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Neighbours Episode 1588 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1588
Australian airdate: 08/01/92
UK airdate: 15/12/92
UK Gold: 02/12/98
Writer: Tara Smithson
Director: Tony Osicka
Summary/Images by: paulrobinson
Outside Number 30
Toby is watering Dorothy's plants when Ben arrives. They talk about Toby getting a computer for Christmas. Ben asks Toby to go to his house to see something "neat". Dorothy comes out and says she is looking forward to locking horns with Ben when he starts at Erinsborough High. Toby and Ben leave to go to Ben's house.
Number 24
Madge wants to take Brenda out for a champagne breakfast to say thank you for all the things she has done. Brenda says that with a cool $250,000 she's sure she can afford it. Madge reckons that the money won't change her. She looks for her blue jacket but can't find it anywhere.
Guy is feeling down about Glen and his feelings for Gaby. Brenda says it's confusing for Glen too, Brenda says how is Glen going to make a living now. Guy says Paul is going to have to take some responsibility for the accident.
Number 22
Caroline is fussing over Andrew whilst Paul and Chrissie are in the kitchen having breakfast. Paul says that he isn't going to argue with Glen. He calls Caroline in to the kitchen, asking her how many staff cuts they can make, she says they are already down to the bare bones as it is. He wants Caroline to find the best deals in everything, undercutting their competitors. Caroline says that is doesn't necessarily make good business sense. Paul is getting desperate.
Number 24
Guy is still brooding over Glen. Brenda says he should be there for Gaby now. Brenda changes the subject, telling Guy how the preparations for the ladies' night are coming along. She doesn't know if musclemen should be topless or bare-chested but with bowties. Madge enters wearing a skirt that's a bit short for a woman of her years. She tells Brenda she can help out as she's working there tonight.
Dorothy phones to ask to borrow Madge's tennis racquet, she says Dorothy can keep it.
Ben's House
Ben has some kittens, but his father won't let him keep them. They are going to be drowned. Oohh I wonder what Toby is thinking.
Caroline comes to tell Madge that Paul wants cuts made in the Waterhole so Madge tells Caroline about the ladies' night. Caroline says she really should have told Paul or at the very least her. Caroline doesn't think it should be a problem once she's buttered up Paul.
Dorothy walks in wearing a light blue jacket. Madge asks her where she got it, she tries to remember. Madge accuses Dorothy of stealing it. Dorothy storms out without her drink. Caroline asks Madge is she is sure it's her jacket, says damn right it is and she's not going to get away with it.
Ben's house
Ben and Toby are trying to think who might have a kitten, but they can't think of anyone. When Ben's dad comes home they try to hide them but there isn't time, so Toby runs off with one under his jacket.
Paul's office
Paul is on the phone trying to get a better deal from a client, he has obviously won as he shouts sucker at the phone as he puts the receiver down.
CHRISTINA: Still as merciful as ever I see.
PAUL: Things are starting to look up
Which actually means something is going to go terribly wrong any minute now.
Paul asks where Andrew is, Helen is baby sitting whilst Christina goes window shopping.
PAUL: That sounds safe enough, just don't come back with any windows.
Caroline returns, Paul asks if she's thought of any schemes to make money. She tells him about Madge's Ladies' Night.
Paul dismisses it out of hand, even when Caroline tells him that there's a positive buzz from the women in the Waterhole and the coffee shop. But he thinks it will drive the regulars away and the Lassieter's has a reputation to uphold.
Dorothy's House
Toby is unlocking the door, whilst the cat is meowing under his jacket. He tells the cat to be quiet. As Toby checks the coast is clear the phone rings. It's Ben, who Toby that it was a good job he took the kitten as it is too late for the others. Toby introduces the kitten, who he's named Homer, to Bouncer, telling him to keep quiet about Homer.
Coffee shop
Caroline joins Chrissie at a table. Caroline says that Paul is taking the cost cutting over the top. Christina thinks that Paul is just doing what he needs to and if Caroline can think of a better way then she'd better do something about it.
Brenda and Madge discuss what they are going to wear tonight. Madge says it definitely won't be here blue linen jacket. Brenda asks if there is a dry cleaners in the area. Madge sends her to one that she uses. Dorothy comes in after beating Winnie at tennis and thanks Madge for the racquet. Madge offers her a Bloody Mary on the house, Dot takes up the offer saying she like it with a twang
MADGE: (sarcastically)A bit of a twang? You asked for it.
Cut to Madge adding huge quantities of Tabasco sauce to Dorothy's Bloody Mary. Madge tells her to enjoy
Brenda comes in with Madge's jacket, she left it at the dry cleaners months ago. She realises her mistake so tries to get the Bloody Mary back before Dorothy drinks it, she won't give it back so Madge knocks it over her jacket. She apologises and gives Dorothy the jacket that has just come back from the dry cleaners, saying that she can afford to buy another.
Dorothy: No thank you, if I'm thirsty on the way home, I'll suck mu jacket.
Caroline says that she is in favour of the ladies' night but she can't go behind Paul's back.
BRENDA: Can't you?
CAROLINE: Maybe if I disagree with him and I do.
Brenda says if she can keep Paul away from the Waterhole she'll make Caroline proud, just as Paul enters with some great news. He is suspicious of Caroline and Brenda talking together, he make sure that Brenda know that the Ladies' Night is off. Of course she does (!)
Paul tells Caroline about his new deal and wants to go to the waterhole to celebrate. Luckily she manages to convince him that Chrissie is preparing a barbeque to celebrate him winning businessman of the year.
Toby is feeding Homer when Dorothy comes in. He quickly jumps on the sofa and hides the kitten under a blanket. The cat meows and Dot makes lots of cat puns. As the cat meows Toby pretends to cough.
TOBY: Can I have a drink please, my throat's a bit hoarse
DOT: Horse? It sounds more like a cat to me!
As Dorothy fetches a drink, Toby tells the cat to be quiet or they will be sprung.
Number 22's back yard
Paul is turning the food on the barbeque telling Chrissie what a great day he's had. She takes Andrew inside whilst Paul and Caroline talk about the outstanding bills they have to pay. Caroline says there aren't many just as she opens another. She realises that the insurance premiums weren't paid.
PAUL: That means I'm not covered. What if Glen sues me, how much can he sue me for?
CAROLINE: About a million dollars.
PAUL: If Glen serves a claim on me that means I am going to be wiped out completely.
He looks petrified.
<<1587 - 1589>>
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