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Neighbours Episode 1594 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1594
Australian airdate: 16/01/92
UK airdate: 23/12/92
UK Gold: 10/12/98
Writer: Patricia Downie
Director: Directed by Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul is visiting Glen who is feeling rather depressed. Paul refers to Glen as his brother and says they have to be there for each other "when the chips are down". He promises to help Glen in any way he can.
GLEN: You know, it seems I was wrong.
PAUL: What do you mean?
GLEN: I didn't think you could spare me the time of day.
PAUL: Sure, we have had our differences. But as I said, familes, we've got to stick together, haven't we?
GLEN: You're not such a bad bloke.
PAUL: Don't let that get around,eh?!
GLEN: If I'd realised that a long time ago, we could have saved each other a lot of aggro.
PAUL: Yeah. I just wish we could have solved our problems some other way.
GLEN: You and me both.
Caroline tells Christina that she thinks it's best if she moves back to Lassiter's for a bit while she makes some long- term arrangements. Christina says she won't stand in her way. She defends Paul, saying he was only trying to keep them afloat, but Caroline doesn't approve of his methods - Paul could have given Glen a chance to respond properly. Christina thinks that Caroline's loyalties are misplaced. Caroline leaves, saying she'll be in touch.
Gold Coast
Brad, Beth, Josh, Lucy and Beth's brother are off to Seaworld. Josh is fawning over Beth.
Christina is missing Caroline at breakfast. Paul wonders if Caroline is going to leave the company too. Christina is really missing Caroline already. Paul wonders is Caroline will talk to Helen and Glen, and hopes she doesn't.
Gaby and Helen are having lunch before going to see Glen at the hospital. Gaby tells Helen that her feelings for Glen are stronger than ever.
Caroline comes along and they invite her to join them for breakfast. Caroline asks after Glen and they invite her along to visit him, but she says she's very busy at the office today.
Madge comes over to say hello and tells Caroline that she'll talk to Paul about an "investment opportunity" later. Helen is intrigued.
When Madge has gone, Gaby tells Caroline that she loves Glen and she's going to stand by him.
Outside No.22
Christina is playing with Andrew when Caroline comes along to pick up her things. Things are a bit frosty between them, but she does let Caroline hold Andrew. Christina tells Caroline to come home - they can work something out with Paul. She agrees to try.
Just then, Paul arrives. Caroline tells him she'll move back in, but still doesn't approve of what Paul is doing. He welcomes her home.
Gold Coast
Beth's brother nearly gets into a random fight at Seaworld with a bloke who stumbles into him. Everyone is a bit surprised and Beth quietly tells him to calm down, saying he "knows what happened last time".
Madge has come to talk to Paul about an investment opportunity. He suggests that she could give him a cheque this afternoon, but Madge wants to know a bit more first - for example, what are her rights as a shareholder?
Gaby and Helen are visiting Glen. Glen tells Gaby that she shouldn't feel obligated to him - if the situation were reversed, he'd run away. He doesn't want Gaby's sympathy, but she says she loves him. When Gaby has gone, Helen tells Glen that Gaby is ready to look after him full- time. She also tells him that Bob Landers has been involved in a bank robbery and has been arrested. Glen says he'll chat to Todd about it when he comes in.
Outside, Gaby is very upset that Glen doesn't want her to help him. Helen says that Glen just needs some time.
Madge wants some says in the running of the hotel as a shareholder, but Paul pooh- poohs this. Madge is not impressed, saying she owns the Coffee Shop and has run the bar before. She doesn't want to run the whole thing, but she does want a say in the decisions. Paul says that $20,000 isn't a lot for a big say, so Madge says maybe she should pull out(!) Paul finally relents and says that Madge's opinions will be discussed and considered, but Paul will have the final stay. They shake hands on the deal.
Christina is visiting Glen. They chat about Paul and Glen is pleased that they're getting on so well. But he tells Christina that he doesn't want to be dependent on anyone - not Paul, and definitely not Gaby.
Gold Coast
The gang are enjoying SeaWorld in a musical montage.
Paul is gloating that Madge has invested in the business, and Caroline is not impressed. Paul says that he can re- build the Co- orporation with Madge's money now. He is unrepentant and says he'll get the cheque cashed, and then get a contract drawn up for Glen to sign.
Gaby is visiting Glen again. He is distant, and quite short with her.
GLEN: Listen Gaby, there's no easy way to say this, so I might as well just come right out with it. I don't want you to visit me anymore.
GABY: What?!
GLEN: Our engagement's off. I'm sorry, but it's all over.
GABY: You don't mean that. You're just saying it because...
GLEN: I'm saying it because it's the truth!
GABY: Well, I don't believe you! Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me.
GLEN:(looks in her eyes) I don't love you, and I don't want to marry you. So don't come back because you're bugging me!
Gaby runs from the room.
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