the bonnet on to the pavement. Lou rushes over and says he'll take Toby to Casualty for a check- up. Bouncer is still sitting in the car(!)
Coffee Shop
Madge and Helen are having a coffee. She has to get rid of Harold's clothes and Helen offers to help. Helen tells her that she's had some enquiries about No.32 but nothing firm yet. Helen didn't say anything about Glen to Lucy when she rang last night.
Pam and Faye come in, having been shopping for the wedding. Pam wearily introduces Faye to Madge who addresses her as "Marge!(!) Faye invites Helen and Madge to the wedding. Madge says she'll check her diary and get back to her(!)
Dorothy is reading a magazine when Lou and Toby come home. Toby has got a bump on his head and Lou explains what happened (though he plays it down a bit!) Dorothy says he must rest in bed for the rest of the day, but he beats her down to the sofa(!)
Lou advises Toby not to tell Dorothy and Madge the full story(!)
Pam is trying on shoes to go with her blue Matron of Honour dress. She tells Faye she really likes a dress she saw this morning instead of this one, but Faye won't hear of it. Doug and Nev comes in. Nev and Faye are all lovey- dovey, although he's not very pleased that Faye has made him a salad for lunch! Faye also shows Nev his clothes for the wedding which is a frilly shirt. He doesn't like it, but doesn't say.
Lou has brought Toby some snacks. He asks how much the car will cost to fix - Lou thinks it's about $1500.
Madge rushes in - she's rung the car yard looking for Toby and heard there was an accident - with $2,000 of damage to the car. (Is Bouncer still sitting in it?!) Madge blames Dorothy for letting Toby work at the car yard(!). Madge insists that she has the final say as his grandmother!
MADGE: I'm the boy's grandmother!
DOROTHY: He is the son of your late husband's, daughter's ex- husband, you are as closely related to Toby as you are the Queen of England!
Dorothy insists that Toby has been left in her charge by Joe, so she calls the shots, no matter what Madge says!
Faye is wearing a facemask when there's a knock at the door. She rushes off to the bedroom before Nev sees her. Faye comes out without the facemask and tells Nev she's put a deposit on a house for them in Elliot Park! Nev is not too impressed, but he doesn't say anything. Faye says she can't wait for the wedding.
FAYE: Oh schnucks, we'll be so very, very happy!
Dorothy tells Lou off for spoiling Toby. Lou flatters her child- rearing skills, but Dorothy sees through this. Dorothy asks Lou directly if he is interested in Madge. He admits that he is.
DOROTHY: In my view, your enthusiasm for Madge Bishop is masochistic and crazed, but there's no accounting for taste, so woo her all you like. For the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood, woo her, win her and whip her off to Queensland! But not through Toby. I can't let you spoil him. Understood?
LOU: I read you, Captain.
He promises not to spoil Toby anymore.
Helen and Madge are going through Harold's clothes. Helen tells Madge that Paul is being a good father to the new baby, and also visiting Glen. Madge picks up some clothing that Harold wore to their wedding and starts to cry.
MAGE: It seems like yesterday...oh well, life goes on, doesn't it. Life goes on.
She puts the clothes in a bag.
No.28, the following morning
Doug and Pam are looking forward to Faye getting married and therefore getting out of their hair(!) Faye is up and singing "Ave Maria" terribly. She's feeling very happy. She gives Doug some cufflinks to give to Nev (she forgot last night)
Madge and Lou are having a cup of tea. Madge asks Lou to get rid of Harold's car for her - it's in the garage.
When Madge has gone to pack the rest of Harold's clothes, Toby comes in and asks Lou to take him to a fun park. Lou tells him to stop blackmailing him. Toby is not pleased and says Lou is just buttering him to get him on- side with Madge.
TOBY:(shouting) You'll never take Granddad's place! Never!
Nev's house
Doug has come to give Nev the cufflinks, but he doesn't seem to be there.
Pam is dressed in the Matron of Honour dress which is looking a bit better now that Gaby has fixed it a bit. Helen comes round too. Faye comes out in her meringue- like wedding dress. She can't wait to marry Nev and Helen says he's a very lucky man(!)
Doug catches up with Nev, who is having a beer and looking terrible.
NEV: I'm not going.
DOUG: What?
NEV: I'm not going!
DOUG: What's the problem?
NEV: I can't go through with it, that's all.
DOUG: Why not?!
NEV: Look, Faye's a terrific person. I mean that. But she's never going to change, and she never lets up. I mean, I like a strong woman, but she just takes over!
DOUG: Well, stand up to her! Tell her the way *you* want things. That's what she likes about you. That's what she fell in love with.
NEV: Doug, I can't spend my whole life fighting. Not the woman I'm married to. It's too hard. It won't work.
DOUG: Maybe we could postpone things for a bit.
No, we need to face the facts. Faye and I were a great little item for a while. I mean, you can fight for a few weeks and love it, but not for a lifetime. It's finished.
So what do you want to do?
Go bush for a couple of weeks. Sort myself out. And I'll go to the church and explain to the guests...
Now, hang on a minute.
Please, mate. I know I'm a wimp, but I can't front Faye. I couldn't. You'll have to do it.
Garage of No.24
Madge is crying over Harold's car. Lou takes the covers off it and observes that the wheels have been stolen. Madge says that they're in the back of the car - Harold took them off so the car wouldn't get stolen.
Lou tells Madge that Toby is in a huff with him, and Madge says she'll have a chat.
LOU: As they say in the classics, so the wheel turns. Winter comes and winter goes and people start new relationships.
MADGE:(exasperated) Lou, I have already told you - no!
LOU: I've waited too long, Madge, and I know you too well. It's going to happen. I know it is.
Faye is pacing nervously. Doug comes in.
DOUG: Faye, there's something we need to talk about.
FAYE: Oh, it can wait until after the wedding! I don't want Nev to think he's been left at the altar!
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