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Neighbours Episode 1589 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1589
Australian airdate: 09/01/92
UK airdate: 16/12/92
UK Gold: 03/12/98
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Caroline tells Paul that they haven't paid their insurance premium. Glen could sue them for a million dollars - if he does, Paul will be completely wiped out.
Dorothy is fussing over Toby who says he's very ill, but doesn't want to go and see the doctor! She finally confronts him about hiding Fluffy.
Pam and Doug have come to see Glen. He apologises for getting moody yesterday. They tells him Gaby is popping in later, but Glen grumpily tells them that he doesn't want to hold Gaby to their engagement. Pam tells him about his long recovery program and Glen looks depressed.
Dorothy is stroking the kitten who she has named "Homer". Dorothy has agreed that the kitten can stay. Just then, a mysterious box is delivered - Dorothy has been expecting it for months.
Paul is panicking about the insurance premium and saying that Caroline should have paid it. She points out that Paul kept fobbing her off when she reminded him. She defends herself and refuses to take the blame. Paul relents and apologises. Caroline advises him to ring his lawyer for a legal opinion. Paul says he will, and afterwards he's going for a stiff drink at the Waterhole(!)
The party is in full swing when Paul and Caroline come in. Paul is not impressed and tells Madge to get the "male bimbos" out. Madge points out that they are making a fortune, but Paul says it's not worth the damage to the hotel's reputation. He says he'll see her in the morning!
Garden of No.30
Dorothy is opening the mysterious box. It's a wooden head from Borneo that Dorothy's friend Dexter found. Toby thinks it's a bit weird. Toby can't find the kitten, so he and Dorothy start looking for him. As they walk off a very large, exotic- looking spider crawls out of the box.
Paul is cooking scrambled eggs and worrying about Glen suing him. He wants to scrape together $20,000 and buy Glen off. Caroline says that he can't cheat his brother out of a rightful claim(!) Paul tells Caroline that she'd better remember that she works for him and she'd better not say anything if she values her job!
Madge has found a kitten(!) which she is going to keep and name Fluffy. Paul comes round to see Madge. Brenda apologises for the Ladies' Night, but Paul doesn't really want to talk about it. In fact, he wants to apologise for flying off the handle. Both Brenda and Madge are surprised, but pleased. When Brenda has gone, Paul asks Madge if she'd like to invest some of her money in business - why don't they have lunch and talk about some options?
Toby and Dorothy still haven't found the kitten. Madge pops round to see Toby, to tell him excitedly that she's found a kitten! She's decided to keep him, as she could never have one before because Harold was allergic. Toby maturely doesn't tell her that it's his kitten.
When Madge has gone, Toby tells Dorothy that Madge needs the kitten more than him because she's lonely now Harold has died. He'll make do with Bouncer :)
Dorothy suggests they go to the cinema. In the background, the exotic spider has come into the house with the wooden head and is now crawling on the living room floor!
Doug and Pam wonder if Gaby knows what the future holds with Glen. Also, she does need to think about the Boutique - she can't run it properly if she's always at the hospital.
Faye and Nev arrive back from holiday.
FAYE: We've got a surprise for you. We're getting married!
DOUG: Wha...?! No! ...I mean, congratulations!
PAM: Yes...yes...from both of us!
DOUG: Celebration, eh?
He decides to pop down to the bottle shop and Nev goes with him. When they've gone, Faye tells Pam that their holiday was just like a movie - so romantic.
Brenda and Madge are saying goodbye to the hunky guys from the Ladies Night. When they've gone, Madge tells Brenda that Paul has offered her to buy shares in Lassiter's. Apparently allowing workers to buy shares gives long- term dividends(!) Madge picks up the kitten and cuddles it.
Bouncer is trying to get at the spider, but Dorothy sends him off to his bed. Dorothy and Toby have had a good time at the cinema. The spider has now crawled into Dorothy's slippers which she then picks up on her way to bed(!)
Paul has popped in to see Glen with some magazines and chocolates. Glen is surprised at his new- found brotherliness. Paul says he's getting a specialist in to see Glen, and will pay all his medical expenses. Paul is also trying to get in touch with Jim. He says he'll pop in again tomorrow. Glen thanks him for his concern.
Doug, Pam, Faye and Nev are having a celebratory drink. Faye goes to get some presents that she's brought back from holiday. Doug asks Nev how he afforded the ring for Faye - but it seems that Faye bought it for herself(!) Nev admits that he had a lot to drink on the night of the proposal and could hardly believe it when the words came out(!)
Faye comes back with hideous presents for Pam and Doug, and announces that she's decided to stay until the wedding! She also asks Doug to give her away, and Pam to be her Matron of Honour.
DOUG: Delighted, aren't we Pam?
PAM: Absolutely(!)
Their faces are horrified.
No.30 - Dorothy's bedroom
The exotic spider is crawling up Dorothy's bed and is now on her pillow!
<<1588 - 1590>>
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