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Neighbours Episode 1595 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1595
Australian airdate: 17/01/92
UK airdate: 24/12/92
UK Gold: 11/12/98
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Sister Ebson: Traci Hannigan
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul tells Caroline that Madge has made a sound investment, but Caroline points out that if Glen sues them, Madge will lose all her money. Paul says he's going to get Glen to sign the contract somehow - but Caroline is dubious. Paul thinks $20,000 is a lot of money to Glen and failure is not an option - if Glen sues properly it will probably bankrupt them.
Pam and Doug are missing Brad and wonder if he'll be back for Faye and Nev's wedding. Gaby comes in crying and tells them that she and Glen have split up. She goes off to her room.
Lassiter's the following morning
Doug sees Paul and asks him if he's donating to the hospital this year (Pam has been wondering). Paul says that his accountant has told him to cut down on charity donations this year. Doug isn't impressed.
Gold Coast
Brad, Josh, Lucy, Beth and her brother are planning their day. Josh, Brad and Beth go off to a surf shop while Lucy and Beth's brother decide to go to the beach.
Outside No.28
Pam is surprised that Paul can't afford a donation to the hospital this year. Gaby is still feeling a bit fragile. Doug tells her he's put some cakes inside on the table for her. He suggests they could meet for lunch later, and he'll cook her stuff from his veggie garden. She gratefully accepts.
When Doug has gone to work, Pam asks Gaby if Glen is splitting up with her because he thinks he's a burden. But Gaby says Glen sounded like he really meant it. All she can do is take him at his word.
Pam comes to see Glen to talk about Gaby. He says that he's changed since the accident, but Pam says she knows Glen is just "letting Gaby off the hook". He admits she is right, but says that Gaby will get over it.
PAM: If you love each other, you'll manage!
GLEN: Just help her forget me will you Pam? Please.
Doug has got lunch served up (notwithstanding bugs on his veggies!). They talk about Faye's wedding and Gaby looks a bit sad. Doug realises he's put his foot in it. Gaby had even sketched the wedding dress she was going to make for her and Glen's wedding and starts to cry again.
Guy pops round and is surprised to see Gaby in tears. She explains that she and Glen have split up. Guy has come to invite Gaby for a swim - or just a walk. Doug encourages her to go.
Lassiter's Complex
Paul sees Caroline and tells her he's had the contract drawn up for Glen. Caroline refuses to come to the hospital with Paul and says that Paul will have to find someone else to witness Glen's signature! Paul isn't happy and tells her she'd better get on with it - it's her job.
CAROLINE: I just hope Glen will forgive me one day.
Glen is dreaming about his past with Gaby. It develops into a dream about him falling off the roof, and then of proposing to Gaby. He finally falls off the roof in the dream and wakes up.
Guy and Gaby are having a glass of squash after their walk. Guy has finished writing his song about Gaby, but she doesn't want to hear it right now, as it's a love song. She still loves Glen, and can't handle Guy's feelings right now. They agree to be friends.
Paul and Caroline has arrived. Paul gives Glen some magazines and tapes. Glen says he's not sleeping very well.
PAUL: I might have something to cheer you up a bit.
He gives him a cheque.
GLEN: Twenty grand? What's this for?
PAUL: Your future. Just a little something to put aside.
GLEN: But you already said you'd take care of the medical bills. Twenty grand? It's not exactly what I'd call a "little something". You sure this is OK?
PAUL: Yeah, course. Glen, you've had a bit of bad luck lately and I just want to help out. Go on, spend it how you'd like.
GLEN: I'm blown out. I don't know what to say.
PAUL: Just have a good time with it.
GLEN: Yeah, I will, one of these days.
PAUL: Oh, I almost forgot, too, my solicitor insists that you sign some sort of a receipt. It's nothing important, it's just a formality I think.
He hands Glen the document.
GLEN: Sure, alright...
PAUL: If you just sign across there...
GLEN: It's a pretty big receipt, isn't it?
PAUL: Well, you know how these lawyers are...it takes a few pages just to get going.
GLEN: What's it all say?
PAUL: I don't know...you need a law degree to work out the gibberish they go on.
GLEN: Still, they say you're a mug if you don't read something properly before you sign it.
PAUL: Well, I doubt you'd really understand it...do you want me to try to explain it to you?
GLEN: No, that's alright, it'll only take a few minutes. Sorry to be so boring, guys.
PAUL:(stricken) No, that's OK. No hurry...it's fine...
Outside No.28
Pam, Doug and Gaby are eating watermelon slices and spitting out the pips (yuk). Doug goes into the house, and Gaby asks if Pam saw Glen. Pam tells her that Glen hasn't changed his mind about their relationship.
Doug comes back out with Pam's horrible Matron- of- honour dress and Pam asks Gaby if she can do anything with it. Apparently Brad has finally phoned home too.
Gold Coast
Brad, Josh and Beth are looking around the surf shop. Brad admires the boards, but Beth is bored. Josh takes Beth off into the shopping centre and she suddenly asks Josh to kiss her. Beth clearly knows a woman who was passing by and was kissing Josh as a cover. Josh is a bit disappointed as he really enjoyed the kiss(!)
Glen is still reading the document and Paul is trying to stay cool.
PAUL: Any problems, then?
GLEN: Just one. It doesn't seem to be a receipt at all. As far as I can make out, it's some sort of surrender of my right to sue your company for compensation.
PAUL:(nervous laugh) Yeah?
GLEN:(firmly) Yeah. Caroline?
She is silent.
GLEN:(to Paul) You were trying to con me!
CAROLINE: I'm sorry, Paul, I don't want any more to do with this. I never did. I'll get a cab back to the hotel.
GLEN:(angrily) You must think I'm an absolute idiot. Get out! GET OUT!
PAUL: No. Glen, why don't you just see things from my side for once? You want to know the truth?
GLEN: You wouldn't know the truth if you fell over it!
PAUL: I'm not covered by insurance. And I'm nowhere near as rich as everyone thinks. The fact is, I had to sell off some of my company just to come up with that twenty grand!
GLEN: What, so you can't afford a big compensation payout like mine, is that what you're saying?
PAUL: Yeah. That's right. In fact, my solicitor said that if I didn't get you to sign that document, I could lose absolutely everything.
GLEN: Oh, my heart bleeds for you. The only thing in the world I have to look forward to is that compensation money. And you would have ripped it off me without a second thought. You know, Paul, I'm sort of glad you weren't insured. Cos I'm going to sue you for every cent you've got!
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