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Neighbours Episode 1593 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1593
Australian airdate: 15/01/92
UK airdate: 22/12/92
UK Gold: 09/12/98
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Chris Adshead
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Madge is wondering what to do about Fluffy the cat who she seems to really love. Guy suggests a scratching post.
Brenda comes in and flops down on the couch, telling Guy that Lou and Max Morten have been making fun of her, and now she feels like a dead loss. She doesn't know what to do about the barbecue as everyone will be in couples.
Paul and Caroline are talking about the hotel's finances, which are very tight. Paul is desperate to get Madge to invest her $20,000 and then he can buy Glen off from suing them(!) Caroline suggests just talking to Glen about it, but Paul doesn't want to put the idea in his head(!) Caroline thinks that Glen is entitled to compensation, but Paul says that Christina and Andrew's futures are at stake too.
Lou comes round and tells Brenda he was just joking at the pub. Guy takes Brenda's side. Brenda says she'll go to the barbecue on her own tomorrow.
Lou tells Madge that he's let his room go at the hotel, so he'll have to stay with them. Madge suggests the couch, or the floor(!) Finally Guy says that Lou can have his bed.
When Lou has gone to get his stuff, Brenda tells Madge that Lou has made her stop and take a look at herself.
Ramsay Street, the following morning
Toby comes over and asks Paul if he can take the snails out of his garden. Toby says he admires Paul's business acumen and asks him for advice. Paul tells him that you have to play dirty sometimes(!)
PAUL: When you get down to it, Toby, you and your family are the most important things, no matter what. And you sometimes you mightn't like what you have to do, but for their sake, you do.
Brenda is determined to go to the barbecue on her own. Toby invites Guy for a game of cricket, but he doesn't fancy it. Toby sits down for a second breakfast with Madge while Brenda goes off to the shop. Madge tells Lou off for upsetting Brenda.
Lou invites Toby for a spin in the car, but Madge is taking Toby to buy school uniform. She suggests that Lou spends time with Guy instead! Guy thinks that's rather unlikely - they haven't spent any time together since he was ten!
Guy tells Lou that he doesn't like the way he's treated Brenda, and he should apologise. Lou agrees. Guy tells him about Gaby, and they also talk about the cross- country race. Lou doesn't want to talk for long though, and looks through the paper to find out what time the cricket starts. Guy looks a bit downcast.
Madge has come to talk to Paul about investing in Lassiter's. Her insurance money should be through any day now, but she wants to spread her investment. Paul tells her that business is going very well at the Robinson Co- operation. Madge wants to see a balance sheet and Paul tells her that she can only see last year's as this year's isn't finalised. Caroline looks very conflicted, but doesn't say anything.
Lou apologises to Brenda for what happened in the pub last night. She accepts his apology.
When she's gone, Lou brings up the subject of Gaby. He tells Lou about Glen's quadraplegia, and the situation there. He doesn't want to take advantage of Glen's accident. Lou says he has a similar situation with Madge (with Harold being dead). Lou wonders if he could get Toby on- side so he'd have an advocate with Madge!
Madge is just leaving. Caroline tells Paul off - Madge could lose her money. Paul insists that he will build up the Co- operation and Christina backs him up. Paul goes on that he's protecting his family, and Caroline should be loyal to him too: he gave her a start in business at a young age that most people wouldn't get!
Lou and Guy have invited Toby around to show him his new cricket gear. Lou says he could buy Toby a new bat, but Madge says that won't be necessary. Lou tells Toby that he has a lot of sports trophies from his youth.
Brenda comes home from the barbecue. She is a bit quiet, and says she's going for a swim.
Toby asks Lou if he can play pool as Harold was a champion pool player. Lou invites Toby to come out on a speedboat. He almost relents, but finally says no.
When Toby has gone, Guy tells Lou that Toby is a budding businessman. Lou says he'll use that to befriend Toby!
No.24 (outside)
Brenda is telling Madge about the barbecue. Vicky's husband was still a nerd, and most of the people there were very boring. Most of the women were envious of Brenda's freedom.
BRENDA: What I've realised is, my whole life doesn't have to revolve around finding a bloke.
MADGE: Good for you.
BRENDA: I've got a good job, lots of great friends, so what if I get lonely sometimes? I can live with it. Better than being stuck with a bloke that bores you to death!
Brenda says Mr Perfect will just have to find *her* instead!
Paul is off to the hospital to see Glen. Caroline isn't very happy. When Paul has gone, Caroline rings Greg to ask if he has any jobs for her, as she's in the market. Christina overhears this and is furious. Caroline says it's none of her business, countering that Paul is being very unethical lately.
Lou is telling Toby that he used to be a millionaire, and he'll be one again. He offers Toby a job washing cars. Toby is interested and gratefully accepts. When Toby has gone, Lou tells Guy that he's going to marry Madge!
Back of No.22
Christina accuses Caroline of stabbing Paul in the back.
CHRISTINA: You owe him, Caroline! He took you on when you came back from the States when he didn't really have a job for you and couldn't afford to anyway!
CHRISTINA: I'm not exactly thrilled about some of his business methods either. But I can see why he's doing it, OK, for Andrew and for me. Is that such a crime?
CAROLINE: No. But the ends don't necessarily justify the means.
CHRISTINA: You go up and have a look at that little baby, asleep! So tiny and totally dependent! See how you feel about him going hungry!
CAROLINE: Oh, come on, it won't come to that!
CHRISTINA: The way I see it, you're either with us or against us. We don't need any more tension in the house.
CAROLINE: Just what are you saying?!
CHRISTINA: Either you make up your mind you're loyal to Paul, or get out! And if you do, I don't ever want to see you again!
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