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Neighbours Episode 1586 from 1992 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1586 (1992 Season Return)
Australian airdate: 06/01/92
UK airdate: 11/12/92
UK Gold: 30/11/98
Writer: Barbara Angell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Dr Greer: Kate Whitbread
David Brennan: Simon Stokes
Beth Brennan: Natalie Imbruglia
Bob Landers: Bruce Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: paulrobinson
Someone is seen creeping through Lucy's room. She calls out to the others. Josh and Brad burst in and grab him, dragging him out of Lucy's room. Brad says he will call the police. The intruder pleads with them not to, saying that he can explain, he wasn't up to anything untoward . Lucy insist that they do phone the police.
Outside Lassiter's
Glen is being lifted into an ambulance on a stretcher. The Paramedic tells Todd that he was right not to move him due to possible spinal injuries. Todd is shocked at the sound of spinal injury. The paramedic tells Todd that Glen is lucky to be alive. They want Todd to go with them to the hospital, but he says he should tell the family. Todd watches as the ambulance drives Glen off to hospital.
Helen and Bob are sat at the kitchen table. Bob thanks her for taking care of Todd.
There's a knock at the door and Bob makes a hasty retreat through the backdoor.
It is Gaby at the door looking for Glen. Gaby can't believe that Glen is at Lassiter's helping Paul. Helen says she wishes that Paul could be so less pig headed.
GABY: Impossible! He could never match the standards of the most terrific fiancé a girl ever had.
Helen agrees that Gaby is very lucky to be marrying him, but Glen is lucky to be marrying her also.
Todd rushes in telling Helen that he has some bad news.
TODD: I don't know how to say this exactly. Well there's been an accident.
Gaby looks frightened.
GABY: It's Glen, isn't it?
TODD: Yeah, they've taken him to the hospital.
Helen and Gaby look at each other, very concerned.
The intruder tells how he managed to get in the house by taking the key from Madge's bag at the post office. He thought that the house was going to be empty. He crashed in the house before the others arrived but came back for his wallet that he had left. The other's came back so he hid in the wardrobe. When Brad finds out that he is there for the surf comp, he thinks he must be OK, but Lucy is still suspicious. The guy introduces himself as David Brennan. Brad looks in his wallet and confirms this. Josh introduces them all. David explains how he was short of money and just needed somewhere to stay. Lucy still wants to call the police, but Josh says that he returned the money and so he thinks he must be OK. He tells David that Lucy has been through a hard time lately, but she thinks she has every right to be upset when there was some one hiding in her room. David apologises again.
David tells the others that he needs somewhere to sleep because he isn't alone, someone else is with him
Paul and Chrissie's
Paul is showing Andrew a shape sorter. Chrissie thinks that he too young for that and that he will be buying him a computer for his first birthday, Paul says that's a good idea. Chrissie says that this is the more like the Paul she loves. He says that he has a good feeling about the new year and that they will be back on their feet before they know it. Cue a phone call from Prue telling Paul about Glen's accident.
PAUL: It's happened at Lassiter's so that's gonna make me responsible.
Paul looks absolutely petrified.
A Dr tells Helen and Todd about the extent of Glen's injuries. He is still in a coma. Helen asks how long before they know the extent of the spinal injuries, but the Dr tells them that they won't know until he regains consciousness.
Todd wants to stay at the hospital but Helen insists that he goes home
Helen goes in to the hospital room and tells Gaby to go home, but she refuses until she knows that Glen is OK.
HELEN: He's a fighter, he won't give up easily.
GABY: I love him.
HELEN: Yes I know, and your love will give him the strength he needs to get better.
Todd is at Lassiter's looking up at the roof where Glen had his accident. Paul arrives and feigns concern for Todd assures him he's OK. Paul asks him how Glen is. He looks worried that the police may have been called, but when Todd tells him that they weren't appears relieved. Paul says he needs to know the details of the accident, to which Todd looks worried. Paul asks if he thinks Glen tripped or slipped. Todd says he tried to grab hold of Glen, Paul suggests that he may have accidently pushed Glen. Todd can't remember. Paul send Todd home, sighs and looks worried.
Robinson's Back garden
Bob and Todd are sitting in the cubby house.
Bob tells Todd that he shouldn't himself, that no-one could have held on to Glen for a long time. Todd says that even Paul hinted that he could have been to blame. He just wishes that he knew that Glen is going to be alright. Bob says that he could do with a Dr as he thinks that his arm may have become infected. When Todd says that he will try and get someone to look at his arm, Bob gets angry and tells Todd to leave it. He aplogises and says it will be alright. Todd says that Pam could look at it, but Bob continues to refuse.
BOB: I have got the name of a doctor, a reliable doctor if you take my meaning. But he's over at Anson's corner, but my problem is I have got to get over there. Now if you really want to help me.
TODD: Yeah I do
BOB: Then borrow me a car
TODD: Borrow?
BOB: Yes mate, this street is lousy with cars not being used today
Josh, David, Lucy and Brad return from the beach after looking for David's sister but they didn't find her. Lucy doesn't believe that David's sister exists, at which point a girl runs across the road to hug David. He introduces the others to his sister, Beth. Lucy and Beth smile at each other.
Front of the Robinson's
Todd calls down to the back garden to Bob telling him that the coast is clear. Bob asks Todd for the car keys, Todd asks why they can't get a cab. Bob says the last thing he needs is a snooty cab driver asking him questions and that cabs cost money they don't have. Bob says that they will only be an hour and no-one will be any the wiser.
Outside Paul and Chrissie's
Paul and Chrissie walk to their car talking about Glen's accident
At that Bob drives past in Jim's car.
PAUL: Who the hell is that driving Dad's car?
Helen brings Gaby a coffee. Gaby asks when Glen will regain conciseness. She says if only he hadn't gone to help Todd. She apologises for thinking this way and Helen says it would have been a tragedy either way. Gaby felt that everything was going too well. Helen says that she needs to stop torturing herself, there was nothing that could be done.
Paul and Chrissie arrive at the hospital. Paul comforts Helen, Chrissie does the same with Gaby. The Dr comes out from Glen's room, they all rush towards her asking how Glen is. The Dr says that there are still urgent tests to be done and that Gaby should stay out of the room. Paul says that he will try and contact his dad on the ship. Paul and Chrissie try and convince Gaby to go home with them but she refuses.
Paul and Chrissie's
Paul is on the phone, asking someone to keep trying to find his dad. He tells Chrissie that he seems to have disappeared of the face of the earth and is worried how Glen's accident will affect Jim. Chrissie says that he will be devastated.
Chrissie brings dinner to the table.
Paul says that it will be bad for business happening at Lassiter's.
CHRISTINA:(sarcastically) Yes, of course, Lassiter's.
Paul says that they can't afford to upset the guests and he gets up to go to Lassiter's to stop a mass work out. Christina tries to stop him saying Glen's wellbeing is more important.
CHRISTINA: Darling, you seem to forget that we are only just making it financially, I can't afford to lose any more business. Anyway, I should be alright legally, after all Glen went up of his own volition and I can't be blamed for that can I?
Helen is packing a bag (probably for Glen)
Todd asks how long it will before they know anything for sure. Helen thinks it will be soon. She asks if anyone has told Pam and Doug. Todd says not yet and asks about Jim, but Helen tells her that Lassiter's is taking care of that.
Helen says that Paul someone driving Jim's car. Todd looks guilty, saying it is in the garage as far as he knows. Helen tells Todd that she has checked and the engine is warm. She asks if it is anything to do with his dad. Todd's look tells her that it has.Helen says that it is getting out of hand and she isn't going to stand for it and will phone the police. Todd says he was driving the car to recharge the battery. Helen says the deceitful behaviour has to stop and leaves the house looking let down.
Everyone is sat around the living room eating junk food. Beth says that she insisted on going North with David. Lucy asks if David's family didn't mind them going up north alone. Josh says their family practically insisted on it. Brad asks Beth if she is any good at surfing and when she says no, he is happy to give her some lessons. Josh quizzes her about school and stuff and when she says she is into computers, his face lights up. Josh asks them to stay with them saying that what the owners don't know won't hurt them.
Glen apologises for spoiling Helen and Gaby's Christmas. They say they don't mind. Glen realises that he can't move his legs. Helen reassures him that it is probably just bruising.
The Dr comes into the hospital room with the results of Glen's tests. She asks to see him alone, but he insists that Helen and Gaby stay. The Dr says that the head injury is minor, but there has been some damage to spinal cord. Helen and Gaby look understandably shocked. Glen asks what sort of damage, and the Dr says he has severed some nerves and the damage is irreparable. It is highly unlikely that he will walk again.
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