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Neighbours Episode 1597 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1597
Australian airdate: 21/01/92
UK airdate: 28/12/92
UK Gold: 15/12/98
Writer: Don Linke
Director: Michael Sergi
Guests: Shannon Keane: Bindi Edwards
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Guy breaks off before they kiss.
GUY: Not so long ago, you told me you loved Glen and always would. I watched you say it, I saw the look in your eye. That sort of feeling doesn't just disappear, does it?
GUY: You're only here because you're lonely, not because of how you feel about me. It's true, isn't it?
GABY: I don't know...maybe.
GUY: The last thing I want is for us to start something now that we're going to regret later. I'm not willing to compromise our friendship over one brief moment.
Gaby suddenly get up and runs out.
GUY: I can't believe I just did that!
Gold Coast
Brad, Beth, Josh, David and Lucy are enjoying DreamWorld in a musical montage. They have their photos taken cuddling koalas.
Car Yard
Lou is telling Toby about how to sell second hand cars(!) Madge comes up and tells Lou not to corrupt Toby. She accuses Lou of trying to get to her through Toby. Lou takes Madge off to discuss things in the office.
Pam arrives home from work to find Gaby in a state. She explains what happened with Guy and Pam comforts her. Gaby isn't sure she'll be able to face Guy again. Presently she sits up and decides to go to the Boutique, giving Pam a hug.
Guy tells Madge what happened with Gaby. She's surprised to hear that Gaby and Glen have split up. Madge thinks Guy did the right thing by pushing Gaby away - she is on the rebound. She advises Guy to wait until Gaby is over Glen.
Car Yard
Toby has roped in some kids to help him wash the cars! Lou is quite impressed by his ingenuity and says he'll double his salary!
Gold Coast
The gang are just leaving DreamWorld. Josh asks Beth if she's single (she is) and asks if she likes walking in the rain(!)
Josh and Beth are getting to know each other better, talking about music they like and so on. Lucy calls Beth over and Brad sits down with Josh. Josh says he's got Beth the perfect present.
Gaby is advising a customer about a dress when Guy comes in. He asks if they can forget this afternoon and carry on as friends. Gaby gratefully accepts. Guy leaves, and a few seconds later, so does the customer who was trying on the dress.
GABY: Excuse me, stop!
She grabs the woman!
Car Yard
Lou is instructing Toby in the art of selling second hand cars(!) Lou takes Toby over and introduces him to the customer. Toby lets slip that the mileage has changed, and the customer realises that the odometer has been tampered with. He stomps off.
Gold Coast
The gang are setting up a surprise party for Beth. Brad and Josh are bickering about whose present is better!
Beth comes in to find the place in darkness and is surprised when they all leap out shouting "Happy Birthday"
Gaby has caught a thief. She tells her a sob story about her father being retrenched and her brother being quadraplegic. She begs Gaby not to report her. Gaby takes her name from her ID and tells her to leave.
Gold Coast
Beth is blowing out her candles and making a wish. She opens her presents happily, one is a computer game and one is a T- shirt from David. Finally, Brad brings in a bunch of red roses. Beth reacts strangely, saying he hates red roses, and rushes from the room. Brad look downcast.
Lou tells Toby that he can't work with him anymore, as he cost him a sale yesterday. Madge says it's wrongful dismissal, so Lou relents and says Toby can wash cars, but nothing else!
Guy tells Madge and Lou that he's made things up with Gaby. Guy invites Lou to come to the pool today as he's giving diving lessons, but Lou doesn't want to.
The shoplifter has come back to thank Gaby for not calling her parents. Gaby tells her she hasn't decided yet. Gaby finally offers her a job at the Boutique (er...what?)
Car Yard
Toby is washing cars. He climbs on to the bonnet to wash the windscreen, but Bouncer has got into the car and knocks it into "Drive". The car starts moving with Toby still on the bonnet, down towards the busy road!
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