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Neighbours Episode 1587 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1587
Australian airdate: 07/01/1992
UK airdate: 14/12/1992
UK Gold: 01/12/1998
Writer: Betty Quin
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: David Brennan: Simon Stokes
Beth Brennan: Natalie Imbruglia
Summary/Images by: paulrobinson
Pam tells Gaby to think about her future, looking after Glen. Gaby says that she loves Glen, but Pam thinks that looking after Glen fulltime would put a strain on their relationship. Pam and Doug try to point out all the difficulties they will face as a couple, but they understand her decision. Gaby says she is going to be there for Glen.
Helen tells Glen that he is very popular, there's loads of people wanting to visit. He says breaking your back does that for you. Glen says that it isn't unthinkable that the Drs have made a mistake, it happens in the movies. Helen tells him that life isn't always like the movies, but Glen says he won't give up, he knows he will walk again. Helen leaves him to sleep, looking very upset.
Beth, Brad and Josh are messing in the sea. David and Lucy are watching from the beach. David asks if she sure that she doesn't mind them staying with them to which Lucy replies that he is the best thing to come out of her wardrobe. The others carry on messing and convince them to join them in the water
Number 26
Brenda, Madge and guy are looking at a poster of Brenda posing with some male stripper type blokes. Madge says that she has never seen so many muscles.
Guy asks Madge if she will be staying. She says she doesn't want to impose, but Brenda says that she is more than welcome to stay. Madge leaves for work.
Gaby phones Guy but he refuses to talk to her, Brenda comments that she sounds funny. Brenda says even though he is upset at the wedding he could at least had a word with her. Guy says that he can't just switch off his emotions like that.
Helen is telling Madge about the accident. Madge mentions that Paul has sacked so many people that he has ended up understaffed. Helen can't understand why he should need to sack so many people. She doesn't know where he gets his ruthless streak from.
"Certainly not from my side and Jim couldn't be any more different".
Madge says Jim must be dreadfully upset about the accident, but Helen tells her that they haven't managed to contact him yet, she also decided not to tell Josh or Lucy as Lucy deserves a break.
The others leave Lucy in the sea. She begins to flounder in the water with cramp, but they think she is messing about. David is then worried that she may really be in trouble and goes to check on her. When he gets to her she is almost drowning, so obviously he rescues her. They kiss.
Pam and Doug are visiting Doug. Doug comments on the nifty nurses, but Pam says he already has a nurse in his life. Glen says that the nurses are safe from him at the moment.
Brenda convinces Madge that they should have a Ladies night at the waterhole, with the male strippers as topless waiters. She thinks it will combine business with pleasure. Brenda gets to spend time with the strippers and make money for Paul. Madge says that they will go for it and tell Paul after they have made a profit. They talk about the women on Ramsay Street who will come along, Madge says that Gaby won't be able to come. Guy asks why not, he hasn't heard about the accident. Madge explains everything to him and he looks extremely concerned.
Doug has gone to offer Helen moral support, Helen thanks him but she just wishes that they could contact Jim. She says that Jim and Glen have become very close, she thinks Jim might help Glen come to terms with things. Doug laments over what has happened and you never know what might happen. Doug is concerned that Todd must be taking things hard. Helen almost lets slip about Bob, but manages to cover her tracks before Doug cottons on.
Glen thanks Pam for visiting, it gives Gaby a chance for a rest. Glen says that he is having difficulty accepting what has happened. He is still convinced that with physio or surgery he could make a recovery. Pam tries to let him down gently.
Gaby asks Guy why he wouldn't speak to her. He says that he couldn't accept her engagement to Glen, but he now realises that he should have been there for her. Gaby breaks down in front of Guy, he says he will do everything he can for them.
Josh and Brad apologise to Lucy for not believing her. She says it's OK, if she was going to be rescued she couldn't think of anyone else she would want to rescue her. David says it will be the last time she goes swimming alone.
Lucy, Brad and josh go out to by milk, Beth turns down the offer to go with them.
Beth and David talk about others. Beth says she can't choose between the boys and David says they were lucky have met them all.
BETH: I hate having to lie to them
DAVID: Yeah, I know, but if we told them the truth they would throw us out Beth.
Helen, Gaby and Madge are fussing over Glen, he starts to get ratty. When Madge says that he is as stubborn and independent as Jim he gets angry and orders them all out of the room.
Gaby goes out of the room feeling distraught and helpless. The others comfort her
Number 26
Brenda and Guy ask Helen and Madge about Glen.
Brenda says the Ladies' night is all go, all they have to do is keep Paul in the dark, Helen takes this has her cue to leave.
Madge opens a letter, it is from her solicitor. Harold had life insurance and has left her 250,000.
<<1586 - 1588>>
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